When we say the word dinner, we almost always associate it with the evening meal itself, but it actually extends beyond that definition. The more appropriate term that should be used to refer to a meal or snack that takes place in the evening would be “supper,” since dinner actually stands for any meal that occurs from noon to nighttime. In addition to this, the meaning of the word can also vary depending on the culture, because some people take dinner as any meal of any size eaten at any time of the day. You may also see Engagement Invitation Designs.

During the 20th century in the Mid-Western and Southern part of America where farming communities resided, there was an evident distinction between the two words. Today, however, in almost all parts of the world especially the Western countries, dinner has replaced supper as the standard term to refer to the evening meal, regardless of the amount and type of food prepared.  You may also see Ceremony Invitation Templates.

Furthermore, a dinner can also mean a formal gathering that involves food, and this is most commonly referred to as a dinner party. Dinner parties usually take place during special occasions, holidays, or other events such as Thanksgiving invitation celebrations or wedding rehearsals. If you are planning on hosting a dinner event and you are in need of invitations, check out the gallery below for eighteen beautifully crafted dinner invitation designs that you can download.

Beautiful Plate and Utensils Dinner Invitation Design

Let us start the ball rolling with this truly wonderful formal invitation design, which somehow resembles an overhead view of what guests have before them on a dinner table. What that means is that the elements of this design include a plate with a fork and a knife on its sides. Over the surface of the plate are where the details of the event are written, and the typeface used for writing these details work appropriately for the type of event that it is used for.

Business Dinner Gala Minimalist Invitation Design

Typographic Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Design

As mentioned earlier, dinner events can be held after a wedding rehearsal, which is something that not all people observe. The invitation card designs used for this kind of dinner event work almost as similar as the ones used for the actual wedding ceremony, but with a significantly fewer number of people. Usually, the attendees for rehearsal dinner will only include the to-be-wedded couple, their entourage, and probably a few other guests.Breakfast Invitation Designs

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Design

Picnic Table Themed Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Here is another beautifully crafted formal invitation design that, once again, is intended for wedding rehearsals. This one, however, may not follow the same suit as the theme for the actual wedding invitations, and can even go for a more casual look rather than formal. As you can see from the image above, this dinner invitation design contains patterns that resemble a picnic table with its wooden planks and the plaid tablecloth. You may also like Marriage Invitation Templates

Elegant Birthday Dinner Celebration Invitation

Polka-Dotted Border Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

If you ask us, we will probably never run out of wedding rehearsal dinner invitation designs, and for the right reasons. Just because these are simply wedding rehearsals, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. As much as we want the wedding itself to be perfect, the rehearsal should be perfect as well, or at least close to perfection. And this is why we are providing you with a lot of rehearsal wedding invitation designs so you can have enough to choose from.

Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation

Valentine’s Day Dinner Invitation Design

We already know that the Christmas season has just ended, and many people—most especially couples—are looking forward to the occasion that comes after, which is Valentine’s Day. During this day, people commonly celebrate it by having dinner and quality time at restaurants. On the other hand, restaurants hold Valentine’s Day-themed dinner events to provide guests with a romantic ambiance appropriate for the occasion. For this dinner event invitation design, it features a red-and-white color scheme. You may also see Family Reunion Invitation Designs.

Flowers Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Design

Colorful Photorealistic Dinner Invitation Design

Now what did we say about us not running out of rehearsal dinner invitation Designs? Just so you know, let me tell you that most invitation designs in this collection are probably for wedding rehearsal dinner events. For this design though, it places more emphasis on the use of photorealistic elements rather than illustration design, and it does create a more lifelike appearance to the design. As seen from the image above, you have the choice between two colors for the awesome background. However, if none of the two fit appropriately to the motif of your dinner event menu, you may still be allowed to customize the color hue yourself to make it more suitable. You may also see Anniversary Invitation Ideas.

Minimalist Dinner Party Invitation Design

Vibrant Dinner Celebration Invitation Design

Previously, we have shown you a rehearsal dinner invitation design that made use of photorealistic elements, now we are going to show you one that features a rather comical and colorful graphic illustrations of these elements. For this design, the elements and the text appear to be hand-drawn and handwritten, respectively, and thanks to its use of multiple vibrant colors, the entirety of the design looks visually appealing. For its background, it bears a very minimalist appearance by taking advantage of a lot of white space, but to keep the design from looking dull, there are subtle details added to the background image. You may also see Anniversary Invitation Designs.

Monochrome Plants Dinner Invitation Design

Rustic Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitation

When we say thanksgiving dinner, it does not only refer to a dinner event celebrated during Thanksgiving day, an occasion observed in the United States and also in Canada. A thanksgiving dinner can simply refer to a dinner event celebrated to express gratitude for something. This could come after a successful occurrence, such as a culmination of an activity, a graduation, or also a success in a business. If you are planning on hosting a dinner event to express thanks and appreciation for something, we would like to recommend this beautiful and artistic thanksgiving invitation design.

Blue Polka Dotted Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Vintage Watercolored Dinner Party Invitation

Check out this awesome watercolor-inspired dinner party invitation design that comes in multiple colors. Most elements on this design come in circles, and these elements are where the details regarding the party are written. For as low as $7.00, you can get this professionally designed dinner party invitation. Since this design is intended to be generic, it can be used for various types of occasions and events. You may also see Engagement Party Invitation Designs

Minimalist Typeface Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Now that we are almost at the end of this article, you may have a few questions stuck in your head. One of which may be, “How should I choose the right invitation design for my dinner event?” And here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Start off by setting an actual theme for the event that you are planning to hold, and this should include the colors, materials used, decorations, or even the time period. You may also like Pool Party Invitation Designs
  • Decide on whether you intend on holding a formal type of dinner event, or if you would rather keep the event casual.
  • Once you have set up the theme, look for a dinner party invitation design from our collection that suits perfectly with the theme of your event. (Actually, you can also start off by choosing an invitation design first before you proceed to deciding on your event’s theme.)
  • After you have decided on what design you want to use, go ahead and download it. You may also like Tea Party Invitation Designs

Another question that you may also have with regards to our dinner invitation designs would be, “What makes these designs special?” or “Why should we download from this collection?” And to shed some light on that matter, here are some positive notes about the designs that we have on our website: You may also like Birthday Invitation Designs

  • These dinner invitation designs were chosen from among hundreds of the best ones on the Internet, and from multiple highly reliable websites that offer more than just designs for invitation cards.
  • These dinner invitation designs were created by highly talented and skillful graphic artists from all over the world, both amateur and experienced.
  • These dinner invitation designs were made using vector graphics, which means that they can be fully and easily edited as long as you are using the appropriate graphics editing software.
  • These dinner invitation designs are of high resolution and are able to retain their sharpness even after the editing process, it can even stay sharp after being enlarged.You may also see Graduation Party Invitation Designs
  • These dinner invitation designs can be downloaded very easily, and for a rather reasonable price. Considering the payment required from you for designs of such outstanding quality, we guarantee that you will actually be getting more than what you’re paying for.You may also see  Housewarming Invitation Designs

With all that said, what more are you waiting for? Get yourself busy and read about our guidelines on how to design party invitations. Once you already have the knowledge needed for creating your own invitations, you can then start downloading a dinner invitation design off our website. You may also see BBQ Party Invitation Designs

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