When it comes to events, parties, celebrations, or any type of gathering, it could always go two ways. The event could have a casual theme or it could also have a formal one depending on the type, location, or purpose of the event, and sometimes, it could also depend on its attendees. For casual events, they are usually held in simple food establishments, the beach, an office, or simply in one of the host’s own house. And, the common purpose for holding casual events are for celebrating birthdays, graduations, accomplishments, thanksgiving invitation, or it may even be held for routine get-together events with friends or relatives.

Formal events, on the other hand, are usually held in a venue that fits appropriately to its theme, and this may include but are not limited to restaurants, convention halls, and hotels. With regards to its purpose, some of them may be similar to the ones for casual events but may also have specifications. For example, a girl may be celebrating her sixteenth birthday, and sweet sixteens—especially in the United Kingdom—usually call for a grander and much formal celebration than usual birthday parties. Another example would be in relation to accomplishments—specifically in businesses—in which these events are more formal and extravagant than those held to celebrate one’s personal achievement. But aside from those, other formal events include weddings, anniversaries, and reunions, and when it comes to these types of events, a formal invitation should be utilized.

Invitations, in general, are very important for any event, most especially those that are formal and intimate. The reason behind its importance include to keep the event personal and intimate, in which only those who have been given a copy of the invitation can attend. This can also be helpful in keeping the number of attendees at a limit to accommodate them well. Some invitations would include an RSVP card to be used by the invitee to respond whether they are able to attend or not, but there are also those organizers that would simply ask the invitee to present their invitations upon arriving at the venue before being permitted to enter the premises. If formal invitation designs are what you need to be able to make your own event invitations, then feel free to check out our collection of designs below.

White Rose Bouquet Formal Invitation Design

The first formal invitation design on this list is intended for a wedding ceremony, which is probably the most common formal event out there. In weddings, it already makes sense that the planner should include the use of invitations since this type of event should always be kept intimate wherein the people in attendance are limited only to family members, relatives, and close friends. For this wedding invitation design, it shows a bouquet of white roses in the middle with the wedding rings intertwined to symbolize the bond between the husband and the wife.

Glittery Eighteenth Birthday Formal Invitation Design

In the United Kingdom (in Chester, specifically), they hold a memorable party in honor of a girl’s sixteenth birthday. To them, they treat this as a girl’s coming-of-age moment, which is something that is really worth celebrating. In other countries, they celebrate a girl and a boy’s coming-of-age when they turn eighteen and twenty-one, respectively. For the birthday invitation design above, it is intended for celebrating a girl’s eighteenth birthday, and this simply contains typography that are made up of glitters. This invitation design is made even more simpler by placing the typography on a solid black background.

Typographic Reunion Event Formal Invitation Design

Elegant Emblem Formal Birthday Invitation Design

Let’s face reality, not all people can get to a hundred, which is why when a person does, it really needs to be celebrated. For this formal birthday invitation design, it shows a light-colored background with a decorative texture. Over this background is a rounded emblem that contains an ornate border and an illustration of a bouquet on its top. Within this emblem are the important information that the invitee needs to know regarding the upcoming event, and these information include the birthday celebrant’s name, the date and time of the event, and the venue where the event will be held.

Artistic Typography Formal Invitation Design

Here is another wedding ceremony invitation design that you may also be interested in, and this one is highly customizable since it contains very minimal elements. For this one, it simply bears a text indicating the names of the couple who are about to be wed, with some added decorative elements on the top and bottom portion of the text to keep the design from looking dull considering that these elements are written over a solid dark blue background.

Chalkboard Theme Formal Graduation Invitation Design

How can you make a formal invitation design appropriate to the event aside from its being formal? A perfect example is shown on the sample design above. Since this invitation design is intended for a formal graduation event, the best way to incorporate a school theme onto the design is for it to utilize a chalkboard-inspired appearance. This graduation invitation design is purely typographic except for some minor added elements placed on the top and bottom edges.

Beautiful Portrait Retro Formal Invitation Design

Colorful Roses Sweet Sixteen Formal Invitation Design

Earlier on this list, we have shown you a formal invitation design for a girl’s eighteenth birthday celebration, which is something that only those outside the United Kingdom are able to benefit from. This time around, we will be featuring an invitation card design for a sweet sixteen, which is a celebration commonly observed in England. By now, we already know how special sweet sixteens are for English girls, which is why we are showing you an invitation design that appears just as special as the celebration itself. On this design, the relevant information are written at the middle portion and the name of the celebrant is being emphasized through the use of a larger typeface and a color that’s different from the rest of the text. Around the edges is a thick, golden, and textured border that resembles golden glitters, and on two corners are a pair of flower illustrations to complete the look.

Cinematic Theme Anniversary Event Formal Invitation

Minimalist Birthday Celebration Formal Invitation Design

Here is another invitation design intended for honoring a person as they turn one hundred years old, which is an age that not everybody can reach, by the way. So it really makes a lot of sense that when a person makes this achievement, it is really deserving for an extravagant celebration. This invitation design is kept as simple as possible to maintain its formality, and it is done by focusing almost entirely on typography and adding some minor decorative details to help in enhancing the appearance of the design. And, the background of this design is in solid black to allow the text—which make use of a contrasting color—to stand out and be emphasized.

Church Organization Banquet Formal Invitation Design

In different religious beliefs, there are also their respective church organizations. For the Baptist churches, they have the Converge Worldwide and the Baptist World Alliance; for the Islamic churches, they have the Young Muslim Organisation and the World Islamic Mission; and for the Roman Catholics, they also have the Society of St. Peter the Apostle, the Daughters of Mary Immaculate International, and the Knights of Columbus. To those individuals who are involved and active in any church organizations, this formal invitation design may be what you are looking for. Whether you are planning on hosting a thanksgiving party or a fundraising event, this invitation design is very versatile and may work appropriately with any of them.

City Silhouette Gala Event Formal Invitation

Retro Bundle Formal Wedding Invitation Design

If you wish to go for a retro look with your wedding ceremony’s invitation cards, then you may opt for this creative formal invitation design. For this one, you will be getting not only the invitation card but also an RSVP card and a “Save the Date” card. You can have this set of retro-themed card designs for as low as $32.00, which is a very good deal that you may not find anywhere else. Lastly, when adding your own photo on the “Save the Date” card, make sure to apply a sepia filter on it to make it blend along with the rest of the design’s retro theme.

Retirement Party Formal Invitation Design

This next formal invitation design is something that is common among businesses, especially when they are about to let go of an asset in the company. This invitation design is intended for an employee’s retirement celebration, in which the company decides to honor the outgoing employee for their years of service and loyalty. Indeed, this is a touching gesture, and it only goes to show that all of the employee’s efforts have been appreciated by the company. With regards to this retirement invitation design itself, it simply shows a solid black column in the middle portion where the details of the event are written. On the left and right sides of this center column are a pair of golden strips and a white border which contains a pattern of zigzag lines.

Golden Ribbon Jubilee Celebration Formal Invitation

Chandelier Achromatic Formal Invitation Design

For the next two invitation designs, we are about to take things a little more simpler by reducing the use of colors to just black and white. For the first design that is shown above, it also minimizes its use of other graphical elements by focusing more on the typography and the large amount of white space. This design may be very simplistic, but it doesn’t appear dull at all. This is because this vintage invitation design makes very effective use of various typefaces and its sizes, as well as the organization of these texts. This invitation design seems to want its invitees to put all their attention on its most relevant details.

Ornate Borders Achromatic Formal Invitation Design

Here is the second black-and-white invitation design, but rather than maximize the use of white space, this one fully decorates it with a classy ornate pattern. The details regarding the event are being compressed in the middle-most portion of the design and is enclosed within a thin border. Outside this border are the decorative elements that I have just mentioned, and it actually doesn’t make the design appear cluttered. In fact, these elements help in enhancing the appearance of this wedding invitation design as well as in keeping it look stunning and elegant.

Luxurious Wedding Ceremony Formal Invitation Design

Here is another simple yet elegant wedding invitation design that you may also be very interested in. For this one, the middle area of the design resembles a chalkboard theme because of its solid black background and its sole use of a white-colored text. But beyond this chalkboard-inspired middle portion is a border that consists of a bold, golden line and a pattern of diamond-shaped elements. If you want to keep your wedding invitations simple but also luxurious-looking, then this definitely is the ideal design for you.

Minimalist Sealed Formal Invitation Design

Diploma Post-Graduate Party Formal Invitation

Lastly, a formal invitation design to be used for the celebration of a person’s graduation from college. While not all people go this far to celebrate one’s accomplishment in college—many would simply do their post-graduation celebrations casually—there will always be those that treat graduations very specially, as if the graduate has ended one chapter of their lives and are about to be reborn to embark on a brand new journey. In terms of the look of this formal party invitation design, it fits perfectly to the purpose of the event since it heavily resembles a graduation diploma, but in a rather old-school fashion. If you decide to use this design, you may even choose to attach something along the top and bottom edges of the paper or card stock to heighten the authenticity of the invitation.

Now that you are about to reach the conclusion of this article, it’s about time that we share a few more relevant details about these invitation designs in general that may further convince you to download them. First and foremost, with regards to the sources for these designs, these were actually collected from multiple websites that provide reliable designs for formal invitations, as well as designs for logos, advertising media (flyers, brochures, posters), and even illustrations, just to name a few. The piles of designs found on these websites were created and contributed by some of today’s most impressive and talented graphic artists from all over the world, who aim to bring high-quality designs to people in the most convenient way possible.

To those concerned with regards to the ease of editing these formal invitation designs, we are definitely happy to inform you that these designs are not only easy but also fully editable. To be able to enjoy the maximum editability of these designs, make sure you have the tool appropriate for the format. If you are working with vector formats such as EPS, SVG, and AI, make sure you have a vector graphics editor installed on your system, and this may either be Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Affinity Designer. For PSD formats and designs that use raster graphics, you simply need to have Adobe Photoshop on your system to be able to edit them properly. But to give you a word of advice, it would probably be best for you to work with vectors since they are far easier to edit, and they are able to appear smooth and sharp regardless of its size since they are comprised of mathematical values as opposed to other formats that are made up of pixels.

Lastly, since we have already mentioned earlier about convenience brought by the graphic artists to the people with these invitation designs, we are actually saying that these designs were made available to the people at a price that they are guaranteed to afford. Not only that, these designs are highly accessible and downloadable on any browser as long as you have a good Internet connection. Now that we have got those concerns covered, are you now convinced enough to download these designs? If you are, then get yourself busy and download one so you can already start making your own formal event invitations.

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