In a matter of weeks, the spring season will officially begin, which means that days will significantly last longer and there will be more time for us to do the things that we enjoy doing under the sun—more daylight means more fun! Spring somehow serves as a season to prepare us for summer, which is the season that is filled with all sorts of fun and excitement, though many events and parties occur during spring as well. These events range from weddings, to birthdays, and even spring break parties for the teens, young adults, and those who are simply young at heart.

If you are planning on organizing a spring season event and you need to make invitations to send out to your guests, then you are definitely in the right place. Why is that? Because below is a collection of some of the most artistic and creative spring invitation designs on the Internet, and they are all ready for download. We are offering all these to you so you can save yourself all the time and effort from having to make your invitations from scratch. This way, you will only need to download a design and make the necessary modifications depending on your preferences. Want to get started? Scroll down to see the invitation designs yourself.

Pink Dramatic Spring Wedding Invitation Design


Planning on getting married in spring? Then lo and behold, we may just have the wedding invitation design that you need. Check out the spring-themed wedding invitation design above, which features the to-be-wedded bride and groom on the upper-left corner in a movie poster-like fashion. To make the invitation look more dramatic, the opposite corner features a tree branch with flowers and a pair of butterflies flying over it.

Rustic Spring Fling Invitation Design


Check out the rustic-themed spring festival invitation above that features a hand-drawn illustrations of flowers surrounding the text in the middle. This would be an ideal event invitation design to use for fundraising events hosted by schools or non-charitable organizations.

Hand-Painted Spring Event Invitation Design


Importance of Invitations

Are invitations really that necessary when planning parties and events? Isn’t it enough already to just give people a phone call and tell them that they have been invited to an event? Well, let’s find out.

  • First of all, invitations help set the overall tone of the event. With invitations, it gives the reader an idea on what to expect from the event that they have been invited to. If the design on the invitation makes it look extravagant, then the invitee can already anticipate that the event will also be an extravagant one.
  • Unlike doing it through the phone, invitations are much more informative. It may seem ironic but it’s actually true. With phone calls, the host may tend to forget a few details regarding the event, whereas invitations contain all the information that an invitee needs to know about the event.
  • Invitations are memorable and can be treasured by the invitee. But this may still depend on the quality of the invitation. Thankfully, the invitation designs in our website are very creative, we guarantee that the recipient/invitee will keep them as a souvenir from the event.

Different Types of Invitations

It’s no surprise when we say that there are actually different types of invitations, and these different types depend not only on the type of event it is being used for but also on how the invitation being prepared. Below are a list of the different types of invitations.

  • Handmade Invitations. From the name itself, it is already very clear that these invitations were done exclusively by hand, all text written by hand and all illustrations were drawn by hand. This is probably the most tedious among all the other types of invitations since it really requires a lot of precision and you cannot afford even the slightest mistake.
  • Electronic Invitations. We wouldn’t actually say that this is the exact opposite of handmade invitations given that while these are not handmade, the reason why they are called electronic is because they are sent directly via the Internet. Today, there are various websites that offer to make electronic invitations, and all that’s needed from you is to add the recipient/s and your personalized message.
  • Wedding Invitations. Obviously, this is the type of invitations specifically intended for wedding ceremonies. Wedding invitations will always have a formal style—unlike other types that can either be formal or informal—and will come in different colors and themes depending on the motif and preferences of the hosts. Most wedding invitations include a separate RSVP card with its own envelope and is used by the invitee to confirm whether or not they are able to attend the event.
  • Party Invitations. As opposed to wedding invitations that are always in the formal tone, party invitations are—on the other hand—informal. This type of invitation can be used for all sorts of parties which include birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and many more. Since party invitations are informal, they can either be serious or they can also be funny. And unlike wedding invitations that come with a separate reply card, party invitations simply include the host’s contact details and encourage the invitee to make their confirmation through the phone.

White Flower Spring Festival Invitation Design


Spring is notable for being the season when a lot of plants and flowers bloom, which makes the invitation design above very appropriate since it predominantly features an illustration of flowers. This invitation design is perfect for spring events that are to be attended by a large number of people. And from looking at the image above, you can already assure yourself that your design will be able to gather the desired number of attendees.

Barn Sale Spring Invitation Design


Simplistic Spring Break Party Invitation Design


Spring is coming, and do you know what that means? Spring break, of course! If you are organizing a spring break party for the youngsters and the young-at-heart, then we may just have an invitation design specifically made for that purpose. If you already know the steps to designing your own party invitations, check out the design above and click on the download button if it interests you.

Formal vs. Informal Invitations

  • While both formal and informal invitations contain the name/s of the event organizer, formal invitations should also include a logo of the organizer.
  • Formal invitations should use a neutral tone while informal invitations can be written with a more personal tone.
  • Formal invitations provide specific details regarding the event, while informal invitations simply explain why the event is being held.
  • Abbreviations should not be used in formal invitations and the dates should always be written in letters, while abbreviations and numerical dates are accepted in informal invitations.
  • Formal invitations should always indicate the dress code and/or the motif of the event.
  • Formal invitations should include a separate RSVP card. While they are optional in informal invitation, the RSVP can be done through the phone or text message.

How to Write a Formal Invitation

  • When writing the dates of the event, completely spell out the date instead of abbreviating it. For example, instead of writing it as “Friday, March 9th,” you should write it as “Friday, the ninth of March.”
  • When writing the address for the venue, the same thing should be observed—absolutely no abbreviations. Instead of indicating the street address as “Madison Rd.,” you should always write it as “Madison Road.”
  • When writing the names of the invitee as well as the host, their complete names should be written; shortened or nicknames should never be used. If the invitee or host has a second name, it should also be completely spelled out.
  • Provide the invitee with all the necessary details about the event. Only if applicable, a program or a short description on the sequence of events should be included.
  • With regards to the RSVP card, indicate on the invitation how the invitee should respond and the deadline for their response.

White Textured Spring Wedding Invitation Design


Rustic Spring Baby Shower Invitation Design


Interesting Facts about the Spring Season

  • During the spring season—which usually starts during mid-March in the United States and United Kingdom, and at the beginning of September in New Zealand—the days are longer and the nights are shorter. The days last approximately 12 hours and the duration gradually increases as the season progresses.
  • The first day of the season is called vernal equinox. Vernal is a Latin word for spring, while equinox is a Latin word for “equal night.” At the North Pole, this day would be the beginning of six months of uninterrupted daylight, whereas at the South Pole, the start of spring would mean the start of six months of darkness.
  • According to some beliefs, giving birth during the spring season is not advisable since it will most likely trigger the baby to develop several illnesses. For some reason that has yet to be studied further, spring babies are very likely to develop schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar depression.
  • According to Greek mythology, the beginning of the spring season coincides with the return of Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, who is known as the goddess of plants and fertility.
  • There is a tradition in Poland wherein at the start of spring, people burn an effigy and throw it in the river. This tradition is the Polish way of bidding farewell to the winter season and welcoming the spring season.
  • In the southern hemisphere, the spring season starts in August and ends in November.
  • Spring fever is a group of symptoms—both physiological and psychological—that include restlessness, visual hallucinations, and an elevated sexual urge. Though it is still unclear as to what causes spring fever, studies suggest that it might be the result of increased sunlight, more bare skin, and an increased motivation to physical activities.

Flat Colorful Spring Wedding Invitation Design


For those who prefer to use a cleaner and simpler look on their wedding invitations, the design above may be what they need. The design features handwritten-inspired typography and flat illustrations of different types of flowers. And what makes this floral invitation look even cleaner is its use of a solid white background, which also helps in making the other elements stand out.

Beautiful Spring Season Event Invitation Design


Now that you have reached this part of the article, we assume that you have seen all sixteen spring invitation designs in our collection. But the question is, have you already selected which one to download? We hope you have since all these invitation designs were created by some of today’s best graphic artists from all over the world. To assure you of designs that will make all your money’s worth, we made sure to pick out only the best ones from hundreds of the most creative invitation designs on the Internet. These invitation designs are not only artistic and creative, they also come in very high resolution that every detail on every element can be appreciated.

But what about its editability? Are you allowed to make modifications to the design? And to what extent? You are allowed to make as much alterations as you need with these invitation designs, and what’s great about it is that you can isolate each element and edit them individually without making a change to the other elements. In addition to that, regardless of how much alterations you apply to these designs, they are able to preserve their sharpness and overall quality. Lastly, with regards to the cost, you may be able to download these invitation designs for a low and reasonable fee. So, are you ready to make your own spring invitations? If you are, then start downloading a design now.

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