When we speak of an art style that speaks for itself but requires thorough understanding from its audiences, we often associate it with abstract art. This art style is something that is created out of pure imagination and creativity, that while the artist is creating it, their minds actually never stop to develop on what comes next for their creation. Unlike most paintings that usually start from a pencil sketch and usually end up as how the artist has visualized it from the very beginning, the creation of abstract art is actually an ongoing process, and the artist will only stop when they are able to fully express what they want on the painting.

To discuss a little further about abstract art before we delve into the topic proper, this type of art often has a deeper meaning behind it than what people can perceive from it, that only the artist can interpret what their masterpiece is trying to convey. Some interpretations can be somehow deduced after looking at the art for some time, but some can also be quite far-fetched that it may often result in a debate between the audience and the artist themselves. But then again, who would want to argue with the person responsible for creating the artwork in the first place?

Moving forward with this article, below are sixteen of the most creative and thought-provoking abstract illustrations that you can ever find on the Internet. You can use these illustration designs in any way possible, either as a wallpaper for your gadgets or as a background image for a website that you may be developing. You may also have these designs printed if you wish, either as a backdrop for your advertisement tools, invitation cards, or business cards. Whatever your purpose for these abstract illustration designs may be, these are sure to increase your project’s level of appeal. If you want to see the designs, go ahead and scroll down.

Lone Tree Abstract Illustration Design

Let’s start off simple with this simple yet creative abstract illustration. For this one though, you might say the illustration somehow has a gloomy theme with its dark-colored elements and a lone tree just off the center area. The method used for the application of the colors on this illustration are splashes and streaks, which is an excellent method for expressing emotions through art. No wonder why this graphic illustration is very expressive regardless of its simplicity.

Colorful Triangle Abstract Illustration Design

If you are looking for a rather colorful abstract illustration that you can use for your projects, then this one may be an awesome pick. I say that with confidence since if you look at the design shown above, it is comprised of differently-colored shapes ranging from triangles, circles, rhombuses, and trapeziums. You may say that this design has no meaning at all, or you may also incorporate it with your own interpretation. Regardless if you have a meaning for this geometry illustration or not, there is no doubting that it looks visually stunning.

Colored Lines Thinking Brain Abstract Illustration

At first glance on this abstract illustration, you may see an image that resembles a cloud filled with multicolored lines that seem to have gotten itself all tangled up. But if you would ask the person who designed this, this abstract illustration actually symbolizes a person’s brain while at work. The tangled lines on this illustration actually stand for the pathways in which the information—represented by file icons—travel through. If you are looking for an image that you can use to symbolize how the minds of most people work nowadays, then this illustration perfectly suits that purpose.

Abstract Cardiology Modern Illustration Design

For medical professionals out there, especially those who specialize in cardiology, here is an abstract illustration designed specifically for you. This illustration is already pretty self-explanatory as evidenced by the image of a heart in the middle and some measurement graphs on the side. One way that cardiologists may be able to use this illustration is to incorporate it in their personal business cards, and this can help give prospects an idea that the cardholder specializes in cardiac cases. Another way that they can use this is to have it printed and framed, and have it hung on a wall in the office. That way, it could help in enhancing the ambiance inside the office, as well as give clients a positive impression on their cardiologist.

Beautiful Green Sparkles Abstract Illustration Design

If you ask me, I would say that this abstract illustration offers little to no meaning behind it. But then again, only the artist responsible behind this can provide us with the actual interpretation behind this illustration. This abstract illustration design is perfect for those who are into this kind of art or those who love the color green. Simply set this as your desktop wallpaper, or have it printed and framed to add some nature colors to your home.

What Is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a kind of technique or method that artists use in order to illustrate something out of pure imagination, and with almost no intention to create something that would portray recognizable features. It is a visual representation of something in the form on shapes, colors, and lines that would require utmost analysis and reading-between-the-lines in order to fully understand what the artist wanted to convey when they created it. Other loosely related terms to abstract art include non-figurative art, non-objective art, or non-representational art, and although they may have similarities, they are not identical in meaning.

Line Art Sketched Abstract Illustration Design

To contrast the previous abstract illustration that featured multiple colors, here is a design that is entirely made up of lines, curves, and dots. If you wish to add colors into this, you may do so either by using graphics editing programs, or you may also have this printed and then colored by hand, it is totally up to you. But if you want to use this vector illustration as it is, feel free to do so as well.

Illuminated Human Brain Abstract Illustration Design

Now we go back to an illustration design that resembles a human brain, and while the previous one made the image more symbolic with all the fancy elements thrown into it, this illustration makes it more understandable by actually showing an image of a brain. To take things to the artistic side, the illustration of the brain for this design actually consists of colorful illuminated dots, which give this dot vector illustration design a rather astrological feel to it.

Two Women Caricature Abstract Illustration Design

When I first saw this flat illustration design, the only features that I could make out of it are the mouth, hands, a pair of eyes, flowers, a heart, and what I thought was a flower vase. Then I read the description of the design and realized that it actually bears images of two women, one featuring her face and one featuring her body. This is what we meant when we said that abstract art is not always what other people perceive from it, and that you either need to read between the lines or simply ask from the artist to obtain the hidden truth behind their artwork.

What Are the Origins of Abstract Art?

Many historians have claimed that this form of art originated sometime in the early 20th century, but some have also claimed that it was earlier. In China, during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (c. 600–907 AD), an artist by the name of Wang Mo was being credited for having invented a painting style that involved ink-splashing. His fame was widely recognized that his art style was being applied by painters from succeeding dynasties.

During the 19th century, there were three movements from artists that helped in the development of modern abstract art, and these were Romanticism (emphasized on emotions and individualism), Impressionism (involved small and thin brush strokes, with emphasis on the accurate rendering of light), and Expressionism (the expression of emotional experiences rather than the physical reality by presenting a world entirely from a subjective point of view).

Beautiful Female Portrait Abstract Illustration Design

For this illustration design, it needs no further explanation since it is already quite obvious that the image resembles a portrait of a woman. But abstract art is more than just the lines and the images being illustrated, the colors matter as well. This is where color psychology comes into play, that while the image itself is pretty straightforward, the true meaning of the illustration lies deep beneath its use of the different colors.

Coffee-Making Process Abstract Illustration Design

For coffee lovers out there, have you ever wondered how your favorite beverage is prepared? Most of you probably have an idea already, from the harvesting of the beans, drying them, to grinding them to create the coffee powder ready for brewing. But what if we try to think outside the box? How would you recreate the process of making an aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee? The answer to that is shown on the illustration design shown above, and it is up to you to decipher the process.

Business Promotion Abstract Illustration Design

You may find this illustration design unusual upon seeing it for the first time, a reaction very common when people see an abstract design. And then you start asking, what does this illustration mean? For one thing, it does contain an image that resembles a person with a necktie holding a briefcase. But to be thorough, the entirety of this abstract illustration design talks about a person being promoted in a business. Seems far-fetched, you say? Would you rather argue with the artist who made this illustration? Or would you rather appreciate their masterpiece and download this amazing abstract human vector illustration for your own purpose.

Rainbow Oil Painting Abstract Illustration Design

Now here is an illustration that has got a lot of things going on within it, but one thing’s for sure, this illustration genuinely looks like it was done by hand. This abstract illustration consists of rainbow colors applied using oil paint, and in a spiral pattern. Though this illustration seem to have no meaning behind it, we can always interpret it as an overhead view of a rose bud, or we can also derive its meaning from the brush strokes used. But regardless of whatever meaning there is behind this illustration, we can both agree that this will indeed look amazing when printed and framed.

Green Leaves Futuristic Abstract Illustration Design

Here is another abstract illustration for avid fans of the color green, but unlike the previous one that leaned more toward not having a meaning, this one can be interpreted in multiple ways. If you look closely at the image of the illustration above, it somehow resembles scales of an amphibian creature, as if it were taken from an extremely close shot. Another is that it also looks like the ventral surface of green leaves. If you want to add a touch of nature to your own home or office, this illustration may be what you are looking for.

Futuristic Plant Warm Colors Abstract Illustration Design

Lastly, another “futuristic” abstract illustration that somehow also appears to resemble some sort of plant. While the previous one gave emphasis to different shades of green, this one makes use of different warm colors including reds, oranges, and yellows. If you were able to appreciate the previous design that you downloaded it, had it printed and framed, then you will surely appreciate this one as well.

Now that you have seen through our amazing gallery of abstract illustration designs from our website, you probably have chosen at least one design that perfectly suits you or your project. But why settle for just a single design if you got your sights on more than just one? Feel free to download as much as you want, we guarantee that you will never regret it. Why? Continue reading on to find out why our illustrations are worth downloading.

You may be wondering where these illustrations came from, and these were actually gathered from various websites that offer designs for more than just abstract illustrations. In turn, the designs from these websites were created and contributed by highly imaginative and talented graphic artists from all over the world. Just from those statements, you can already tell that these illustrations are of outstanding quality.

As for the editability of these designs, while we may recommend to use these illustrations unaltered, you may be able to fully and easily customize them as much as you want since they come in the vector format. And lastly, the cost for downloading these abstract illustration designs, which is surprising, are not what you may be expecting. You may have an assumption that these professional-grade designs may cost you much, but to tell you frankly, you can download these illustrations for quite a reasonable price. Now to ask you, where else can you find a deal as sweet as this? Download an illustration now, and while you’re at it, feel free to check out our list of new illustration tools.

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