When we go to restaurants or any food establishment, they usually give us a menu card to provide us with an idea on the dishes and entrees that they are serving, as well as to help us decide on what we will be getting. In other words, these menu cards serve to provide customers with a selection of foods and drinks. The menu cards that we are referring to are collectively called food menus, and it usually includes a list of the different dishes, drinks, and desserts that the restaurant is serving.

Even small food establishments make use of a food menu, with the exception of a few cafeterias wherein the customers will only need to personally point out the dishes that are usually displayed in front of them, or for some buffet food places wherein the customers can simply walk to the buffet tables and get food for themselves. But aside from that, food menus are used and could either be attached to the wall or printed out.

To be more specific, the food menus that we are talking about in this article are known as dinner menus, and though this is quite similar to most food menus, these are more specific and list down dishes and drinks that are commonly served during dinnertime. These types of food menus are usually seen in fine dining restaurants, but if you are planning on making one for your establishment, we have an entire collection of dinner menu designs laid out for you below.

Spiral Valentine’s Dinner Menu Design


The first dinner menu design on this list is one that is intended for dinner celebrations on Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect menu design for setting the moods of the customers, which will most likely be couples who simply want to make the evening special for both of them. This event menu design makes use of the red-and-white color scheme, which is very basic but also very appropriate for the occasion. When using this color scheme, make sure to organize it well so as not to create conflict between the colors of the text and the other elements.

Green Fir Border Christmas Dinner Menu Design

Though many would say that Christmas dinners should be celebrated at home with the family and loved ones, there may also be instances that people will be away from their homes during Christmas, probably due to work or any unforeseen event. If this is the case, then it would probably be best for them to enjoy the Christmas evening dining at restaurants, but not just any restaurant, it should be those that embrace the Christmas spirit and make their customers feel at home. For the design shown above, it is an ideal food menu to use during Christmas dinners, and will most probably influence the customers as if they were dining with their families at home.

Extravagant Valentine’s Dinner Menu Design


Here is another Valentine’s dinner menu design that is quite similar to a previous one that we have just shown you, but the difference with this one is that in includes a lot more elements that are photorealistic. But same as the previous menu design, this one mostly makes use of the red-and-white color scheme, which also makes the look of the entire design appropriate for the occasion. As you can see from the image above, this modern menu design contains a lot of elements, so if you opt to go with this one, make sure to create enough space between elements to prevent it from looking overly chaotic.

Red Decors Christmas Dinner Menu Design

Beach Themed Dinner Menu Design

If you thought that there could be nothing more romantic than dinner dates alone, then you are wrong. Why settle for simple dinner dates when you can always add a little more spice by taking it to the beach or a restaurant that gives its customers a romantic beach scenery. If you own or are managing a food establishment close to the beach, never take it for granted. Give it your best, even on the food menus, make them as impressive and eye-catching as possible because that too can help set the mood and the expectations of the customers.

Romantic Red Roses Valentine’s Dinner Menu Design

Simple Plaid Pattern Dinner Menu Design

As mentioned in our introduction, dinner menus are not only for five-star hotels and restaurants and they can even be used by small restaurants and diners. What matters is that you have a list of dishes for specific meals, and most importantly, for dinner. For the design shown above, you can choose between two different color schemes, one being red-and-white, and the other being red, white, and green. Though the color schemes are different from each other, both involve a plaid pattern though one has it diagonally. For those who need a simple but effective dinner menu design, you may want to consider this one.

Cool Mexican Food Dinner Menu Design

Chalkboard Inspired Italian Dinner Menu Design

If you didn’t quite feel that the previous designs were good enough or too fancy for you, then you may want to go for a simpler design such as the one shown above. This design makes use of a chalkboard theme that, as we have said in other articles, is straightforward but also unique at the same time. What makes this chalkboard menu design stand out is its easiness on the eyes, and it is also reminiscent to the learning materials commonly used in the previous decades, way before the whiteboard was invented.

Clean White Typographic Dinner Menu Design

While we mentioned earlier regarding simple menu designs that a decorative element be added to prevent the design from looking uninteresting, that may not be the case all the time. There are also times that even with the absences of decorative elements, the design will still look visually appealing to the general public. Just take a good look at the design shown above, it simply contains a list over a plain white background. What makes this minimalist menu design interesting is its effective use of its typography and its consistent use of it throughout the design. This, along with the solid background, makes the entire design clean, organized, and effective.

Beautiful Blue Round Dinner Menu Design

You would probably agree when I say that the most common food menus out there take the shape of either a square or a rectangle, and that it is uncommon to see a food menu with a different shape. If you are wondering how a food menu will look like when it is printed on a round piece of paper, wonder no more. Take a look at the dinner menu design above and be amazed by its unique shape. But if you think about it, you can actually use any shape for your food menus. The only thing that you should consider is the arrangement of the lists, and as long as you arrange them well, then you have nothing to worry about.

Simple Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Design

Just like any other holiday, you can always celebrate it at home only if its possible, otherwise, there will always be restaurants around every corner willing to welcome you warmly as if they were your home away from home. During Thanksgiving, people honor their ancestors for the successful first harvest after months of traveling from one country to another in hopes of looking for a new home that allows them to practice their faith freely. For this dinner menu design, it simply lists down dishes that are mostly Thanksgiving-themed such as the turkey with stuffing and the pumpkin pie. On top of this design is an illustration of a pumpkin, to further make the design appropriate for the occasion.

Winter Forest Theme Dinner Menu Design

Food menus, including dinner menus, don’t necessarily have to be in multiple pages. If it is possible to compress all contents into a single page, then why not? However, with dinner menus, you can have it printed on a separate page and simply use it at the appropriate time. This way, it also narrows down the choice of dishes that will be served during suppertime. From looking at the image shown above, you can tell that it is a highly simplistic dinner menu card design that only contains a list of the different meal courses, with an added decoration on the upper-most end to keep the design from looking uninteresting.

Flat Color Blocks Dinner Menu Design

Vintage Botanical Themed Dinner Menu Design

Here is another single-page dinner menu design that you may be very much interested in. As you can see from the image above, the list of dishes are being compressed in the middle area of the design and is surrounded by an oval-shaped border. Outside the walls of this border are some decorations of leaves and flowers that add to the beautification of the design. If you choose to use this vintage menu design, make sure to set it as a theme to your entire food menus so as to avoid confusion to your customers; you may even use this as the theme for your entire restaurant.

After going through our gallery of amazing and creative food menus, were you able to find at least one particular design that suits your preference or the theme of your establishment? We sincerely hope you did since all these menu designs have been gathered from among hundreds of the best ones all over the Internet and from various reliable websites. To answer the question as to how these designs found their way to these websites, they were designed and contributed by today’s most imaginative and skillful graphic artists.

If you are overly concerned as to the editability of these designs, there is actually nothing to be worried about since these dinner menu designs are fully editable just as long as you are using the appropriate editing software for it. Aside from being able to enjoy its full edit ability, you also don’t need to worry about ruining the quality of these designs since vector graphics are capable of retaining their sharpness even after being edited or resized. The reason behind this is because vectors are not made up of pixels but with numerical units called pathways, which are able to adapt to changes.

Let me guess, the last thing that you are concerned about now is the cost for downloading such outstanding, professional-grade menu designs. Without any sugar-coating involved, it’s probably safe to say that you will be getting more than what you’re actually paying for since these designs are being offered for a very reasonable fee. High-quality dinner menu design templates for a very low price? Where else can you find such a great deal? And the answer is here, which is why it is best that you start downloading a design now.

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