In the business world, companies will do what it takes to get their message to the public and will resort to whatever strategy is available and doable depending on the company’s budget, manpower, and skills. For many businesses, they would go for the more modern methods by taking advantage of the Internet and the digital world, but for some, they believe the traditional method is just as effective. They have a choice between flyers, posters, brochures, and banners, but while these would often require some level of manpower, they can also go for a strategy that is so simple, they only need to go to the post office.

This marketing tool that we are referring to are called postcards, which come in many forms and many purposes. Some postcards are intended for writing holiday greetings, while some are also made to market products, services, and even events. The thing about postcards is that they don’t need to be sent directly to the recipient, they can be distributed through the mail, which is easy to do and also far from being stressful. Another thing with postcards is that the sender can make it more personal by writing a message on the space provided for on the back side.

To those who are planning on using postcards to reach out to people and be able to market their products and services, then this is definitely the perfect place. Below is a collection of various designs ranging from invitation to corporate postcard designs that anyone with good Internet connection can download for a very reasonable price. From the name itself, these postcard designs can be used for any purpose, which gives you enough room to customize and make them suitable for any kind of business. If this is what you are looking for, then you don’t need to go anywhere else, go ahead and check out the different multipurpose postcard designs below.

Postcard Flyer Design Template


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Holiday Getaway Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Check out this first multipurpose postcard design on this list, which features products or services ranging from real estate properties to memberships at fitness centers. The front side of this design contains a full-scaled image of one of the products being offered, but half of the entire page is covered in a semi-opaque surface for the text to be clear and legible.

Make the most of your postcard with this effective and clean postcard design, which features not only an image of the service being offered but also a set of details informing the reader with what they need to know from the business. Aside from those features, the front side of the postcard also contains a call to action section, which is something that is most commonly seen at the back. All these features are all presented on the front of the card, but because of the use of enough white space to divide these sections, the entire postcard design still looks clean and presentable.

Black Friday Sale Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Health and Wellness Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

What Are Postcards?

A postcard is a small piece of thick paper or card stock—usually rectangular in size—that meant for writing a message and mailing without the need of an envelope. Though the most common shapes used for postcards is rectangle, there are also postcards in other shapes. And there are also postcards made using other materials ranging from thin cardboard to thin sheets of wood, and even dried coconut.

While the circulation of postcards reportedly started during the beginning of the postal services, the earliest known record was posted in London in 1840. This earliest form of postcard contained a hand-painted design, a penny black stamp, and was said to be posted by an English writer Theodore Hook to himself. It was only after eight years that the practice of sending postcards through the mail reached the United States, and these already contained printing advertising as well.

Education Solution Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Windowed Corporation Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Colorful Business Agency Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

What Are the Elements of an Effective Postcard Design?

  • The postcard should have a single message that is clear enough for the reader. This can be done not by using the back side to write a personalized message, but by taking advantage of the front side to write an eye-catching headline. This headline should already be enough to let the reader know immediately what you are trying to sell.
  • Aside from just the message on the headline, the graphical elements should be able to support that message to make it easier for the reader to understand what you are trying to convey. But not only that, the graphics should also help in convincing the reader to make a purchase.
  • While not really required, it would also be best to include a short subheading at the back side of the postcard, and this will provide readers with even more details as to what you are trying to sell and what you want them to do.
  • Don’t just rely on informing the reader what you are selling, also tell them why they should avail of it by letting them know how they can benefit from your products and services.
  • In relation to the previous bullet point, you should also firmly address a call to action somewhere on the postcard design. You may either tell them to check out your website or give you a call for them to gather even more information about your products and services.

Sumptuous Desserts Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Taking into consideration the list of elements of an effective postcard, the design above is a very good example on how you can do that. As you can see, there is a section on the top for writing an “exciting headline” to immediately inform the reader what you are trying to sell. Below that headline is a space provided for you to include an image that would support the headline, and beside that is a space also for writing other supporting details to fully convince the reader into making a purchase. On the back of this postcard are images of other products that are being offered by the business, as well as a space provided for the sender to write a personalized message to the reader.

Black Modern Corporate Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Discounted Electronics Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

What Are the Ways to Getting the Most from Your Postcard Designs?

  • Determine what you want for your postcard, especially if you decide on making handmade card designs, and how you want it to be. Consider the printing quality, the type of material whether you want to go with a matte or glossy finish, and the durability of the card. Just make sure that the card may be able to retain its qualities for as long as it reaches its recipients.
  • Keep the design straightforward and easy to understand. Since you are only allotted to a limited space on the postcard, don’t clutter it with unnecessary graphical or textual elements. Keep it simple and include only the most essential details.
  • When asking a graphic designer to do this task, don’t hesitate to instruct them on how you want your design to look. It’s better to let them know than to have them assume what you want for your postcards.
  • Keep the design clean, and we don’t mean the number of elements included on it. Try to limit the use of overly contrasted colors to make the design easier on the eyes. You can also do this by leaving enough white space on the design; after all, you can never ask for too much white space. And with regards to font size, keep it down a bit except for the one used on the postcard’s headline.
  • Never forget to proofread. It would be a mortal sin for designers if they forget to proofread. In fact, it is better to keep proofreading while in the process of designing than to do it after the design has been fully composed.

Valentine’s Invitation Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Why keep your postcards at a horizontal orientation when you can do it differently? In the business world, it is mostly about being unique and able to stand out from the competition, and in a time where postcards are traditionally printed in a landscape or horizontal orientation, the easiest way for your postcards to stand out is by having it printed at a portrait or vertical orientation. The modern postcard design above is a very good example of that kind of orientation, but you should never rely on the orientation alone to make an impression on the reader; the design should also be presentable and inviting enough for the reader to make an action.

Fashion Passion Multipurpose Postcard Design

Multipurpose Postcard

Before we start to conclude this article, were you able to find a postcard design that suited your preferences, and were you able to learn how to effectively design your own postcards? These designs are simply templates, layouts, or basis for something bigger, and to make it bigger you will need to make some changes on them. The most changes will occur on the front side of the design, where all relevant content are found which include the purpose of the postcard, the name of the company or organization that sent the postcard, and some images or graphical elements to enhance the look of the postcard.

These postcard designs were collected from among the best ones all over the Internet and were actually taken from multiple sources. With regards to the people responsible in designing these postcards, these were actually created by professional graphic artists from all over the world, who contributed their creations to various websites in order for them to be conveniently available for everyone to download. Knowing that these postcard designs were made by professionals, you can already assure yourself of their quality.

These postcard designs are mostly in vector format, which means that they are fully editable and will give you the freedom you need to modify them into something that you can call your own. With that said, it leaves us to one more concern, which is the cost for downloading these postcards. Early in this article, we mentioned that these designs can be downloaded for a very reasonable fee, which is indeed true. For as low as six to seven dollars (USD), you may be able to download these high quality and creative postcard designs for yourself. So what else are you waiting for? If you already know what you need about printable cards, then go ahead and download a design now so you can start marketing your products and services through the use of postcards.

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