Are you in a holiday mood? Get the icicle nail art that is mostly in the shades of blue and white and textured like an icicle onto the nails. They are so beautiful to look at; they can go well with any type of clothes. These nail designs are suitable for women of all ages. Long, short, and medium size nails too can carry these designs well.

This is one kind of a nail art design that will not fail on the fingernails of any women. You can also call this a snow nail art except the snowflakes might not be very visible.

Winter Nail Art

winter nail art


Long conical nails can carry this winter nail art in shades of light blue, green, and white collage of snowflakes. Painted with caution and high artistic taste, this is the nail art design that looks good on skin tone of any type. Just ensure that the nail is longer in length as this design would look congested on shorted nails.

Icicle French Tip Idea

icicle french tip idea


Like the French manicure, try this on the long and point nails. The icicle French tips in icy blue nail art look stunning and dramatic. They go well on all kinds of clothing, except the business attire. Long nails and business attire are not made to sync.

Icicle Nail Art Stickers

icicle nail art stickers


This is a nail art in deep metallic blue and has motifs of icicles and pieces of ice painted onto it. This is a gaudy nail art and might not suit every woman. Use this nail art sparingly. It is definitely not an everyday nail art design that can be displayed.

On a milky white background, lines in Prussian blue, light blue and silver glitter are painted. This kind of nail art design is suitable for nails of medium to smaller size. It is an abstract art that depicts waterfalls. Only younger women can try this holiday nail art.

You will not find iciciles in red and glitter green in real time. If you want a nail art that is inspired by the icicile, you can use it as a motif and paint the nails in colors of red and green. It is suitable only for costume and theme parties. Avoid this motif for any other occasion.

Black Icicle Nail Art

black icicle nail art


On a black color background is the silver color icicile painted. This kind of nail art is suitable for medium size nails. It looks elemental and gothic at the same time. If you are wearing something dramatic, team it up with this nail art, else avoid it.

Gel Icicle Nail Design

gel icicle nail design


On long pointy nails, you can try this nail art with colorful sequins and glitter. The background of the nail is in nude and natural color of the nail with a part of every nail painted in a slightly different nail art of the icicle. This is your ideal place to look into the fall acrylic nail design.

Medium size pointy nails can use this mish mash of snowy nail art that comes in the hues of baby pink, light blue, and glue of square colored silver metallic sequins.

For the long, pointy, vampire like nails, you can paint these nail designs that are colorful with vibrant colored sequins glued onto the nails. It looks like a collage of colorful polka like sequins. Not meant for daily or regular use.

Creative Icicle Nail Art

creative icicle nail art


These are retro styled motifs of the nail art. Painted in abstract designs in colors ranging from light green, white, black, and light blue, each nail has a different design.

Glitter Icicle Nail Art

glitter icicle nail art


Blue and White Icicle Nail Art

blue and white icicle nail art


Winter Theme Icicle Nail Manicure

winter theme icicle nail manicure


Stone Icicle Nail Manicure

stone icicle nail manicure


Snowflake nail designs will stay in vogue throughout the winter. You can also use these winter themed nail art designs and experiment with textures, colors, and backgrounds. Nail art takes hours to create. Think of a theme clearly before going for the design. Icicles are the kind of nail art design that can never wrong you style statement.

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