If you are looking for downloadable designs on the Internet during the Valentine’s season—which is basically almost the entire month of February—most, if not all, of these designs will commonly contain symbols ranging from chocolate boxes, flower bouquets, to heart-shaped elements. We see these symbols on Valentine’s Day poster designs, greeting cards, and virtually any design that has something to do with the occasion. Also, with these symbols is a color scheme that compliments the whole theme of the design, and this color scheme will commonly involve red.

The heart, among the three, is probably the most symbolic since it is somewhat loosely based on the actual human heart, and its design is intentionally (and appropriately) modified to look appealing in people’s eyes. This article will show you twenty of the most creative heart-shaped logo designs, and these can be used for various purposes. Use it as a branding symbol to represent your business or your organization; you may even want to incorporate these logo designs on your marketing tools. If you want to get started, go ahead and scroll down to see the various professional logo designs yourself.

Green Leafy Heart Logo Design


We have always been told by environmentalists to take care of Mother Nature and to promote a green environment so that the environment would also provide us with what we need to live a healthy life. For a fresher and more breathable air, we need to plant more trees and avoid deforestation. The logo design above perfectly illustrates that cause by depicting a green-colored heart with a plant along the middle. This modern logo design is perfect for those organizations that are very dedicated at promoting a green world.

Pet Lovers Heart Logo Design


Aside from loving our neighbors and the environment, we should also love our pets and other animals as well. Our pets provide us with unconditional love way better than other people, so why can’t we reciprocate that love? The logo design above can be used by organizations that comprise of pet lovers, animal shelters, or veterinary clinics.

Love Maze Heart Logo Design


Open Heart Charitable Organization Logo Design


Elegant Loving Heart Logo Design


How Important Are Logos for Businesses and Organizations?

Have you ever wondered how a business or organization would probably turn out if they didn’t make use of a logo? Would they become successful? Would they even be recognized? The answer will most likely be no, and while a few people may come to hear about the business or organization, the recognition will probably be short-lived.

Logos somehow work similarly to identification cards—or for a more familiar reference—to profile pictures in social media websites, they give audiences a first look at something, or someone. And with logos, they also give audiences with something that can easily be remembered and relayed to other people.

But that is just the superficial description of the importance of logos for businesses and organizations. Logos provide these establishments with a face—but in business terms—a brand in which businesses can use on their products and advertising tools. When people recognize a business logo design regardless on where it is being printed, they can easily associate it with the establishment, and if that establishment has had a good reputation, then people would most likely trust their products and services.

Healthcare Heart Flat Logo Design


Here is a perfect logo design that can be used by healthcare professionals, specifically cardiologists, since it depicts an actual human heart but with an ECG line drawn along the middle. If you’re someone who specializes in heart health and cases, then this healthcare logo design would be a perfect choice, and you can place this on the glass window of your clinic, your personal prescription pads, or on your business card design.

Caring Heart Flat Logo Design


Watercolor Hearts and Arrows Logo Design


Candies and Sweets Heart Logo Design


When people express themselves toward their loved ones or the people they desire, it will usually involve flowers, greeting cards, love letters, or sweet treats. Aside from that, the word sweet has long been used to describe a person that is expressive and unafraid of showing how they feel toward other people. If you are in the business of selling sweets not only to satisfy the cravings of sweet toothed people but also to assist people in their act of expressing themselves, then you may want to use the cute and sweet candy logo design above.

Bundled Watercolor Hearts Clipart Logo Design


What Is the Origin of the Heart Symbol?

Up to this day, people recognize the heart shape as the universal symbol of love and affection, but do we really know how it came to be? Many theories surround the origins of this symbol, and one of which is that it was inspired by the heart-shaped fruit from the Silphium plant. During the 6th to 5th century BCE, this plant was used as a cough remedy and a food flavoring, and it was even rumored to be used for contraceptive purposes.

While other theories mentioned that the symbol was derived from the shape of ivy leaves or from women’s breasts, the most logical theory about the symbol will probably be the one taken from the writings of the philosophers Galen and Aristotle. According to them, they described the human heart as having three chambers and a tiny dent in the middle. And from this theory, it was said that ancient artists created illustrations that would resemble the human heart based on the philosophers’ writings.

Though we now know that their illustrations are far from how the human heart actually looks, it was slowly being used to represent romance and love since the human heart has already been associated with emotions. For a nice-to-know fact regarding the association of the heart with emotions and pleasure, especially with the phrase “I love you from the bottom of my heart,” two theories surround this.

First is from Greek philosopher Archimedes who, according to his beliefs (which were actually incorrect), the brain is responsible for pumping blood and the heart is responsible for thinking. Therefore, saying the phrase would be meaningful because the bottom of the heart is where most of the feelings are located. The second theory compared the heart to a container that fills up with emotions, and the bottom of the container is where the emotions are at its fullest.

Sweet Infinity Heart Logo Design


Love is infinite, and the love that you give to your loved ones should also be infinite and unconditional. Above is a simple logo design that contains a flat illustration of a heart with the infinity symbol as its negative space. Have this infinity logo design printed on your personal greeting cards and let your other half know that your love for them is forever.

Corporate Hexagonal Heart Logo Design


Line Art Medical Heart Logo Design


Colorful Heart Love Logo Design


What Are the Tips and Guidelines for Designing Logos?

  • Before everything else, learn the basics of logo designs, you can read more about what logos are, or you can read about the process of making logo designs. For even more relevant information, you may also want to read about the five elements of good logo designs.
  • Once you already know the basics for making logo designs, be inspired on how you want your logo to look. There are multiple websites that offer inspiration for logo designs, or you may also want to check out logos from successful businesses and organizations (but never copy their designs). If it helps, you may also check out our list of logo designs from famous businesses and their evolution throughout the years.
  • Choose which of the types of logo designs you want to adapt: you may want an entirely textual logo design that contains only the initials of the establishment’s name (lettermark), or you may also want the name to be spelled out completely (wordmark); you may also want a logo design that contains only an image or a symbol (brandmark); or if you want the best of both worlds, you may also choose to go with either the combination or emblem types.
  • Regardless of which type of logo design you want to go with, what’s important is that the design is comprehensible and memorable. The best way that you can do this is to focus on simplicity. This way, your logo design will also look professional and trustworthy.

Needle and Thread Heart Logo Design


Joyful Hearts Logo Design in AI and EPS


Symbolic Love Heart Logo Design


It has been said that when we enter commitments, we should give our heart to our partners as a sign of dedication, but of course, we don’t actually mean that in a literal sense. What that means is that we’re not only taking what’s inside our hearts to express our love, but we are actually giving the person the entirety of what’s been holding our feelings. In short, we are not keeping secrets and are not holding back how we feel toward the other. The logo design above illustrates the heart on top of a person’s palms as a gesture of giving one’s self to the other. You may be able to use this logo for making personal and heartfelt greeting card designs for your loved ones.

Abstract Characters Love Hearts Logo Design


Healthy Lifestyle Heart Logo Design


As much as we want to love other people selflessly, we should also learn to love ourselves, and that refers not only to our emotional well-being but also our physical health. We can achieve a healthier body by exercising and eating the right kinds of food. The health and fitness logo design above is perfect for those businesses that promote having a healthy body while also offering healthy foods.

From looking at all those amazing heart logo design, you have probably picked out at least one design that you think would work according to your purpose whatever that may be. During the gathering of these logo designs, we actually went through various websites and through thousands of creatively designed logos just to pick out some of the best ones that we can provide for our clients. In addition to that, these logo designs were professionally created by some of today’s most talented graphic artists from all over the world. Quality-wise, these designs have already got you covered.

With regards to other juicy details about these amazing logo designs, you may be surprised to hear that these designs are actually fully editable, and you won’t even have to worry about putting the quality at risk. These logo designs are very adaptable, they are able to fully tolerate changes done to them. And if those facts about the designs above aren’t enough to convince you to download, wait until you hear how much you’ll need to spend to be able to download them. Since you already know that these designs were made to be accessible to everyone, they were also made to be affordable just so everyone can get their hands on high-quality logo designs. So, what are you waiting for? Start downloading a design now.

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