Leprechauns are creatures rooted to Irish mythology and inspired by Celtic culture. These creatures, often portrayed in movies and literature, are associated with wealth and usually considered difficult to catch. Tribal tattoo designs are a popular trend. Polynesian tattoo is a popular theme just like leprechaun and Irish tattoos. There are a variety of leprechaun tattoo designs, from simple to extraordinary. Here are 20 leprechaun tattoo designs to give an idea.

Skull Leprechaun Tattoo

Skull Leprechaun Tattoo Source

This skull leprechaun tattoo features a leprechaun carrying a baseball bat. The leprechaun stands on a hat, worn by a skull. This creative tattoo design is cool and mysterious. Follow the link to get a closer look.

Evil Leprechaun Tattoo Design

Evil Leprechaun Tattoo Design Source

If you like the idea of horror and evil then this evil leprechaun tattoo design is sure to be on your wish list. This realistic tattoo design shows the evil side of the leprechaun. Visit the link to find out more. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Leprechaun Back Tattoo

Leprechaun Back Tattoo Source

This leprechaun back tattoo shows two leprechauns resting on a leaf. This classic tattoo is great to stamp on your back. Try this fun looking tattoo design, if you are a fan of leprechaun tattoos. Click the link to know more.

Baby Leprechaun Tattoo

Baby Leprechaun Tattoo Source

This baby leprechaun tattoo features a baby leprechaun sliding on a rainbow. It also includes a graphic of the Big Ben. This cute looking leprechaun tattoo makes a great style statement. Follow the link to learn more.

Fighting Leprechaun Tattoo

Fighting Leprechaun Tattoo Source

Bring some action into your tattoo with this fighting leprechaun tattoo design. This fun tattoo is a great way to celebrate your love for a leprechaun. Visit the link to find out more.

Leprechaun Sleeve Tattoo

Leprechaun Sleeve Tattoo Source

This leprechaun sleeve tattoo has a lot of elements, including the classic rainbow and a strong leprechaun. This colorful tattoo is creative and impressive. Click the link to learn more.

Leprechaun Tattoo on Palm

Leprechaun Tattoo on Palm Source

This leprechaun tattoo on the palm is simple and a fun design on your hand. Try this leprechaun face tattoo to hold your leprechaun style high. Follow the link to know more.

Leprechaun Tattoo for Men

Leprechaun Tattoo for Men Source

Have a blast with this cool leprechaun tattoo for men. With a horror theme, this leprechaun tattoo speaks of action and excitement. Visit the link to take a closer look.

Neo Traditional Leprechaun Tattoo

Neo Traditional Leprechaun Tattoo Source

This neo-traditional leprechaun tattoo features a serious-looking leprechaun design. This is a fantastic tattoo on your sleeves. Click the link to find out more.

Old School Leprechaun Tattoo

Old School Leprechaun Tattoo Source

This old school leprechaun tattoo features an evil-looking leprechaun standing behind a pot. This is a fun tattoo for anyone who admires leprechauns. Click the link to learn more. You may also see Skull Tattoo Designs

Leprechaun Tattoo on Shoulder

Leprechaun Tattoo on Shoulder Source

Simple Leprechaun Tattoo Design

Simple Leprechaun Tattoo Design Source

Unique Leprechaun Tattoo Idea

Unique Leprechaun Tattoo Idea Source

Leprechaun Tattoo on Thigh

Leprechaun Tattoo on Thigh Source

Traditional Leprechaun Tattoo

Traditional Leprechaun Tattoo Source

Watercolor Leprechaun Tattoo Idea

Watercolor Leprechaun Tattoo Idea Source

Cool Leprechaun Tattoo

Cool Leprechaun Tattoo Source

Leprechaun Tattoo on Leg

Leprechaun Tattoo on Leg Source

Black and Gray Leprechaun Tattoo

Black and Gray Leprechaun Tattoo Source

Scary Leprechaun Tattoo Design

Scary Leprechaun Tattoo Design Source

Leprechaun Tattoo on Forearm

Leprechaun Tattoo on Forearm Source

These were some amazing leprechaun tattoo designs that are worthy of a glimpse. As you can see, the variety and creativity are endless. Explore the designs and try the one that you like.

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