Of the close to seven billion greeting cards bought and sent every year, a sizable percentage of these cards are anniversary cards. Second only to birthday cards, anniversary cards are sent in commemoration of a significant event/s in a person’s, a family’s, or a company’s life. Couples use anniversary cards to celebrate their relationship yearly. While business organizations may use anniversary cards to celebrate the different milestones that their respective companies have achieved. Therefore, anniversary cards are used both as a reminder of an entity’s resilience through the years and as a more formal way of keeping track of the passing years.

In this article, we have collected twenty-one different anniversary card designs that you can use as an inspiration for your upcoming anniversary celebrations or as exact card design template if you do not want to create your own card designs.

Different Types of Anniversary Cards

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, we know that there are different types of anniversary cards. Let us a take a further look at each of these cards so that we will know which one to use for which occasion or event.

  • Wedding Anniversary Cards. Wedding anniversary cards are the ones that the couple personally designs and sends to friends, family, members, and colleagues when they are hosting their wedding anniversary party themselves. This card will double up as an announcement card and as an invitation card. It will also be a mass-produced card just like how a wedding invitation card works. Sometimes, like the case of long-surviving couples who are celebrating their golden (50th) wedding anniversaries, their wedding anniversary parties are often hosted by another family member. These type of parties also often become a sort of reunion for all the grandchildren and relatives to gather and celebrate with the couple.
  • Organization Anniversary Cards. These cards are often used by businesses and other non-governmental organizations who wish to declare their founding anniversaries. Businesses often combine their anniversary celebrations with customer-centered sales and marketing promotions to further entice their customer. Within the company, organization anniversary cards may be distributed to employees as a form of reminder of the company’s continued existence in the market and as invitation to a formal company anniversary party.
  • Funny Anniversary Cards. Humorous versions of anniversary cards are also used by couples who wish to express their sentiments to their partners in a not-so-formal way. Funny anniversary cards can become a way for couples (especially married ones) to put a little fun into their seemingly monotonous family life. Funny anniversary cards range from those filled with puns to those with mature content and to those with mainstream cultural references. Included on the latter part of this list are a few downloadable funny anniversary card. Be sure to check them out.

Anniversary Card Etiquette

Proper etiquette can be applied to many things but most especially when sending greeting cards to other people. And when it comes with sending (and receiving) anniversary cards, there is a proper etiquette rule for that and other related things too. Here are a few card-giving etiquette tips that you can take note:

  • Always RSVP. If you are sent an anniversary invitation card, make sure to send a respond if are able to attend the event or not. It is totally okay to not attend an event if you have a valid reason not to do so. But it is not commendable to ignore an RSVP card. RSVP cards allows party hosts to plan out their celebrations by determining the number of attendees ahead of time. Please save your host the additional hysteria of party-planning and take time to send a note or maybe even an email or text message (if you cannot avoid it) whether you are attending or not.
  • Send thank-you cards. Even if sending thank-you cards has slowly become an uncommon practice nowadays, make sure to send one. It is a mark of your appreciation of a guest’s presence at your anniversary celebration. However, if you had a wedding anniversary party and had invited a lot people, you may try to narrow down the task of sending thank-you cards by just sending them to those who gave you a present.
  • Gift-giving is not recommended for most wedding anniversary parties. Etiquette rules have also somehow evolved in the digital age and have become more lax in terms of gift-giving. These days, giving anniversary presents is not a must for minor anniversary years. However, those couples who are celebrating their 25th (silver) or 50th (golden) wedding anniversaries tend to receive more attention, and thus, more gifts. Perhaps this is to account for their longevity as a couple in a world that is riddled with divorces and multiple marriages.
  • Cash gifts are okay. If you are invited to a wedding anniversary party, it is acceptable to give cash or gift cards as presents. However, as a wedding anniversary host, it is frowned upon to ask for money as a gift. Asking for money is considered a big etiquette faux pas. But when you do receive a gift card or cash, make sure to write a personalized thank-you note to the person/s who sent the gift.

Anniversary Greeting Card

If you are looking for an anniversary card template, the anniversary greeting card shown above is an excellent example of a card that you can customize to match your own celebration. As a printable template, you may print it out on premium card stock to turn into a greeting card or you may print it directly into a banner. This card design also features delicate typography that will suite those who are looking for vintage card designs.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Card

Golden anniversaries are celebrated on the fiftieth year since the start of an organization, couple, or family. The golden anniversary card embedded above is for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. These types of anniversary cards are usually sent by the children of the couple since they are usually already in their old age. That is why wedding anniversary cards almost always work as an invitation card for a family reunion. The anniversary cards listed above is available in four color variants: gold, black, silver, and white.

Vintage Anniversary Card

The vintage style anniversary card will suit those who want a ready-to-print template depending on the anniversary milestone that a couple or organization founders are celebrating. The card design also features retro-styled fonts and a neutral light blue color scheme making it appeal to the older generation while maintaining a subtly formal effect. As with all mock-up designs, the image shown above may still be modified to suit your personal preferences.

50 Years Anniversary Card

This 50th year anniversary card is available as a downloadable vector file. This means that aside from being printed as a greeting card, it may also be used as a banner, a flyer, or printed as part of an ad copy. This anniversary card template may be used by companies, bands, and other organizations who want to announce their yearly celebrations.

Golden Jubilee Anniversary Card

Jubilee celebrations commonly used in the Roman Catholic Church to commemorate a period of twenty-five years in service of their faith whereas other organizations may celebrate jubilee celebrations after fifty years from founding their organization. If you are tasked with crafting a Golden Jubilee Invitation Card, you may take inspiration from the card pictured above.

This card features a white-and-gold color scheme printed on dark red card stock, which lends a solemn effect for the card. The design is not ostentatious but it is formal enough to match a religious gathering. For other church-related design templates, feel free to browse through our site.

Clergy Anniversary Card

The Clergy Anniversary Card Bundle features an anniversary greeting card, a banner, a rack card, a ticket, a flyer, and a program. Each template may also be downloaded separately if you do not intend to use everything in the bundle. Founding anniversaries are often considered a big event for church organizations. That is why church staff and members may choose to prepare banners and greeting cards to herald the celebrations. Religious anniversary cards often need to appear formal but still interesting enough for churchgoers to read through. These cards are often supplemented with additional event program cards.

This Anniversary Invitation Card suits those who are looking for a slightly less formal-looking invite without it appearing cheap. This card template design contains gold speckles on its top and bottom border with the announcement text visible in bold gold and white font colors. All these design elements help create a whimsical yet somehow formal feel to card.

It is perfect as an anniversary card slash formal invitation card for businesses who wish to sponsor an information party for their customers and employees. The card may also be used by couples or families who are hosting a clan reunion.

Golden Anniversary Invitation Card

This Golden Anniversary Invitation Card goes well for couples whose marriage has withstood the test of time. Following a gold, black, and silver color scheme, this anniversary card design manages to give off a formal-looking effect without it appearing too stiff and/or snobbish.

This is a perfect characteristic for cards that celebrate a couple’s fifty-year union since in this type of events, the attendees will mostly be the couple’s children, grandchildren, and other surviving friends and relatives. Events that will be attended by mostly family members need not be too formal unless the family belongs to royalty.

Company Anniversary Invitation Card

Just what a Company Invitation Card ought to be, this card design uses bold lines and lettering. There are no superfluous elements in this card, which makes it perfect for use in corporate event announcements. The mock-up anniversary card embedded above is crafted for a club anniversary party but it can also work well for other businesses who also wish to sponsor an anniversary bash. This anniversary card will go well with any modern business card design.

Rustic Anniversary Invitation Card

This Rustic Anniversary Card is a printable template available in PSD file format. This means that by purchasing the item, you will get access to a digital file that you can use and edit in Adobe Photoshop.

Note that the seller of this template does not offer customization or other major changes to the design. However, you may make major changes if you are knowledgeable with editing software.

This anniversary card design may suit those who want a one-page card design as a way to save money on printing. It is also available in two color schemes: rustic red-yellow and a silver-gray variant.

Anniversary Post Card

Another type of an anniversary card is an anniversary post card. What makes anniversary post card designs different is that it often mimics the shape and functionalities of a regular post card. To set your anniversary card apart, a message announcing your organization’s anniversary is printed on one face or side of the post card. The other side is left blank for you to enter the card recipient’s address.

Anniversary post cards are often used by businesses as a way to engage their customer base and keep them informed. These cards are also used as a form of direct mail marketing.

Old-style Wedding Anniversary Card

Looking for a simple and customizable anniversary card design for couples? Then this wedding anniversary card may be the right one for you.

This card is best printed on a gray, off-white, or darker salmon-colored premium card stock. The card projects a subtle formality due to the typography used in the design. But it still maintains an informal vibe since the card can be printed in different sizes without affecting the image quality.

Funny Handmade Anniversary Cards

Embedded below, we have compiled some of the funniest anniversary cards available online. Some are downloadable templates while others are handmade cards. Browse through them and laugh your way through!

Tissue Anniversary Card

Cheeky Anniversary Card

Solemate Anniversary Card

Blue Anniversary Card

I Got You a Card Anniversary Card

Most anniversary cards are sent between those who are in a non-platonic relationship with each other. Couples often use these funny anniversary cards since they have (presumably) known each other for many years and know what makes each person tick. It takes a special skill to look for and send funny greeting cards to one’s spouse and not risk getting them angry or annoyed. Once you have mastered that skill, anniversary card giving will be a breeze and you do not have to worry about creating pop-up greeting cards as a creative way to make peace.

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