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There are companies, and then there are corporate businesses invitation. But what actually is the difference between the two? For one thing, a company is a single entity while a corporation is a group of companies that are in partnership. The companies under a corporation may not always have a common target audience, and that is actually the entire point of building a corporate business, to be able to cover a very wide range of prospects in hope of actually converting them to actual clients.

While sole companies alone hold their own meetings and events, corporations also have their share of holding meetings that will accommodate a rather larger crowd. For casual events that are intended to for all employees working for the corporation, making an announcement is already sufficient for conveying the information, and the use of invitations is usually not required for these events. On the other hand, formal corporate events such as meetings, seminars, or conferences require the use of corporate invitations to maintain formality. Also, the use of invitations is also ideal for events that will cater only to a limited number of attendees, such as those that will be attended only by those people in specific positions. You may also see BBQ Party Invitation Designs.
If you are planning on hosting a corporate event and you are in need of downloadable and editable templates, then look no further. Below are some of the most effective corporate events invitation card designs that you can ever find on the Internet. These designs are here to help you save time and effort, you no longer need to stress yourself in having to look for the designs yourself. And, it can also help you save time since you will not need to make your own corporate invitations from total scratch. Take advantage of what we have to offer, check out the various invitation designs below. You may also see Engagement Invitation Designs

Portrait Ticket Vintage Corporate Invitation

Here is the first corporate invitation design that we have to offer, which very much resembles a ticket stub. The decision to have the invitation look like a ticket very much makes sense since if we think about it, an invitation actually works similarly to a ticket, wherein it is presented by the attendee before they are allowed to enter the premises. What’s interesting about this vintage invitation design is the inclusion of a portrait image of either the event organizers or the special guests, which may help attendees have a clear picture on who they can expect at the event. You may also see Party Invitation Designs.

Anniversary Corporate Invitation

Minimalist Silhouette Corporate Dinner Invitation

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, a minimalist theme can also become formal. Unfortunately, not all formal themes are minimalist in appearance. So for those wanting a very minimalist look for their corporate dinner invitation design to convey that the upcoming event is formal, check out the clean and simple design shown above. For this design, everything is flat and straightforward, from the sans serif typography to the silhouette illustrations of a plate and a pair of utensils, and even the use of an entirely solid white background. You may also see Naming Ceremony Invitation Designs

Typographic Golden Ticket Corporate Invitation

The first time I saw this stunning corporate invitation design, I immediately associated it with the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a line from it that goes, “You have found the last golden ticket!” Just like the first invitation design that we have shown you, this one resembles a ticket stub, but the only difference with this one is that it entirely consists of text and it doesn’t contain any photo of a person/s. If you are a fan of the movie mentioned earlier, then you may want to consider using this party invitation design. You may also see Marriage Invitation Designs

Modern Elegant Corporate Invitation

In today’s modern and digital generation, many things have been made convenient for people, such as the case for this formal invitation design. While most of the design appears to be similar to any other event invitation, this actually has an area where a QR code is found, and for those who aren’t familiar with what this is, a QR (an abbreviation for Quick Response) code is a type of barcode that consists of a pattern of squares arranged inside a grid. What these do is that they actually contain data that can only be presented when it is scanned using a specialized device or application. In this case, it may be used to redirect people to a page or link that will provide invitees with more details regarding the event. You may also see Breakfast Invitation Designs.

Grand Opening Event Corporate Invitation

Stock Texture Corporate Invitation Design

For a more modern take on formal invitations, here is a beautifully crafted design that you may very well be interested in. To break the design down with its details, it makes use of a textured background that can range from a sepia to a grayscale theme. In the middle is an indication of what the upcoming event is along with its date, and these elements divide two black strips that contain more information about the event. You may also see Vintage Invitation Card Designs.

Simple Mandala Borders Corporate Invitation

Golden Luxurious Pattern Corporate Invitation

For an invitation design that is both luxurious and elegant, this one may be able to capture your interests with its effective use of colors and patterns. For this business invitation design, the color scheme used is gold and white, which is the primary reason that makes this design look luxurious. For the details regarding the planned event, they are being arranged inside a small box that contains nothing else but a solid white background, and this is to make the text easy to read. Outside this box is a border that consists of a pattern of gold and white triangles, and this helps in making the design grander. You may also see Marriage Invitation Templates.

Colorful Postcard Style Corporate Invitation

If you want a rather casual look for your corporate gathering invitations while still keep it classy, then the design shown above may be a very good choice for you since it has a balance of both casual and formal themes. For as low as $7.00, you get to choose from among four vibrant-colored corporate invitation designs which include yellow, red, green, and blue. You may also see Bridal Shower Invitation Templates.

Exclusive Event Typographic Corporate Invitation Design

Abstract Elements Purple Corporate Invitation

Take a look at this artistic corporate invitation design that is intended for an accomplishment celebrations. For the sample shown above, the invitation is used to celebrate the graduation of a dentistry student, but this design can also be used for the celebration of other events as well. The left half of this graduation invitation design contains some abstract elements that help in enhancing the appearance of this invitation, while the right half of this design is where all details about the event are located. You may also see Tea Party Invitation Designs

Paint Splatter General Meeting Invitation

Passport Boarding Pass Corporate Invitation

For a rather unconventional look for your corporate event invitations, you may want to try out this invitation design that resembles a passport and a boarding pass. This is a clever idea considering both the passport and boarding pass are used as a permit for a person to be allowed to enter a place. A passport is used to allow a traveler to enter a foreign country, while a boarding pass is used to allow people to board an airplane. On the other hand, an invitation is used not only to notify people that they are being expected to attend an event, but this is also usually presented by the attendees to the ushers or usherettes before they can be allowed to enter the venue of the event. You may also see Graduation Party Invitation Designs

Congratulations! You have now reached the end of this article. Now that you have seen every single invitation design, you may now proceed to select which one works best for your corporate event. But before you actually start downloading, let us discuss first on what makes our designs special and why they are worth downloading.

  • First and foremost, you may be asking where these corporate invitation designs were gathered from. The answer to that would be from various reliable sources. Various since we never settled on just a single website, and reliable since we have long proven that these websites are able to provide clients with high-quality design templates. We made sure to gather only the best ones from among hundreds of awesomely crafted invitation designs to make sure that we will be able to offer our prospects and clients with only the products that they deserve. You may also see Graduation Invitation Card Designs.
  • Another common question from our visitors is regarding the editability of these designs, “How easy is it for us to make alterations to these invitation designs? And to what extent?” The answer to that would be very easily and fully, just as long as you have the appropriate graphics editing tool on your system. If you do, then you’ll get to enjoy fully the editability of these vector-based designs. The good thing about working with vectors is that the elements are independent of one another. What this actually means is that you are allowed to make changes to specific features of the design without altering the whole thing and also without risking any loss in quality.
  • And the last most common concern from people with regards to downloading from the Internet is the expense, “How much will I need to spend to be able to download any of these invitation designs?” The answer may very well surprise you considering the quality of these corporate invitation designs. Yes, these designs can be easily downloaded and may do so at a very reasonable fee. One of the factors that we considered when we gathered these designs is to prioritize not only on the quality but also on the cost efficiency. We made sure that every penny counts when people download our invitation designs. You may also see Retirement Party Invitation Design.

Now that we were able to get those matters off our heads and into yours, we assume that you now fully understand how much our clients mean to us, to the extent that we are actually offering more than how much our clients are paying. So what are you waiting for? Time is running out. Get yourselves busy and download a design template now so you can start making your own corporate event invitations.

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