A snail design is a very unique and unconventional concept for tattoos. The symbolic significance of a snail, which portrays the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ formula, is less known to people. Like in Polynesian tattoos, shells are very common and have a multi-faceted meaning. So, if you are one of those thinkers, we recommend you flaunt one of the following cute snail tattoo designs the next time you get inked.

Tribal Snail Tattoo Design

tribal snail tattoo design


Snails signify dreams. For a tattoo design, that is an excellent idea for people who know how to see their dreams with open eyes. A tribal touch just makes the whole idea a lot edgier. You may also see Libra Tattoo Designs

Cartoon Snail Tattoo

cartoon snail tattoo


Snails can also be made cute in drawing if a cartoonish texture is added to the art with more fun colors and added characters. Like that, you can give the two sides of you equal portrayal-fun and thoughtful.

Small Snail Tattoo on Ankle

small snail tattoo on ankle


As a symbol of travel, movement and progress, it is only ideal to have a snail tattoo on the ankle. Small, petite yet impactful. So that it inspires you to walk ahead even if you’ve fallen.

New School Snail Tattoo

new school snail tattoo


What does ‘new school’ mean? Well, it basically means to give the old-school a refreshing twist and do something interesting with it. At the end, what you have is an idea that might be known but a design that speaks volumes of your thoughts and beliefs.

Snail Skull Tattoo Design

snail skull tattoo design


For people who always feel the urge to add something grungy and edgy designs to their tattoos, look no further. The impact of this art is prominent and can always be made more personal by adding new dimensions to this particular design.

Colorful Snail Tattoo

colorful snail tattoo


Everybody gets a monotone tattoo. Why not think out of the box and add a burst of cheerful colours to it instead? That way, even if you don’t flaunt the whole art, a sneak-peek will make people notice and curious about it.

Watercolor Snail Tattoo on Shoulder

watercolor snail tattoo on shoulder


Lovers of art, worry no more. With this tattoo design concept, you can even go absolutely off the beaten path and opt for a painting style rather than usual tattooing styles. Like a pastel colour texture or a watercolour one, both will look phenomenal.

Black and Grey Snail Tattoo

black and grey snail tattoo


Geometric designs, painting styles, big or small, one can never go wrong with the quintessential black and grey tone tattoo. This shade looks especially good on lighter complexions as they tend to look more prominent and graphic.

Custom Snail Tattoo on Hand

custom snail tattoo on hand


Cute Snail Tattoo Design

cute snail tattoo design


Snail Tattoo on Upperarm

snail tattoo on upperarm


Unique Snail Tattoo for Men

unique snail tattoo for men


Black Snail Tattoo Idea

black snail tattoo idea


Snail Tattoo on Forearm

snail tattoo on forearm


Neo Traditional Snail Tattoo

neo traditional snail tattoo


Snail Tattoo for Women

snail tattoo for women


It is always the best idea to give your tattoo your own personal touches to make it unique and differentiated in every sense. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be something remotely different from the age-old symbols that convey a thousand words in a single image.

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