It is a well-established fact that girls love to paint their nails in different colors, sometimes to cheer their mood and sometimes to set a match for their outfit. And we don’t think it is unreasonable, given the variety of colors and brands available in the market. Cute, colorful and sometimes surprisingly different, there is no limit to how you can paint and design your nails with these gorgeous little nail arts that we have in store for you. Here’s presenting a featured collection of autumn leaves nail designs – something to compliment the autumn season. Give them a try; after all, we are sure the nifty little swirls are going to win you over!

Autumn Leaves Gel Nail Art

autumn leaves gel nail art


Painted with dark maroon to highlight the prettiness of the autumn colors, this nail art design is about painting the variety of autumn leaves. Leafy green, yellow, orange, even pink – let your imagination take over!

Autumn Leaves Nail Art on Acrylic Nails

autumn leaves nail art on acrylic nails


This is a more sophisticated version of nail art, by using gel stamping on acrylic nails. Take a dark green-black hue as the base, and stamp golden leaves and branches on top of it. Here, you got your pretty autumn nail makeover done!

Black Fall Leaves Nail Art

black fall leaves nail art


This one is for those who believe in classy swag! Leaving rest of the nails painted a stately black shade, spruce up one nail each on both hands with a leafy design. Even simple maple leaves in silver-bronze hue such as this will look amazing!

Falling Leaves Gradient Nail Art

falling leaves gradient nail art


If you’re of one of those who prefer a natural look over any stamped design, then this is the one for you! We loved the simplicity yet absolute attractiveness of this look, with its over-the-top colors and subtle peeking of all different sorts of autumn elements.

If multi-coloured art designs aren’t your thing, then you should go for the ombre look! Give your nails a soft palette gradient as a base, and work your inspirations in black.

Red Glitter Fall Leaves Nail Design

fall glitter leaves nail design


And for those who love being over-the-top once in a while, glitter is your answer! Once you’re done stamping designs on your nails, give them a fresh coat of glitter for that out of the world look.

Autumn Leaves Nail Art for Square Nails

autumn leaves nail art for square nails


Square-oval nails is a fashion that is here to stay, so how about taking a leaf out of the book (pun intended), and painting just the tips? Put a single decorated leaf on each nail, and let the tips take all the glory!

Fall Leaves Glitter Nail Art

colorful autumn nail art for pretty nails


Autumn colors can look gorgeous with a bit of glitter and shine; paint the leaves in soft curves throughout your nails (mind you, lesser the symmetry, better this design will show up), and top it up with some glitter.

Floral Nail Art for Long Nails

autumn nail art for long nails


Love nude October hues? Get them on your nails with this super pretty nail art design. Done in freehand, all you need for this art is to let your imagination run loose on your nails with cherry blossoms and maple leaves.

Gold Glitter Fall Leaves Nail Idea

gold glitter fall leaves nail idea


Don’t we girls simply adore glittery designs? Well, this one’s a winner when it comes to glittery autumn art. Paint in the fall leaves in golden glitter on a white base. Add a few spots of red for a dramatic effect, and you’re done!

Mapple LeavesNail Art

mapple leavesnail art


Glittery Autumn Leaves Nail Art

glittery autumn leaves nail art


Shimmery Fall Leaves Nail Art

shimmery fall leaves nail art


Painted Leaf Nail Art Design

painted leaf nail art design


Awesome Fall Nail Art Idea

awesome fall nail art idea


Autumn Brown Nail Art

autumn brown nail art


Gold Glitter Leaves Nail Art

gold glitter leaves nail art


Hand Painted Autumn Leaves Nail Art

hand painted autumn leaves nail art


Blue Fall Leaves Gel Nail Art

blue fall leaves gel nail art


Autumn Leaves Stamped Nail Design

autumn leaves stamped nail design


Nail art has been consistently gaining popularity and why not? after all, who wouldn’t want  beautiful art right on their nails which they can show off wherever they go? With autumn going to set in soon, we believe going for a nail art makeover is a must! Give one of these a try, and share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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