Wedding ceremonies are one of those celebrations that can either be simple or lavishing, attended by a large crowd or only a few number of people, but one thing’s for sure, they are those events that should always be kept personal or private, that only those who are close to them such as family members and close friends are invited. Unless you are a public personality, but even they would prefer to hold their weddings privately.

One way that event planners or organizers are able to do this, to keep an event private that only those being invited can attend is through giving out invitations to the people that you are expecting to come to your event. This way, the invitation can work two ways: it can be used by the host to express sincerity in their invitation, that they are really hoping that the person they are inviting will be able to make it to their event.

Another is that with invitations, they can be used to control the number of people coming into the area. These invitations can serve as the ticket, which the ushers and usherettes outside the venue will have to ask for from the guests before they can proceed to the event premises. And on this page, we have a collection of the most attractive marriage invitation designs that you may download and customize to your own liking, have a peek at the designs by scrolling down below.

Rose Border Marriage Invitation

vintage garden rose border marriage invitation

Check out this wonderful vintage invitation card design that makes use of a lot of white space to prevent the design from looking overly cluttered. Aside from its use of white space, this design makes use of slightly washed out colors to make it vintage-looking, and also easy on the eyes since some would consider overly vibrant colors to be too sharp to look at, especially for long periods of time. If your wedding event will make use of a lot of rose decors, especially at the reception venue, then this marriage invitation design may be the perfect choice for you.

Retro Marriage Invitation Design


Almost exactly similar to the previous invitation design that we have shown you, this one shows a card with pink roses and green leaves running through the edge of the card, surrounding the other features of the design. In the middle area of this invitation design, you have the space where you can write the more important details that the invitee should find from your invitation, which includes the name of the people who will be getting married, the date and time of the event, and the street address of the venue for both the ceremony and the reception. Unlike the previous one that was vintage-inspired, this one has a more retro look, which means that they are more saturated but also has a little touch of gray into the colors.

Modern Marriage Invitation Party Design


If you want a rather colorful and modern approach to your event invitations, then you may opt to use this one, which is sure to attract attention because of its effective use of beautiful and vibrant colors. What’s unique about this design is not only the use of colors but the way the features of the invitation are being arranged. On the left side of the invitation, the topmost area is where the reader can find the date of the event, which is then followed by the time frame of activities leading up to the reception, though you may also be able to use this space to enumerate other things as well. And on the right side of the design, this where the other details of the event are found, which answers the what and where for the event.

Purple Peacock Themed Marriage Invitation


Blue Bokeh Background Marriage Invitation Design


If the motif of your wedding ceremony is somewhere within the shade of blue, then the marriage invitation design above may be an appropriate choice, since the background of the image is in blue with some abstract patterns that also look like bokeh effects. The top end of the design is where you may write the date of the event, which is then followed by the literal statement that expresses the host’s desire to have you attend the memorable event. Below that is where the reader will find the names of the couple that will be getting married, and then on the bottom end of the design are the other relevant details of the celebration, which, aside from the address and the time, also includes the host’s contact number so that the invitee can easily contact them to confirm if they will be able to make it to the event.

Vintage Effect Couple Photo Marriage Invitation


For a cinematic look on your marriage invitations, the design above may provide you with that kind of theme. For this formal invitation design, it shows us a photograph of the couple with a brushstroke-like effect applied into it, and the slightly washed out colors help make the design look even more genuinely vintage. Since the photo only occupies the upper half of the design, the lower half is where the other details of the event can be found, and looking at the sample image above, the names of the bride and groom are done in a handwritten-inspired script typeface.

Flat Design Three Boxes Marriage Invitation

flat design three boxes marriage invitation

This marriage or wedding invitation design is by far the most unique one from among the ones listed on this page. From the looks of this design, you would easily associate it with travel banner ads that you can see all over the Internet, though some may also look at this design and think of it as a comic strip. But nevertheless, the way the details are being presented is still very organized and easy to read. The topmost box right away provides us with the answer to the “what” question, then both the middle and the bottom box provides us with answers to the rest of those inquiries, the most important details that an invitee should get from an marriage invitation. If you want to make you marriage invitations unique and memorable, then download this design.

Tuxedo and Gown Flat Illustration Marriage Invitation


Modern Suitable Marriage Invitation Design

modern suitable marriage invitation design

If you want to keep the design down a bit, then you can also go with the one shown above, which has both text and some decorative features. This creative marriage or wedding invitation design focuses more on the typography, and the main purpose of the graphics here is to emphasize the text that are written. This way, it also makes it easier for the reader or invitee to find the details that they need. And like most of our design templates on this website, this design has other colors for you to choose from aside from the one being shown above. There is also a blue color-schemed design as well as a green one for those who are not into sepia colors.

Luxurious Landscape Marriage Invitation Design


Here is one design that resembles a lot from those being used in fairy-tale movies, and if you look at the ornate decorations at the top and bottom of the design, it almost looks like the carriage used by Cinderella. For this marriage or wedding invitation design, it leans heavily toward simplicity, that the background uses only one shade of color and the only feature that makes the details easily distinguishable is the use of multiple typefaces. As you can see on the sample above, the script and the sans serif typefaces are being used in an alternating manner, and then some ornate decors are being added on the top and bottom area of the design to add enhancement to the marriage invitation card.

Golden Sparkles Marriage Invitation Design

golden sparkles marriage invitation design

Watercolor Marriage Invitation

watercolor marriage invitation

Memphis Style Marriage Invitation Design

memphis style marriage invitation design

Cute Marriage Invitation Template

cute marriage invitation template

Lastly, a sparkling marriage invitation design that will surely attract people’s attention. With this design, all the features on the design have a gold and textured appearance that gives the impression of sparkling effects or that it was done using actual gold dusts. The front side of this formal invitation design shows a silhouette of the bride and the groom looking at each other with heart icons over their heads. And for the back side, you may use this to write a short narrative story about how the couple met. But then you might ask, “where should I put the details about the event?” You may write the date, time, venue, and other important information on either side of the card, most especially the back if you choose not to write a story about the couple’s humble beginnings.

We have got almost everything you need for marriage ceremony invitations, and all you need to do is look for the one that perfectly suits your preferences and download them to start working on them. These invitation designs can be downloaded very easily, and though these designs aren’t free, they can be yours for a very reasonable price. But don’t get us wrong, just because these invitation designs are cheap, it doesn’t follow that they are poorly made as well. We assure you that these invitation designs are of high quality and that you will be getting way more than what you are paying for.

These marriage or wedding invitation designs were gathered from multiple, reliable websites, making sure that only the best ones from among the pile will be chosen for this collection. With this, you won’t have to go to other websites to find professional-grade invitation designs for your upcoming marriage event. In relation to being the best designs, these were made by creative and skillful graphic artists from all over the world, with some even having a lot of experience in this field, and these artists aim to be able to provide their clients with the best quality invitation designs that they deserve.

As for the editability of these invitation designs, they are made using vector graphics, and this format is not only sharp in resolution but also fully editable, it will even allow you to individualize each element on a design and edit those without affecting the rest of the features on the design. Also, with vectors, they can be resized while still be able to retain its sharpness, so regardless of stretching out an element or shrinking it, vector graphics can easily adapt and will still retain its quality. Now that you have seen the different marriage invitation designs that we are offering, and you have read the advantages of using the designs from our website, download one now and start making your own marriage invitation.

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