Establishing a logo for a business is one of the first and foremost things that should be done since the logo, along with the brand name, is used to create an identity for the business. And for those who wish to create a logo, it is highly recommended to have the design planned carefully to be able to stand out from among the competition, which is important to be able to effectively attract customers.

On this website, we have a collection of some of the sweetest and most appealing candy business logo designs that you can download. These logos range from simple and minimalistic designs, to the more artistic ones, which gives you a wider range of options to choose from. To check out the different logo designs yourself, go ahead and scroll down.

Two-Tone Candy Wrapper Logo Design

Check out the logo design shown above, which is a line illustration of a piece of candy that has a two-colored wrapper. The sample above shows that the colors being used are violet and pink, but you can actually use a different set of colors or even apply the color psychology on this design to make it even more meaningful and explainable. This symbolic logo design normally has a white background as shown on the sample above, but you also have the choice of changing it to a different color of your choice, and use white (or a different color) to illustrate the candy symbol.

Flat Single Candy Logo Design

For a flat and minimalistic logo design that you can use for your candy shop, you might want to give the candy logo shown above a try, since it simply shows a piece of candy with a red, shiny wrapper. This flat logo design is perfect for those in the candy industry that are on a limited budget, and the reason behind this is because this logo doesn’t use a lot of colors when printed and will still work even when printed without colors. With regards to the color scheme, you can choose either the red icon on a white background, the white icon on a red background, or the gold icon over a black background.

Colorful Candy Gift Logo Design

For those running a shop that sells not just candies or sweets but also other stuff that can be given as gifts, the logo design above shows a gift box comprised of candies with different colors. If you choose to download this logo design for your business, you are assured that this will look great on the computer screen if it is used as a Web banner or online ad, or if it is printed on paper, card stock, or on banner materials. One factor contributing to the versatility of this company logo design is because of its use of multiple vibrant colors, but even if this logo is printed in black-and-white, the features can still be appreciated because of the design’s use of white space to separate each piece of candy from the others.

Spiral Mint Candy Logo Design

To those businesses looking for a fresh and sweet logo design that already appears refreshing at first glance, then this mint candy-themed logo design is the ideal choice for them. The symbol on this design is illustrated in a way that it looks like a real mint candy but is made even more mouth-watering to be able to capture the general public’s attention more effectively. If you choose to use a different color scheme for this logo design, you may do so easily since this is in a fully editable vector format. Make people’s mouths water by using this symmetrical logo design for your candy business.

If you want to add a personalized feel to your logo design, you don’t necessarily have to do it by hand, you can take advantage of pre-designed logos that you can find on the Internet, and we may just have an appropriate design for you. The sample above shows a typography that bears the business’s name with an illustration of a lollipop in between. The text and graphics on this design are all colored in such a way that it looks like it was hand-painted, which already makes it attractive, and the use of bright and vibrant colors increases this design’s level of appeal. While this design already looks good on a computer screen, wait until you see the quality after it gets printed on paper, you will be able to appreciate this design even more.

Global Candy Symbol Logo Design

Here is a candy logo design that is both visually appealing and also symbolic at the same time. This professional logo design depicts a globe stand, but with a candy ball in place of the globe. This logo can be interpreted as the business’s goal to be able to render their services to every single corner of the globe. An amazing feature of this logo design is the ability to change the candy icon, in which if you choose not to use a melting candy ball, you are allowed to use other kinds of candy to place on the globe stand. For those candy-selling businesses that are ambitious enough to aim for global franchising, then this logo design may be the ideal choice for you.

Take a look at the photo-realistic spiral candy ball logo shown above, you would definitely agree with us when we say that it not only looks appealing but also mouth-watering. This spiral logo is very versatile in many ways, namely, it can work when printed on multiple materials; you are allowed to change the color scheme of the design according to your own preferences or your business’s theme; and you can also choose whether to use this logo as it is or to add more features to it. If you are searching for a simple yet modern-themed logo design for your business in the candy industry, then this would be a good choice.

For another business logo that is inspired by hand-drawn illustrations, the design above appropriately has that feature. Though different than the previous hand-drawn logo design wherein the colors were uneven to give it a more authentic appearance, this one has a more solid and even look on the images and typography. Children love candies and sweets, and the better the treat is presented, the more interested a child or person will be on that treat. For the sample shown above, you can see that the lollipop has a ribbon tied to its stick, which clearly symbolizes that it is intended to be given as a gift, which is what candy shops are about—to give candies and other sweets as gifts.

Green and Brown Chocolate Ball Candy Logo

Chocolates are considered by some people as the “happy food,” wherein it is believed that it helps stimulate the release of happy hormones to the eater. For the color green, it is a color that has multiple meanings that include freshness, life, and energy. For this creative logo design, it shows a candy ball made of chocolate with a green swirl on it, which is a good combination since this logo can be interpreted as something that provides happiness and energy. Though the sample above uses the color green for its swirl by default, you are still allowed to change it according to your own or your company’s preference.

Colorful Vintage Sweet Candy Logo Design

The logo design above bears four pieces of candies placed over a typography where you are supposed to write the name of your business, and the text here is obviously bigger in size than the other features on the design to give more emphasis to it. Below that text, you are allowed to write either a short slogan or a tagline about your business, but this can also be left blank depending on how you want your logo design to appear. The slightly washed out colors and the serif typeface used for this logo design makes it appear vintage, and this is how candy shops back then were commonly designed. So if you wish to make use of a vintage-inspired logo design for your business, then this one is the perfect choice for you.

As you have seen from the food logo designs shown above, it clearly shows that we are offering only the best ones so you won’t have to look anywhere else for them. This way, it saves you a lot of precious time when you need to make one for your newly established business. These logo designs were gathered from various reliable websites and were made by creative and skillful graphic artists. You are also allowed to make as much modifications to the designs as you want since these logos are fully editable, without having to compromise on the quality. If you have found the particular logo design that you want for your candy business, then scroll back up and download that design.

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