Beautiful backyard designs bring more living space. It does not matter whether you have small space or have left large size area for backyard landscaping design because latest trends can meet all your requirements. These days, monochromatic black palette and silvery wood furniture give more complement to green plants. For small backyard designs, wall fountains with narrow trough are used to give more space to plants.

Small Backyard Landscaping Design

small backyard landscaping design

Sloped Backyard Landscaping Idea

sloped backyard landscaping idea

Diy Backyard Landscaping Design

In past, backyard area was used to grow flowers and edible plants in simple rows but there was no concept of luxurious designs. Usually water hog lawn, long trees, traditional fountain and sitting arrangement were considered enough for backyard. You may also see Backyard Pool Designs

Backyard Pool Landscaping Design

backyard pool landscaping design

Backyard Landscaping Idea with Fire Pit

backyard landscaping idea with fire pit

Design by Alderwood Landscaping

Simple Backyard Landscaping Design

simple backyard landscaping design

Jacalyn Gould Landscape Architect

Florida Backyard Landscaping Design

florida backyard landscaping design

Tropical Backyard Landscaping Design

tropical backyard landscaping design

Design by Red Rock Contractors

Backyard Patio Landscaping Design

backyard patio landscaping design

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Backyard Landscaping Furniture Design

backyard landscaping furniture design

Backyard Landscape Lighting Idea

backyard landscape lighting idea

Traditional Backyard Landscape Design

traditional backyard landscape design

Awesome Backyard Landscape with Pool

awesome backyard landscape with pool

Cording Landscape Design Inc

Transitional Backyard Landscape Design

transitional backyard landscape design

Backyard Garden Landscape Design

backyard garden landscape design

Duxborough Designs

Luxurious Backyard Landscape Idea

luxurious backyard landscape idea

Design by Baine Contracting

Cool Backyard Landscaping Design

cool backyard landscaping design

Modern Backyard Landscape Design

modern backyard landscape design

Homeowners desire to have backyards where they can grow plants, fix a meal, enjoy parties and accommodate their pets as well. It is challenging to select backyard landscaping design to meet all requirements.

  • Pergolas are the best if you need cover place to spend some time in lush green canopy.
  • Columnar trees that grow in upright direction with small trunks solve backyard space problem. Sky Pencil, European Green Beech and Cypress Trees are given columnar shape and are grown against a wall.
  • Edible gardening and fruit bushes provide fresh vegetables, fruit and salad at your backyard. Use portable garden beds that can be rearranged according to summer or winter season.
  • Lush lagoon backyard landscaping design gives peaceful area. Dramatic stairway, rock waterfalls, stone edging wall, stone patios and vertical gardening are some of the hottest trends of this year.

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