Beige may be considered as a very neutral color, some may even consider it boring. But with the right concepts, a little imagination and a lot of creativity, beige can really look cool and pretty. If you are not much into colorful spaces, especially for your bathing time, you may want to consider checking out these magnificent beige bathroom designs.

Traditional Bathroom with Fireplace

traditional bathroom with fireplace3

This traditional bathroom is showered in the beauty of beige color, starting from the beige color of the walls to the beige motif on the stone floors and the beige frame for the 6 feet tub. The faux fireplace is designed only for candle lighting and built with firebrick interior to ensure safety from the burning candles.

White Cozy Bathroom Design Idea

unique master bathroom with round mirror1

Robeson Design

The whiteness of this bathroom is matched by the light beige color on the walls, the mosaic design on the floor and the sink top. The white freestanding oval tub sits perfectly on the tiled floor, and the white cabinet holds sone nice looking blue vases and bathroom accessories.

Simple Beige Bathroom with Wooden Cabinets

simple beige bathroom with wooden cabinets2

Beige tiles and walls provide a simple and elegant match to the dark polished wooden sink and vanity sets, as well as to the dark colored tub frame. The main lighting is polished chrome pendant and it adds to the look of simple elegance of the set up.

Unique Master Bathroom with Round Mirror

white cozy bathroom design idea1

Dark shade of beige is used for this master bathroom and this color is used for the wall paint, the floor and the elevation for the tub. The white oval freestanding tub sits in the middle of the platform with a ledge behind to hold the essentials (soap, vase and the faucet). Another decking is placed to one end of the tub as a nice seating fixture. The round mirror used as vanity adds a nice touch to the design.

Classic Black and White Tile Bathroom

classic black and white tile bathroom1

Parkyn Design

This bathroom is design with chessboard black and white flooring, and it is a perfect match to the classic freestanding tub with white interior and black exterior. The vanity is divided in three sets with one set placed in the middle with a framed mirror. The walls and the cabinets match in beige.

Mediterranean Bathroom with Double Shower

mediterranean bathroom with double shower1

Singlepoint Design Build Inc

This Mediterranean designed bathroom is dressed in great color combination – red (on the framed art pieces), brown (wall, sink countertop and storage), white (tub and ceiling), and beige (tiles on the floor, walls and shower benches). The shower accent wall is also in beige but in a darker shade than the rest and it holds the two shower heads and it has a niche for bathing essentials.

Modern Beige Bathroom Interior

modern beige bathroom interior1

Heated towel bars are ideally installed on the wall that faces the vanity set. There are splashbacks installed on the middle of the tub wall and on the space between the sink (pearl basins) and the vanity (four rectangular mirror). The splashback on the tub wall is set between gray tiles, that provide contrast to the main beige color of the room.

Beautiful Bathroom with White Soaking Tub

beautiful bathroom with white soaking tub1

This beautiful bathroom is draped in beige. The big square beige tiles are used everywhere – from the bath flooring and walls to the enclosed shower area. The white freestanding soaking tub is a good match to the beige motif of the room.

Contemporary Bathroom with Decorative Tiles

contemporary bathroom with decorative tiles1

Revive Home Design

The black floating cabinets with white tops and two white basins, adds a nice contrast to the beige motif. The same with the two dark framed mirrors that are guarded by three wall sconces (on each side and in between). The vanity wall is decorated with a zebra pattern design that is achieved with the used of mosaic tiles. The freestanding white tub sits comfortably on a curved wall with two large square windows.

Awesome Mosaic Tile Wall Bathroom

awesome mosaic tile wall bathroom1

Beyond Beige Interior Design

The awesomeness and beauty of mosaic tiles is used effectively for this bathroom with one wall entirely decorated with them. To bring out the uniqueness of that wall, the rest of the room (including the enclosed shower area) is designed with beige tiles. The white sits elegantly beside the mosaic tiled wall, white the dark colored cabinet provided a nice contrast to the set up.

Outdoor View Bathtub

outdoor view bathtub

Unique Chandelier Bathtub

unique chandelier bathtub

Green Bathroom with Best Decor

green bathroom with best decor

Fashionable Bathroom

fashionable bathroom

Hygiene Bathroom Design

hygiene bathroom design

Chandelier Bathroom Design

chandelier bathroom design

Veranda Bathroom Design

veranda bathroom design

Beige Bathroom with Beautiful Decor

beige bathroom with beautiful decor

Modern Bathroom Traditional Design

modern bathroom traditional design

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