Incorporating music with graphic design you can achieve a stunning design that is suitable for any company logo that is related with the music industry. These designs have an attractive look that has beautiful style and are easy to remember by everyone. You can find them in many designs with startling graphics and creative fonts like the collection of band logo designs that is following. Sit back, turn up the music and enjoy the following guide.

Music Band Logo Design

The designs that relate to music bands defer in many ways. From style to color schemes and from the music genre to the target audience you have a great variety.

Simple Music Band Logo

simple music band logo

Music Band Buzz Logo

music band buzz logo

Rock Band Logo Design

Rock band logos have a strong look that follows the rock style. Grunge meets elegance in a combination of stunning designs that are available in many color choices and concepts. You may also see Music Logo Designs

Bone Carver Rock Band Logo

bonecarver rockband logo

Creative Rock Band Logo

creative rockband logo

Professional Band Logo Design

Music logo designs can take a professional makeover with the right design. Modern style and interesting ideas can create a viable logo that will be memorable for the desired target audience.

Professional Retro Band Logo

prosessional retro band logo

Professional Stage Band Logo

prosfessional satge band logo


Marching Band Logo Idea

Marching bands need stunning colors and creative design in order to create a recognizable design. You can go for many various looks depending on the area the marching band belongs.

Flat Marching Band Logo

flat marching band logo

Bugle Marching Band Logo

bugle marching band logo

Metal Band Logo

In metal music everything is enhanced creating strong feelings. The same should go for the band’s logo too. It has to follow the band’s character expressing outgoing design and style.

Death Metal Band Logo

death metal band logo

Inspired Metal Band Logo

inspired metal band logo

Modern Band Logo

Modern designs offer a minimalistic approach that makes the band logos look chic. You can go for monochromatic or colorful designs that will give you incredible public awareness in general.

Modern Blues Band Logo

modern blues band logo

Modern Bounce Band Logo

modern bounce band logo

Vintage Band Logo Design

If you want a vintage design then you should take notice of the way the design is displayed as well as the font types. Classic fonts will give you elegance setting the vintage mood.

Vintage Fantasy Band Logo

vintage fantasy band logo


Black and White Band Logo

Black and white logos have a classic look that is suitable for many bands. The lack of color adds a versatile tone that can be changed at any time you wish to.

Black and White Knocks Band Logo

black and white knocks band logo

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