Here’s one question that’s somehow related to having your own or managing a food business invitation, “How will your customers be able to pick out what they want to eat or drink if they don’t have something that they can choose from?” While we are already aware of the purpose of menu designs, most food establishments still don’t know the importance of having one that they tend not to use them. Any food establishment—regardless of their size and the number of choices they have for the food and drinks—need to make use of a food menu, and it does not only make it easier for their customers to choose what to eat or drink, it also makes the establishment professional and stable.

Just to make it clear with regards to the importance of food menus for “any” food establishment, even small food businesses and cafes (while not entirely required) are being advised to make use of food menus. For those businesses with only a few dishes or beverages listed on their menu, they can arrange these contents around the middle area of the menu, and leave the sides either decorated with other elements, or blank to make it look clean.

If you are one of those who is working in a cafe and you are in need of a food menu to list down your dishes, desserts, and drinks, then look no further. Below are fifteen of the best cafe food menu designs found all over the Internet, and we have gathered them up to save you the time and effort in looking for them from multiple websites. These cafe menu designs range from simple and minimalist ones to more fancier and colorful ones. Indeed, there should at least be one menu design on the list below for any food establishment, go ahead and check them out now.

Halftone Background Cafe Menu Design

Welcome to our collection of cafe menu designs, and the first one on this list is inspired by vintage designs of the past. The background of this menu card design is in single-color halftone, which was commonly used in vintage designs. For those who are not familiar with what halftone is, this is actually an effect applied to an image that simulates the elements through the use of dotted patterns, and for the design shown above, the dots make use of only a single color. The foreground element is where the list of dishes and drinks are found, and to make it easier to read, these texts are written over a box that consists of a single solid color. You may also want to check out our separate collection filled with halftone patterns and designs here on our site.

Black and White Typographic Cafe Menu Design

While it is common for menu designs to include images of the dishes and drinks that they have listed down, it is actually not a requirement and food establishments can opt to use text exclusively for their menu designs. Take for example the menu design shown above, the entire page is divided into two rows, the top with a white background and the bottom with a dark background. It only makes sense that the one with a white background has a dark-colored text and vice versa, and this makes it easy for the customers to read the contents written on the menu designs. And as mentioned earlier, this menu design doesn’t contain any images and is purely just text that is being arranged well for easy reading.

Rustic Wooden Background Cafe Menu Design

When designing food menus, having a solid background is already sufficient as seen from the previous sample on this list, but you may also add a little something to further enhance the appearance of the design. For the modern design shown above, this food menu utilizes a photorealistic image of wooden planks, which actually takes the design to an entirely different level. It makes the design look rustic and reminiscent of family picnics. When using images or patterns for a menu background, make sure that its colors don’t conflict with the one used for the text to avoid making it hard for customers to read the contents.

Newspaper Border Cafe Menu Design

Here is another awesome cafe menu design that makes use of multiple, textured backgrounds. The back-most layer resembles a newspaper as evidenced by the various text arranged in different angles. The next layer shows something that is somehow similar to the previous menu design, but unlike the last one, the background for this one is mostly in black but is still able to retain the wooden look. And what better way to make the text easier to read than to use a color that contrasts with its background. Somehow, this cafe menu design is reminiscent of those being used in Italian-themed food establishments.

Doodle Typography Cafe Menu Design

Chalkboard and Spices Cafe Menu Design

Check out this chalkboard-inspired cafe menu design which, as the name itself suggests, makes use of a chalkboard appearance. For specifications regarding the look of this menu design, the typography is inspired by the handwritten text, with some added notes informing customers regarding their “best sellers” and “must try’s.” Other features of the design include what seems to be sheets of paper with some added dishes stuck on the chalkboard, and a few images of food ingredients and spices. If you find chalkboard designs amusing, then you may want to check this out.

Dark Wooden Theme Cafe Menu Design

If you liked the previous rustic-themed cafe menu design with a wooden background, then you may also like the design shown above. However, this rustic food menu design also contains images of some of the dishes and beverages included on the menu. Again, when using a background image such as the one shown above, make sure to customize either the brightness of the background or the color of the text to avoid conflicting them and making the text illegible.

White Minimalist Cafe Menu Design

Hand Illustrations Cafe Menu Design

Here is a menu design that is inspired by hand-drawn food illustrations, which not only makes the entire look simple and artistic, but it also makes the menu highly presentable and attractive to look at. If you choose to go with this cafe menu design, you can either have it folded depending on the number of columns used to divide the contents, or you can also leave it unfolded. However, if you choose the latter, make sure to organize the content properly so as to make it easy for customers to go through the menu.

Hand-drawn Border Cafe Menu Design

For those on a tight budget, you can also go for a far simpler cafe menu design that leans heavily toward minimalism. For the design shown above, the background consists of two tones that are divided equally from two corners. The first page of this design simply bears the name of the cafe written in the middle area. The next page, as you can see from the image above, is divided into two columns and contain the list of dishes and beverages available in the cafe. Like we said earlier, this minimalist menu design leans a lot toward simplicity, that it takes advantage of a lot of blank spaces, and this helps in making the design easy on the eyes. For similar designs, you may also want to check out our gallery of blank menu designs.

Simple Restaurant Cafe Menu Design

Check out this clean and simple cafe menu design that you may find interesting. This menu design is divided into four columns, which you can either fold into four parts or left unfolded. The headers for this menu design that precedes the list of dishes are in different colors, and this helps in making the menu easier to read, considering that all content are compressed into a single page.

Hand-Illustrated Sketch Cafe Menu Design

Check out this cafe menu design that appears to be inspired by hand-drawn illustrations (at least for its back-most layer). This menu design consists of multiple layers, with the one on the back-most containing sketches that look like they were done by hand. The layer on top of that is where the actual content of the menu can be found, and these text are written on a solid black background.

Simple Chalkboard-Inspired Cafe Menu Design

Before anything else, we would like to thank you for taking the time to look at all the menu designs that we have gathered here for you. These cafe menu designs were carefully selected from among hundreds of the best ones all over the Internet. These designs were actually taken from various reliable websites, and were created by some of this generation’s most talented and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. Without a doubt, you are already assured of having a high quality cafe menu design if you download from this collection.

As for the editability of these menu designs, we guarantee a smooth and easy editing process just as long as you have the appropriate editing tool installed on your system. The reason behind this is made possible mainly because of the choice of format for these menu designs, which is also the format usually preferred by many graphic artists, and this is the vector format. With vectors, graphic artists are able to individualize each element and edit them without affecting the entire design. And another advantage of using vector graphics is that they can be edited or resized to a great extent without losing quality.

Finally, the process of downloading these menu designs. Once you have found the design that works best for you, simply click on the red button found below the image, which will redirect you to the source website. From there, you can then click on the download button, and pay the necessary fee before you can actually proceed to downloading the file. After doing so, you have successfully downloaded your own cafe menu design, and you may freely do whatever you want with it. With the amazing quality of our menu designs, and the straightforward download process, why go someplace else? Download your own cafe menu design here, and now.

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