When we hear the word postcards, the first thing that usually comes to mind is mail, and that’s primarily because postcards are indeed sent via mail but without the need of an envelope. The postcard is meant to be sent directly by the establishment to its target recipients in hopes of promoting their products and services, and they will only require a postage stamp to be able to get their postcard delivered.

If you are managing a business and you wish to reach out to your prospects through postcards, then you are definitely in the right place. Below is a collection of various marketing postcards that we have gathered for your convenience. Most of these postcards are multipurpose, which means you don’t need to worry whether these would fit the kind of business that you are handling or the kind of products and services that you are selling. Feel free to check out the multipurpose postcard designs below.

Gradient Social Media Marketing Postcard Design


Take a look at the first marketing postcard design in this collection, which is meant to advertise a social media marketing agency. Social media today has gone from being a way to connect with people to something that can be used by businesses to be able to reach out to the public in the most time-efficient method possible. Download and use this modern postcard design if you wish to follow a similar method of promoting your business.

Sky Blue Social Media Marketing Postcard Design


Just like the previous marketing postcard design, the one above is also intended for promoting a social media marketing agency but with a whole new look. While the back side’s design looks similar to the previous one, the front side bears a different appearance, wherein it shows the social media websites through different platforms. This only means that the social media can be accessed through multiple platforms, from desktop computers to mobile devices.

Insurance Agency Marketing Postcard Design


Delicious Ice Cream Marketing Postcard Design


Food! The easiest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. We may have heard that phrase so many times already, but it only goes to show how true it is, especially with ice cream. These cold and yummy dairy products are not only enjoyed by children, but ice cream can also be enjoyed by grown-ups as well. If you are managing a business that offers these sweet treats, then why wait for people to discover you when you can make yourself known by reaching out to the public instead? Download this marketing postcard and promote your business right away! If corporate postcard designs are what you need, check out the sample provided below.

Multipurpose Corporate Marketing Postcard Design


Spa Therapy Marketing Postcard Design


Revitalizing Spa Marketing Postcard Design


The two marketing postcards above feature spa businesses that offer services for helping to ease a person’s stresses from day-to-day activities. Most people—especially the hardworking ones—are in need of these services to help them get through the day, to regain their energy, and to be ready for the following day. If your business has the service that these people need and deserve, then promote it with the use of these postcard designs. Let them know what services you have to offer, and a contact number so they can get back to you if they’re interested to avail of your services.

Dream Home Real Estate Marketing Postcard Design


Ever wanted to show people the dream home they have always longed for? Instead of having to wait for them to reach out to you, why not you reach out to them? And you can do it with postcards. You may even give it a more personalized touch by writing a short message at the back side of the postcard. Download and use the real estate postcard design above if that is what you are looking for. Now, if you have something that you think may be what your prospect is looking for in a home, then you don’t need to worry about how you can inform them of the property.

Then again, if you are indeed looking for marketing postcard designs intended to showcase houses, units, and other properties, you can also go for a bundle of different designs to help you ease up on the expenses. For as low as $30.00, you can already get at least five very different real estate postcard designs. Embrace variety and download the set of designs above.

After seeing all those marketing postcards above, you may already have picked at least one design that works perfectly for you. Whether you want to showcase some new products, or some skills and talents that you believe you excel at, these marketing postcards are flexible enough to meet your preferences as well as your standards. These postcard designs were gathered from various trusted sources and were created by highly skillful graphic artists, and that information is already enough to give you an idea how good the quality of these designs are.

If you are wondering whether these designs are editable, these marketing postcard designs are not only fully but also easily editable, but only if you are using the right editing tool required for the format. With these designs, you may be able to isolate each element and edit them individually, and you can do that while preserving the design’s sharpness. And with regards to the cost of having to download any of these designs, you may be able to get your hands on all these for a very reasonable price. So what else do you need to know? Go ahead and start downloading your own marketing postcard design now.

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