Right from the ancient Egypt, wall clock has played tremendous roles at homes, offices and in public places. They come in various styles and designs for decoration purposes and time keeping. Problem is that old trends handmade wall clocks look quite boring with little or no designs that will bring out shape need to complement home décor. There are still some vintage handmade wall clocks that are still in use till date. Some of them were designed with good artistic works like carving on woods, enamels and others. You may also see Unique Wall Clock Designs

Handmade Cloud Wall Clock Design

handmade cloud wall clock design

To bring in that retro feel into modern home, the current trend handmade wall clocks is quite needful. These clocks come in various designs, styles, colors, materials and shapes. With combination of artistic work and modern design in the production of the modern day handmade wall clock, one can easily add great o interest and vintage charm to modern interior decoration. You may also see Contemporary Wall Clock Designs

Vintage Handmade Wall Clock Design

vintage handmade wall clock design

Handmade Wooden Wall Clock Design

handmade wooden wall clock design

Handmade Bamboo Wood Wall Clock

handmade bamboo wood wall clock

Little Mermaid Wall Clock Design

little mermaid wall clock design

Handmade Ceramic Wall Clock Design

handmade ceramic wall clock design

Handmade Skull Design Wall Clock

handmade skull design wall clock

Amazing Handmade Wall Clock Design

Modern handmade wall clocks are functional, practical and highly attractive to homes and they come in various forms. The large wall clock is now the latest trend that brings in peaceful and elegant blending of accent into a modern and contemporary home. Some types of modern day wall clocks are: Artistic glass carved handmade large wall clocks, vintage wooden wall clock, contemporary wall clock designed for bedroom, unique metal handmade wall clock and others. You may also see Starburst Wall Clock Designs

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