Whether you prefer a contemporary style or like to keep it close to vintage, the wall clock is one accessory and accent piece that can bring together the look of a living room. In order to make your selection easy, we have today gathered a set of 10 living room wall clocks that will enhance the look of your home and bring a featured addition to your space.

9. Howard Miller Stapleton Contemporary Wall Clock

howard miller stapleton contemporary wall clock

Sleek and minimal, the 30’’ diameter of this wrought iron gallery clock is finished in brushed nickel. The open dial features a finished numeral ring with Arabic numerals at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions.

8. Time2Play White/Red 2055 Wall Clock

time2play white red 2055 wall clock

This playful white and red watch feature a playful message of expressing joy at every hour of the day. The little men clinging to the hands show their performance as the circus trapeze artists.

7. Marvellous Magic Motion clock

marvellous magic motion clock

Looking contemporary and elegant, this rhythm motion musical clock features 38 different coloured crystals. The dial opens into 6 sections revealing instruments and music notes that rotate to one of the 30 melodies. The flower shaped wheel at the bottom of the clock steadily rotates and is emQuartz battery operated movement.

6. Howard Miller Rosario Gallery Wall Clock

howard miller rosario gallery wall clock

This dramatic wall clock carries a vintage old world charm that has a larger diameter making it perfect for larger area rooms. With a distinct wrought iron dial, center scroll decor, carved rope and leaf motif, the watch brings a charming look to the home.

5. Time Travel 2235BE Wall Clock

time travel 2235be wall clock

Time Travel is a series of wall clocks designed with the designer’s idea to make the foreigners or non-locals of a country feel at home through not just time but also by allowing us to dream of a destination and to follow the time where the friends and relatives live. Time Travel will take you to New York, Cairo, Rio De Janeiro, Agra, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice, Florence, Hong Kong and Prague all right from your living room.

4. Vitra Nelson Eye Clock

vitra nelson eye clock

The watch is designed by Nelson, part of the Vitra Nelson Clocks Collection. With a walnut and brass material, the clock is battery operated and comes fully assembled and ready to hang on the wall.

3. RND Time Black Wall Clock

rnd time black wall clock

Made with small cubes in nylon, the RND wall clock features battery quartz movement with the cubes assembled in the random arrangement on the wall.

2. Koo Koo M2095 Orange/Black Wall Clock

koo koo m2095 orange black wall clock

The cuckoo clock is made from wood with battery quartz movement. The Cuckoo strike switches off automatically during the night controlled by a light sensor.

1. Partner 2372 Grey/Yellow Analog Wall Clock

partner 2372 grey yellow analog wall clock

With a beautiful pattern, this grey/yellow analogue wall clock is made of wood and is perfect for the rustic as well as the traditional style interiors. The simple style and vibrant colour will pack a punch of character to your home.

Pick the best suited and add an aesthetic and elegant value to your space.

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