According to the National Safety Council, the month of June is the National Safety Month; the public should always be aware of their safety, as well as promote safety awareness to other people. When we mention safety, it involves a lot of aspects, including health, driving, and professional safety. For the whole month of June, we need to be extra careful in everything that we do in order to be safe and away from any hazard or accident.

But, people can only do so much as to spread safety awareness through words and not much through action, which is why there are companies that help out in promoting safety to the public. These businesses cover a lot of areas when it comes to safety, including houses, identity, health to name a few. If your business provides these services and you are in need of a logo design for branding, then check out our collection gallery of safety logos that you can easily download.


Colorful Sphere House Safety Logo Design


Use this symbolic logo if you are planning on promoting home safety and security to homeowners, and make sure to have a supporting description behind the design. The pentagon in the middle represents the home and the five colors surrounding it are a symbolism to the services you offer or any other features about your company.

You may say that the colors may symbolize your 24-hour security monitoring, the affordability of your services, your quick emergency response team, the customer service representatives that are willing to take your calls all-day and all-night, and the user-friendliness of your security devices.


Shielded Safety House Logo Design


Padlocked Safe House Logo Design


Symbolize your company with this business logo design and give assurance to your clients that their house will never be broken into, and even if it will, immediate action will be taken to resolve the issue and restore the safety of the house. The symbol serves two meanings: it could either be a house with an occupant inside, and it could also be a padlock with a keyhole in the middle.


Road Safety Shield Logo Design


Promote safety to drivers and motorists by bearing this logo for your company. The logo design shows us a shield with a road with a shape of an “S” for safety. This logo symbolizes your business’ task in protecting and restoring roads. Upon first sight, let people know that your company is responsible in maintaining the roads in their best condition to avoid causing vehicular accidents.


Safety First Medical Logo Design


For matters that are medical-related, this is a good choice for a logo design. The red cross symbolizes health and the blue ribbon wrapping it symbolizes your company’s role in providing safety to people’s health. Choose this professional logo design if the intention of your company is to promote good health and prevent illnesses to the general public.


Secure Check Mark Logo Design


Safety Health Care Logo Design


The logo design above is another one that is related to people’s health. Since a lifebuoy is an equipment used to save people from drowning, it also makes sense that it can be used to symbolize safety. The lifebuoy in the logo surrounds the red cross: it is trying to save people from health-related problems and restore it to its optimum status. For a healthcare logo that’s symbolic but easy to understand, download this design.


Fire Safety Candle Logo Design


Both firefighters and home insurance companies can use this logo design, especially when the insurance company is specifically tasked at covering fire-related concerns. People should always be very careful in handling fire and equipment or appliances that generate heat because mishandling it can cause a lot of damage in a very short time. But if it all comes to worse, it is your job to take care of the problem, and for people to know that, you should make use of this flat logo design.


House Protect Safety Logo Design


Protect the welfare of houses by letting people recognize your business through the use of this artistic company logo design. From its appearance alone, people can already understand the message that the symbol is trying to convey—to put the client’s houses in good hands. Download this design for an elegant and creative logo for you business.


Human Protect Safety Logo Design


This business logo is similar to the previous one in terms of the design and the meaning behind it. Though for this one, the main subjects are people instead of houses. If the intention of your business is to promote safety to people, whether it is about their health or their identity, then this logo design is a good choice.


Web Safety Security Logo Design


The internet is a place where almost anything is possible. You can put anything as well as get anything from it, which is why you should always be careful when going online since malicious programs can also be found there. Hackers may even launch their own malware or virus on the internet, waiting for it to gain access to any computer.

If a user is not careful when accessing the internet, or if their computer lacks the necessary security measures to protect it from intrusion, then these programs may enter the system and damage it by disabling healthy sectors of the disk drive. Or in the case of hackers, when their program enters a system, it will enable them to take control of that computer and steal important information from the user.

That said, it is very important that you keep your computers and even your mobile devices secure to prevent it from destroying itself up, and also to keep your identity and other personal information safe.


Internet Guard Shield Safety Logo


If the responsibility of your business is to keep internet users safe from viruses, malware, trojans, and other malicious software that can be acquired online, then you may download this PSD logo. The design bears a shield which is surrounded by a ring, similar to the one used for the Internet Explorer logo, and symbolizes the protection brought to those who have access to the internet.


Secure Surveillance Camera Safety Logo Design


Closed-circuit televisions, or CCTV’s, can be found almost anywhere; in houses, establishments, and even above public roads nowadays. Back then, security personnel would need to keep roving to check the status of various locations, which is both time-consuming and requires a lot of manpower for the highest security level.

But today, with CCTV’s, security personnel can monitor multiple places at once which saves time, and since this task can also be done with less people, which also saves manpower. Download this company logo design if the intention of your business is to provide constant monitoring to places for security reasons.


Data Safety and Security Logo Design


Holding Hands Insurance Company Logo


Insurance can also be directly related to the promotion of safety as it does with security, since it takes care of matters that arise if things happen to the person or property being insured. For example, with people, if an insured person gets confined to a hospital, they won’t need to worry much about the expenses since it is already secured by the insurance company.

Enrolling yourself in insurance plans is highly advised, though not all can afford these since some are quite expensive. But, it can really help you in securing either yourself or your beneficiaries from a lot of expenses if anything may happen to you. Insurance plans may not be useful in the present time, but it may in the near or distant future.


Floral Eco-Safe Logo Design


Baby Healthcare Safety Logo Design



Infants don’t have the same immunity that adults have, which is why they are very susceptible to infection and illnesses. Parents should always be cautious when bringing their babies to the outside world. If you are in an institution that promotes good health to babies, the download this medical logo to show to people how passionate you are not only to your job, but also towards taking care of infants.


Abstract Healthcare Safety Logo Design



Mouse Network Guard Safety Logo Design



Safety is indeed important for every individual, whether you need it right there and then or you are simply preparing yourself for unforeseen situations in the future. It is always best to be prepare than not, especially in instances when the outcome is either irreversible or may make a serious impact on one’s life.

Make people aware of the importance of safety by giving them a good and lasting impression of your business. One way you can do this is by making use of a professional-looking logo design. Choose from among our collection of business logos that were designed by experts, and you will never fail to impress your prospects.

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