Well, we won’t take much of your time, as you can tell from the very title, the casual nature of this post. But, just to give a brief introduction to the underappreciated necessity in every household, we would like to say that the standard welcome doormats are now a thing of the past. Today we have a number of fun entry mats which will act as a great conversation starter and a great housewarming present for your fun buddy.

Look below for the 10 hilarious door mats that will without a doubt put a smile across your foe or friend walking through the main door.

1. Welcome Go-Away Ambigram Doormat

welcome go away ambigram doormat

This mat solves the dual purpose of the welcoming guest on their entryway and shooing them away as they leave. With a creative and subtle design, the mat is surely a fun way to tell your guests how you feel, without having to practically say it.

2. Not You Again Doormat

not you again doormat

If you have a way with words, this doormat is a perfect fit for you. The mat can also act as a perfect gift for a friend who enjoys and appriciates a darker sense of humour.

3. Pokemon Go Doormat


If you call yourself a crazy fan/lover of the game, this mat is a perfect way to let your entryway reflect the same. With a fun little twist with no Pokemon here, you sure can invite the like minded crazy gamers (a huge bonus, indeed)

4. Warrant Doormat

warrant doormat

Looking for a gift for your anti-authoritarian friend ? Well, no need to look further as here is your easy, fun, unusual and very handy solution.

5. Dog is a Licker Doormat

dog is a licker doormat

A fresh and relieved break from the conventional ‘beware of dog’ sign because we know what our pet dogs are capable off. Welcome, the guest with a positive precaution telling that they will be greeted with slobbering kisses and licks from the furry little four-legged creatures.

6. Bring In Booze Doormat

bring in booze doormat

We are pretty certain that this mat says what every host must be thinking. Fun and creative, it can also be a great gift for bachelor/bachelorette party.

7. Retro Cassette Doormat

retro cassette doormat

This cool retro cassette doormat has that great throwback aesthetic that even a non-fan can fully appreciate. Black in colour, it will also not let the dirt show through in a short period of time.

8. Moustache Doormat

moustache doormat

With an unconventional shape, this moustache doormat is a fun way to bring some personality to your space while putting across the message cleverly to wipe your feet before entering the home.

9. Weighing Scale Doormat

weighing scale doormat

Well, some of your guests will definitely be alarmed with the presence of this camouflaged doormat on the entry way. Thanks to all, it is just an image.

Pick the one that suits your personality and space and transform your entrance into an ultimate entryway.

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