Why do people celebrate birthdays? What’s so special about it that people treat it differently than other days? For one thing, birthdays are the commemoration of a person’s natal day—meaning the date when they were born—and this alone is an acceptable reason as to why birthdays are special and worth celebrating. For those persons who are close to the birthday celebrant, they would usually get themselves involved in the planning of a celebration in hopes of surprising the celebrant and them feel special on their birthday. On the other hand, the person celebrating their birthday would usually honor themselves by being grateful for reaching that point in life, as well as for the achievements they have accomplished over the year since their last birthday.

Just as we would want to keep birthdays as colorful as possible to make it memorable, we would also want to incorporate that colorfulness to birthday-related tools and printable media to further make it special on the part of the person celebrating their birthday. And what exactly is the connection between colors and birthdays? The reason we brought that up is because right below this introduction is a collection of colorful birthday postcard designs that have been gathered here and made available for everybody to download. There are over fifteen postcard designs here to choose from, check them out now.

Colorful Balloons Flat Birthday Postcard Design


Let’s officially start off this article with this flat yet creative balloon-themed birthday postcard design. Balloons are very common decorations during birthdays, especially children’s birthdays, which is why this postcard design works best if the person celebrating their birthdays is a child. But then again, balloons fit well in any birthday party, so why settle with using this only in children’s parties when you can also use it in birthday celebrations intended for grown-ups? If you choose to go with this modern postcard design, you can use the back side to write your personal message and well-wishes to the birthday celebrant.

King’s Crown Birthday Postcard Design


Earlier, we have mentioned how the people close to the person celebrating their birthday would want to make the day special for the celebrant, and this can be done by throwing a surprise party or going out of the usual. The birthday postcard design above shows a crown over the birthday greeting, which can be interpreted as treating the birthday celebrant—most preferably a male considering the design of the crown—as a king during their special day. To many people, this design may probably be too simple for a postcard or a greeting card, but it sure is creative enough to capture people’s attentions.

Couple Love Birds Birthday Postcard Design


Here is a cute birthday postcard design that you may very well enjoy. This design illustrates two parent birds expressing their love to their offspring even before they hatched, and this is also something that humans do during the mother’s pregnancy. Scientific studies confirmed that the sense of hearing is the first to develop during an infant’s growth inside their mother’s womb and the last one to stop functioning when a person passes. Because of this, it has been encouraged that parents talk to their not-yet-born child and express love to it so that by the time the child is born, it can already recognize the voices of its parents and will help in creating their bond easily.

Panda Portrait Birthday Postcard Design


An image of a panda on a birthday card, because why the heck not? It’s not like there are any strict rules as to what to do and what not to do with regards to birthday postcards. The only thing that’s important and should always be thought of when designing birthday postcards is to make it worth giving to the person celebrating their birthday. While this design may not be explainable right off the bat, it is sure to tickle the reader’s funny bones just as they see the front cover of this postcard design.

Vintage Traditional Birthday Postcard Design


If you want to go for a rather simpler and more traditional design for your birthday postcard, then the birthday postcard design above may provide you with what you need. This vintage-inspired postcard design screams simplicity while still keeping itself classy and artistic. This design definitely brings us back in time to when postcards were created less digitally and more by hand, and this required a lot of effort from the designer. In relation to simplicity, this vintage theme may also be ideal for designing corporate postcards as well.

Hand-Drawn Guitar Body Birthday Postcard Design


If the birthday celebrant happens to be a musician or someone who just loves music so much, then you may want to consider using the birthday postcard design above, which resembles the body of a guitar. Another awesome feature of this design is its hand-drawn inspired illustrations, from the sound hole and bridge of the guitar to the random pattern of musical notes. Use this design for the front page of your birthday postcards, and on the back page, you can use it to write your personal message to the birthday celebrant.

Hand-Drawn Cake and Candles Birthday Postcard Design


What do we commonly do during birthday celebrations? We usually bring out a birthday cake topped with candles for the birthday celebrant to blow out. For some, the number of candles would depend on the age of the birthday celebrants, but for others, they would use candles shaped as numbers instead. The birthday postcard design above illustrates that practice since it shows a hand-drawn cake with some lit candles on top of it. This design would be perfect for any person of any age since the hand-drawn illustrations are sure to please both children and adults alike.

Cartoonish Children’s Birthday Postcard Design


Take a look at this colorful and vibrant birthday postcard design with hand-drawn illustrations, this one would be an ideal postcard to give to children for their birthday. Let’s face it, if us grown-ups can appreciate this postcard, how much more with children, right? Some people would say that children are not easy to please, but these people are wrong. In reality, children are easier to please than adults, and it only takes them something that will stimulate their eyes such as bright colors and cute illustrations similar to the ones used in cartoons or the ones on the design above to get their interests.

Simple Chalkboard-Inspired Birthday Postcard Design


Here is another simple and more traditional birthday postcard design that you may be interested in. The front side of this design contains the details of the birthday celebration, and aside from being vintage-themed, it also resembles a chalkboard. On the other hand, similar to the previous vintage design that we have shown you, the back side here is divided into two halves, with the left half having the same contents as the front side and the right half left blank for the sender to write their personal message. As you can see from the image above, the upper-right corner of the back side contains a small box intended for a postage stamp.

Colored Tiles and Balloons Birthday Postcard Design


Dramatic Hand-Drawn Cake Birthday Postcard Design


Here is yet another straightforward postcard design with a rather dramatic feel to it. This birthday postcard design simply illustrates a three-layered birthday cake with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it. The reason for the dramatic effect on this postcard design comes from the choice of colors as well as the shadow effects added to this design. And to enhance the appearance of the design further, a few abstract decorative elements are added around the sides surrounding the birthday cake.

Knitted Birthday Cake Postcard Design


To those who enjoy knitting, especially the birthday celebrant, they would very much appreciate it if you give them a birthday postcard that resembles their favorite pastime. This design, as simple as it is, looks amazingly like a genuine knitted creation, which makes it even more meaningful.

Literal Rock Funny Birthday Postcard Design


Let the person celebrating their birthday know how much they mean to you, but in a rather literal and comedic way. For this birthday card design, nothing else can be said except for its simplicity since it takes the statement “You Rock!” to a different level. But regardless of this design’s simplicity, it will sure bring out a lot of laughs from the birthday celebrant and whoever gets a chance to read this postcard.

Sleeping Cat Birthday Postcard Design


We hope you had a colorful experience going through our visually stunning birthday postcard designs. Every single one of these postcard designs were carefully chosen from among the most eye-catching ones, and we actually gathered these from multiple websites that offer more than just postcard designs, so don’t hesitate to check them out for other kinds of design templates. With regards as to who created these birthday postcard designs, these were made by actual professional graphic artists from all over the world, and these generous artists contributed their designs on the websites just to be able to make them conveniently available to everyone.

In addition to making these birthday postcard designs accessible and available to consumers, these can also be downloaded at very reasonable rates which are actually low enough for the quality of the actual products that you will be getting. We guarantee high resolution and visually marvelous birthday postcard designs on our website, which we also guarantee will capture people’s attentions and make them want to keep and treasure a copy of these. After downloading these postcard designs, you would want to take them to the editing board to add some personal touches, and thankfully for these designs, they are not only fully but easily editable as well. That’s another thing that we can guarantee from our collection of birthday card designs, to give you all the freedom to make as much modifications as possible without compromising the quality. With all that said, it’s time for you to go back to the design that you are interested in and download it.

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