In gatherings, parties, occasions, or any event, whether formal or casual, it is always best to make use of an invitation to notify people that they are being expected by the host to come to the said party. There are also parties in which the host will choose not to send out invitations or would rather go with the informal method of just inviting people through a telephone call or a text message, and this is because they think that this method is more time-efficient and requires lesser effort.

Again, it is best to send out party invitation flyers or cards, and this is because of two reasons. One of these reasons is that making use of party invitations will show your sincerity in wanting that person to come to your party since you have shown that you have exerted some extra amount of effort in letting them know that you are expecting their presence. Another reason is that invitations can help in controlling the number of attendees coming to the party since it can serve as a permit that guests can present before they are allowed to enter the premises. This way, party crashers can also be prevented from attending the party.

Colorful Kids Birthday Party Invitation Design

First up, an invitation design for a kid’s birthday party, which comes in three different color schemes that you can choose from. On the sample shown above, the background of the birthday invitation is blue, though you can choose to have it in either orange or pink. On the design, there is a photo of children and a bunch of colorful balloons behind them, and below their photo is where you can find the text, indicating all the details about the party.

Superhero Costume Party Invitation Design

Costume parties are always fun, and they are even twice as enjoyable for children. Kids always enjoy dressing up as superheroes, especially when it’s their favorite superhero. If you’re hosting a children’s superhero costume party, the invitation design shown above may prove very useful for you. The design shows caricature illustrations of children dressed up as superheroes over a white background, and the details of the party are all organized on the bottom edge of the design, where it is very easy to see and read.

Autumn Season Dinner Party Invitation Design

Animal-Themed Second Birthday Party Invitation

Take a look at this party invitation design, which contains illustrations of wild animals holding a birthday party as evidenced by the birthday cake and the party balloons. Looking at the sample provided above, the design is intended to be used for parties that are celebrated when a child turns two. But even so, this birthday invitation design can be fully edited, allowing you to change any of its features including the background color, the colors of the animals, and the number of candles as well as the number that appears on the balloon.

Blue and Green Summer Garden Party Invitation

If you are looking for a clean and inspiring party invitation design, then the one shown above may be the one that you are looking for. For this invitation design, the colors being used are blue and green, which symbolize harmony and generosity, respectively. These vibrant colors are not only visually appealing, but they can also help influence us to have a more positive outlook in life. So if you are planning on holding an event or party in a garden, then the design above may be an ideal choice. To help you out in making your invitations, you may refer to our guide on the steps to designing party invitations.

Easter Egg Hunting Party Invitation Design

Bright and Glowing Birthday Party Invitation Design

For party invitation designs that are guaranteed to get the notice they deserve, the one above can surely turn heads because of the vibrant colors being used, which gives the impression that they are glowing. With this party invitation design, even though we are already aware that the colors are simply printed on paper and are not actually glowing, the effective combination of colors, with some added minor effects, can give the impression that they are. Tickle your creative brain and download this birthday party invitation design.

Aloha Tropical Party Invitation Designs

Really, who doesn’t love spending time at the beach or any tropical location? After days, weeks, and months of working our butts off, there are really times when we spend some time for ourselves just to unwind and get rid of all the stress. The same idea can be applied to the design on this party invitation, wherein we spend a party to relieve us of all the stress that we have been experiencing every single day. While this design may seem only applicable to parties that are held at the beach, but you may also be able to use this even if you’re just hosting a summer or tropical-themed party right in your own home.

Artistic Typography Party Invitation Design

Super Bowl Party Invitation Design

The Super Bowl is not just any sports event that people stay tune on every year, it’s one of the biggest events in the world of sports, wherein not only Americans but almost every single person in the entire world watch. During the Super Bowl, many people gather around in one place to be able to watch the event together, and some may even host parties at the same time to further enjoy this event. If you’re planning on hosting one on the next Super Bowl, why don’t you give the party invitation design above a try? It has everything you need for an invitation—the name of the event, the date, time, and venue of the party, an RSVP, and most importantly, an illustration of a football.

Chalkboard Calligraphy Party Invitation Design

For a party invitation that is more on the simpler side, the design shown above may be appropriate since it only contains white text over a plain black background, which also resemble chalkboard designs. For this chalkboard invitation design, the colors being used contrast each other, which helps in making it readable, while the dark background makes the entire design very easy on the eyes. The multiple typefaces used greatly help in enhancing the visual appeal of this invitation design, which, in turn, can also help it in getting noticed effectively.

Cute Cutout Pool Party Invitation Design

Luxurious Graduation Party Invitation Design

When someone graduates from school or college, it always calls for a celebration, since it closes one chapter of a person’s life while also opening another. It is during this time when they have fully accomplished their academic requirements and are ready to proceed to the next stage in life—college for high school graduates and employment for college graduates. On this simple graduation party invitation design, the text and the graphics are done in yellow and white while the background is plain black, and this color scheme helps give some sort of emphasis on the features of the invitation, making it easy to read.

Colorful Petals Summer Party Invitation Design

The last party invitation design on this collection is for summer parties, which don’t necessarily have to be held at the pool or beach; though if that’s the kind you’re looking for, check out our collection of pool party invitations. Summer parties could simply mean lunch or dinner gatherings, or any form of get-together that are held during the summer season, which some consider as a bright season when the colors of plants are at their most vibrant. On this party invitation design, the text are all written on a white surface, surrounded by ornate decors, and behind this surface are multicolored petals, which are slightly washed out, giving it a watercolor-like appearance.

As you have seen from the party invitations above, we have designs that can be used for birthdays and graduation parties, we even have barbecue party invitations, but whatever party you have in mind, the invitation designs on our website may be of great help to you. These invitation designs are also visually appealing, since we had to go through multiple websites to pick out only the best ones from among the pile, and these were designed by inventive and talented graphic artists from all over the world.

Downloading these party invitations is a very simple process as well. Just click on the download/buy now button found below every image and pay the required fee. Once you’re done, you can save the invitation design on your system and do whatever you want with it. If you think that having to pay for the design is costly, we assure you that you are going to get all your money’s worth with these party invitation designs since these are all in high resolution vector format, which allows you to edit them as much as you want without compromising its quality. Now that we have told you what you need to know about the party invitation designs on our website, it’s your turn to take action and actually start downloading a design now.

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