It’s just a matter of a few days until Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure many couples out there are very much looking forward to this day to spend it with their loved ones. But when talking about loved ones, it doesn’t always have to be your respective partner in the relationship because the term actually refers to a broader scope. A loved one can also mean your siblings, your parents, your relatives, or even a special friend you hold so dearly.

While you can always greet them personally by giving them a phone call, it is always different when they receive something that’s tangible. When we say tangible greetings, what we are actually referring to here are Valentine’s Day greeting cards. This way, the receiver of the greeting card can keep their copy as a souvenir, and if the greeting card is being designed well, the receiver may even treasure it for as long as possible.

If you’re planning on making your own Valentine’s Day greeting cards, then you are in for a treat. Below is a collection of the finest and most artistic Valentine’s Day greeting card designs from all over the Internet, and these are all downloadable. Now, you won’t have to be stressed out in having to make your greeting cards all the way from scratch, you simply need to download and edit them. Save yourself the time and effort, check out the designs below so you can get started with your greeting cards.

Bundled Vintage Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Designs


What you see above is not just a single greeting card design but a set of designs. For as low as $8.00, you will be getting not just one or two designs, but a total of four Valentine’s Day (and love confession) greeting card designs that you can use to express yourself to your loved ones. Not only that, all four of these artistic greeting card designs come in vintage-inspired themes to make them even more desirable.

Naughty Typographic Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design


Get naughty on Valentine’s Day by giving this greeting card to your partner, just give it and don’t say anything. This design requires no further explanation because of its simplicity; it already speaks for itself. If you’re not into the sans serif font used on the sample above, you may refer to our collection of typography fonts for styles to choose from.

Abstract Doodled Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design


Love Bunnies Rustic Valentine’s Greeting Card Design


Hand-Drawn Mandala Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Importance of Sending Out Greeting Cards

In today’s generation wherein almost everything is about being digital and paperless, the art of doing things traditionally or by hand has slowly faded. This is also applicable in the giving of greeting cards, in which people are leaning more toward the use of electronic mails and greeting cards than the more traditional printed format.

While many would consider it as the more trendy alternative to printed greeting cards, there is actually a very big difference between the two, in which the traditional one is able to influence some sense of euphoria on the part of the receiver and some satisfaction or fulfillment on the part of the sender. This is something that is not achievable with electronic greeting cards.

With greeting cards, they are able to express human emotions, gratitude, sympathy, affection, and even humor. The act of writing one by hand actually connects two people together regardless of the distance in between them. While giving greeting cards may be considered as a very small and simple gesture, it actually makes a huge impact. After all, happiness comes in small things.

Funny Un-Porg-ettable Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Expressing your desires and affection is already meaningful as it is, but using puns with it just takes it to a whole new (and humorous) level. The porgs from last December’s film Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi have become one of the movie’s scene-stealers—the same way the ewoks did in the original Star Wars trilogy—which is why making puns out of them today is the perfect time. The design above effectively does that while also makes the greeting card look adorable because of the illustration of the porg in the middle.

Cute Teddy Bears Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Flat Puppy Illustration Valentine’s Greeting Card Design


Hand-Drawn Doodles Valentine’s Greeting Card Design


Humorous Corny Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design


Tips on How to Make Your Greeting Cards Stand Out

  • After having your business card design printed on a card stock, don’t just settle for what you get after it is being printed out, add a little more to it. You may want to add some textures to the card by applying various arts and crafts materials onto it, or by adding another layer of art or textured paper to give it an embossed look. Adding textures may be a subtle adjustment to the design, but it will go a very long way.
  • In relation to adding texture, you may also enhance the appearance of your greeting cards by sprinkling some glitter, tracing the text with a glitter marker or with a glitter glue and having it solidify. You may even add some more details to the sides of the card by gluing on an artistic thread along the edges. There is actually no limit on what you can do after having your greeting cards printed, just make sure not to go over the top with it.
  • If you’re feeling highly creative, make your design pop out, and we’re not saying that metaphorically, we actually mean it in a literal manner. Make pop-up greeting cards, and if you need ideas to inspire you, check out our collection of pop-up greeting card designs.
  • Probably the simplest and most effortless way that you can beautify your greeting cards is by using a textured or patterned paper. This way, you won’t need to do much to further enhance the look of your greeting cards after they are printed out. If ever you want to make your greeting cards even more durable, you may paste the printed out design onto a card stock.

Handwritten Typographic Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Pink Heart Typographic Valentine’s Greeting Card Design


Other Ways to Greet Someone during Valentine’s Day

Expressing yourself on Valentine’s Day can be done in so many ways, not just by mouth or through greeting cards. Below is a list of some other meaningful ways that you can greet your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

  • If you know how to work your oven, you can wake up earlier than usual and bake some sweet treats that you can give to your loved ones. To make your treats even more appropriate for the occasion, you may want to go with strawberry muffins or some red velvet cupcakes. Yummy!
  • Get yourself some toy bugs and decorate them all over the house. If your partner asks what the bugs are all about, you can tell them that these are love bugs ready to sting both of you—get it? LOVE BUGS.
  • No matter how cheesy it may be, puns are guaranteed to bring out laughs from even the coldest of people, but we’re not actually saying that your partner is cold, it only means that puns will always be funny. These puns can be found almost everywhere on the Internet, and if you can find some that you can use for things laying all over your house, then use it. Write those puns on small sheets of paper and stick it on the objects that it corresponds to, and wait for your partner to giggle.

Hand-Drawn Roses Valentine’s Greeting Card Design


Cat Couple Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design


Heart-Shaped Typography Valentine’s Greeting Card


Simple Elegant Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design


Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Bored of doing the same thing over and over again on Valentine’s Day? You can actually celebrate that day in ways other than just going out to a dinner date. Below are some ideas on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a rather unique way.

  • The first and probably the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to recreate your first date or how the two of you met (no matter how awful it went). This will be very meaningful to the both of you since it will remind you of those emotions that you felt during that time as well as the reason why you fell in love with each other.
  • Instead of going out to fancy restaurants for a dinner date, take the entire day off and go to a city or town that either of you have ever dreamed of going. Treasure each other’s company and discover what’s in store for you in that place.
  • Chill at home, binge watch movies or sitcoms, eat junk food. Valentine’s Day only happens once every 365 days, so why not spoil yourselves on that day?
  • Host a Valentine’s-themed gathering with all your friends or family members, or you may also organize an event that would be attended by the public. If you wish to use posters to promote that event, we have various Valentine’s Day poster designs for you.

Sweet Typographic Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Cupid Illustration Valentine’s Greeting Card Design


According to classical mythology, the cupid is the god of love and affection, and is often depicted as a winged child with a bow and heart-tipped arrows. The greeting card design above artistically illustrates the cupid and is surrounded by a border of red roses. If you want your partner to be hit by one of cupid’s love arrows, then download this design and give them this greeting card. If you’re looking for even more illustrations related to the occasion, you may want to check out our collection of various Valentine’s illustration designs.

Expressive Typographic Valentine’s Day Greeting Card


Cute Raccoon Illustration Valentine’s Greeting Card


Let the person you like the most know how much they mean to you, give them this greeting card. Getting yourself into relationships is already a risk, so why not take that risk in the most adorable way possible? You have got nothing to lose, right?

Now that you have seen all twenty-two greeting card designs in our collection, have you chosen which one you would like to download and use to make your own greeting cards? We assume that by now you already have an idea on everything you need to know about printable cards. We guarantee that you have got nothing to lose with our Valentine’s Day greeting card designs since they all have outstanding qualities, and for a price that is highly reasonable you would probably say it’s a steal.

With regards to the quality, these designs were actually gathered from multiple sources, and we selected only the best from among the best to be able to provide our clients with nothing but unparalleled designs that would definitely make their money’s worth. And since it’s not all about the look of the design that matters, it’s best to dig deeper and see whether or not these designs are adaptable enough to modifications. Thankfully, these greeting card designs are indeed fully editable and are also capable of staying in high resolution even after undergoing a lot of changes.

And lastly, with regards to its price, we have mentioned earlier that downloading these designs would probably be a steal because of their very low prices. That statement is indeed a fact and you won’t need to spend a lot just to be able to get your hands on professionally-made Valentine’s Day greeting card designs. The quality of these designs are far superior than the price that you will actually be paying for. That said, you won’t be able to find a sweeter deal than this, so go ahead and start downloading a design now, and you may even refer to our collection of greeting card mock-ups to further provide you with ideas for your own greeting cards.

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