Party invitations—the most basic yet formal means of letting people know that they are being expected to come to a party—is something that may seem like an easy task but will actually require a step-by-step process to be able to make them in the most organized manner as possible. While you can also choose not to follow a process when designing your party invitations, it will likely take up more time than usual since you don’t have a clear picture of what to do next.

On this page, we have a short and easy to understand guide on what you will need to do when making your own party invitation designs. You don’t necessarily have to do every single step on this list and you can even skip some of these that you think are irrelevant. These steps are here to serve as your guide, and we hope that you find this informative and helpful as you start making your own party invitations.

Prepare a Handwritten Draft

This draft doesn’t necessarily refer to those being used to prepare for a speech or those written before making an actual report paper, wherein it will contain multiple sentences and paragraphs that you will need to constantly revise as you continue writing. The draft that is being mentioned here refers to an outline of points that may be included on the invitation, along with a list of other necessary details that you may also want to include. The most important points to include on the draft should answer the questions what, when, and where, which will provide the invitee with the information that they need regarding the party.

Get Your Materials and Supplies Ready


By this time, or at least right before you start designing your party invitation, you should already have all, if not, most of your materials and supplies ready at hand. This way, you won’t have to waste time looking for the materials that you need after you have finished designing your invitations, you will be able to continue your work momentum, which, in turn, can lead to a higher productivity. Therefore, if you want to save time and effort, and be able to do more, then get your materials and supplies ready as early as possible.

List Down Your Invitees

Writing down a list of the specific people that you want to invite to your party can also be done during the writing of your draft. What’s important with this is that it should at least be done before you start printing out hard copies of your invitations. The reason behind this is because if you have prepared a list of your invitees, you will already have a clear picture on the number of invitations that you will need to print. Another advantage when having a list prepared beforehand is that you will lessen the risk of missing out certain people in the invitation, and for parties that can only accommodate a limited number of guests, you can also plan out the most important people that you really want to attend.

Decide How and When to Distribute These Invitations

During the planning phase of the party, it is also best to include the invitation, in which you will need to have a plan on how you will send out and when you will start distributing your invitations. Most people would often say that you should start giving out invitations at least one to two weeks prior to the party, but this is only applicable to formal invitations for big events such as weddings and anniversaries. But for simple and casual parties, distributing the invitation at least two weeks before the party is already enough to give both the host and the invitees ample time to prepare.

With regards to the method of distributing the invitations, you can choose either to have it mailed via the post office, or have it distributed yourself, with the latter one only applicable if the distance between you and the invitee is manageable. If you choose to have your invitations mailed, make sure to provide a few days allowance since there are times that a mail will take longer than usual to get to its recipient, thus the term “snail mail.” On the other hand, if you choose to have it delivered yourself, this will almost always require you to exert some effort, though your invitation will be able to reach your designated invitees earlier than when mailed.

Download a Template from the Internet

Finding ideas and inspiration for an invitation design is no longer too much of a struggle nowadays with the convenience of downloadable templates. Today, there are various websites that offer templates for posters, greeting cards, flyer designs, and virtually almost everything, and these templates are all ready for download. On these websites, you can also find downloadable design templates that you can use to make your own party invitations, which may prove very useful for you. Some of these websites offer their templates for free, while some also require payment. But just because it’s free, it doesn’t have good quality. If you only put enough effort in looking for the design that you need, you may be able to find one without having to spend a single amount of money. Though if you really want the best quality, then you will need to invest for it.

Edit Your Downloaded Invitation Design

Most, if not all, of these pre-designed event invitation design templates come in vector format, which is easier to use when it comes to designing than raster graphics. One reason behind this is because vector images are made up of mathematical values that correspond to each point on the image, and these points are connected to one another to be able to form lines and curves otherwise known as paths. On the other hand, raster images are made up of color blocks called pixels. When compared, since raster images are made up of pixels, and they will tend to get blurry when enlarged, whereas the paths making up vectors are able to adapt to the change in size, therefore, retaining its quality.

Another feature we can compare between raster and vector graphics is that the former usually only consists of a single layer with different features, while vectors have multiple layers and each feature is separate and independent from the rest of the image. Because of this, artists can easily individualize each element on a design, modifying only parts of it while keeping the rest unaltered.

After all that said, you will also need to have the appropriate editing software to gain full control over the image. Photoshop may work, but it only has limited tools to be able to edit vector illustrations, which is why it is highly advisable to have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer if you choose to work with vectors. This way, you will be able to fully edit the design and make as much modifications as you want.

Have Your Invitation Design Printed

Once you have finally finished editing your party invitation design, the next thing you will need to do is to have it printed, which leaves you with two options. You can have the invitations printed out yourself, considering that you have prepared the needed materials and supplies beforehand. And right before printing, it is best that you set your printer’s preferences to print in the best quality for sharper and more vibrant party invitation cards, though this may consume more ink toner than usual, which is why you should also have an extra set of ink toners ready.

Otherwise, if you want to save yourself the hassle in having to print out your invitations yourself, you can simply bring your edited party invitation design to printing companies and have them take care of the job. While this option may prove a little too costly than the other, it can, however, save you a lot of time and even allow you to focus on other aspects of the party while waiting for the printing company to finish the job.

Send Out Your Finished Products

Then of course, the last thing to do after having your invitations printed out is to get them into the hands of the people that you want to attend to your party. By now, you have probably already decided how to distribute your invitations to your respective invitees (either personally or by mail), and all you need to do is to get it done. For birthday parties, specifically, we also have a separate list on the process of designing birthday invitations that you might want to read about.

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