It’s been almost a week since the Lunar New Year—or Chinese New Year, as it is more popularly called—and according to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the Year of the Dog, which means it is the perfect time to be talking about dog-related designs and topics. But before proceeding to what this article has to offer, let’s talk more about dogs. By now, we probably already know that dogs are man’s best friend, and that isn’t just a cliché that people say but is actually based on actual facts with regards to the relationship between them and people.

Dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend simply because of their immeasurable loyalty toward humans, most especially their owners. Dogs have been known to be unselfish in showing their love and affection toward their owners, and would even sacrifice themselves just for the safety of their owners. While it has always been debatable whether or not dogs are the most ideal pets, but we can definitely confirm that they are very good pets regardless of the age of the owner.

If you are a certified dog-lover and you’d like to incorporate that love toward the identity of your business, then you’d most likely be interested in what we are about to show you in this article. After this paragraph is a huge collection of various dog logo designs that can be used for multiple purposes. These professional logos can be used to represent businesses or organizations, it can even be used for personal purposes, if you’d like. If you wish to check the designs now, feel free to scroll down.

Bulldog Health and Fitness Logo Design


Are you passionate about dogs just as much as you are toward health and fitness? Then the logo design above would be a perfect choice to represent a fitness gym since it shows a muscular bulldog pumping some iron. Not only is this fitness logo design creative enough to capture people’s attentions, but the look on the bulldog’s face is enough to motivate people to be healthy and fit.

Symbolic Animal Friends Dog Logo Design


Minimalist Art Dog Logo Design


For those wanting a minimalist look for the logo of their business, the design above may be what you are looking for since it simply shows a simple line illustration of a dog. This flat logo design would be perfect for animal clinics, dog shelters, and businesses that sell dog-related products.

Good Boy Dog Logo Design


Cool Pug Dog Logo Design


The Importance of Logos in Businesses

For businesses, the logo is probably the most essential tool for exposing their identity to the general public that without it, barely anyone would even know about their existence. You would even say that the logo is the face of the business, and that this face is what is needed to represent the entire industry, and it is also used for bringing the identity of the company toward their products and services.

Another importance of company logos is that they provide people not only with something that can help make them distinguishable from other businesses, but it can also make the business easy to recall. Let’s face it, logos are much easier to remember than the name of the business itself, especially when looking for specific products that you have had tried in the past, instead of having to recall the name of the business; you can simply look up the logo printed on the products packaging.

But aside from just being the face of the company, the logo’s shape or overall design can also give the public an idea as to what this business is about or what it has to offer. For example, a logo design that shows an image or illustration of a mug filled with hot liquid can right away be associated with a coffee shop or a tea house. But in this case, the logo designs on this article contain images of dogs, which can help provide people an idea with regards to the products or services being offered by the business that wish to use these dog logo designs.

Lastly, a logo—especially those that are very well designed—can also influence the public to have a positive first impression on the business. With a logo, it gives the business a good and stable image that makes them look trustworthy, and we already know that consumers are more into sticking to products and services that they can trust rather than take risks.

Round Dog Training Logo Design


There are certain breeds of dogs that are easy to train without the need of a professional dog trainer, but this usually involves only basic commands. For people who wish to have their dogs taught with more complex commands, they would then reach out to professional dog trainers. If you have the skill of being able to whisper to dogs and want to make a living out of it, then the business logo design above would surely stand out for the cuteness of its dog illustration.

Flat Illustration Dog Logo Design


Home Pets Dog Logo Design


Simple Line Art Dog Logo Design


Those who aren’t contented with just one dog logo design can go with the bundle that we have above. For as low as $9.00, you will be getting not just one or two logo designs, but a total of nine. From the samples above, you can see that the logos are in a monochrome color scheme, but you can actually add colors to them if you wish.

Five Types of Logo Designs and Who Can Use Them

It has since been argued as to how many types of modern logo designs there are, but to make it simple and easy to remember, let’s focus on the most commonly used ones, and there are about five of them. The first of the five is called the brandmark type, which solely contains the symbol or the icon to represent the entire industry. Many experts would say that this type of logo design is risky since it only shows a symbol and people won’t get to see the company name, brandmark logos should be used by companies that have been in the business for a long time and have had built a reputation.

Next up is the wordmark logo, which is the first of the two types of text logo designs. This type of logo design spells out the entire name of the company, either artistically or in a rather simplified manner. According to the study of logo designs, roughly just under 40% of the 100 largest brands all over the world contain only text. Wordmark logo designs are perfect for companies that have a very distinctive name, like Google and Pinterest, for example. This type of logo design would also work best for companies that have just started and would want the public to focus all their attention toward the name of the business.

The second textual-based logo design is called the lettermark logos, and from the name itself, you can already get a grasp as to what to expect from these logos. Unlike the wordmark type that actually spells out the name of the business, letter logos contain only a letter or the initials of the company’s name. This type of logo design would be ideal for those companies whose names are long or are hard to remember. Take a look at NASA for example, it effectively stands out better as initials rather than if the company decided to go with “National Aeronautics and Space Administration.”

Then there are the two types of logos that contain both a symbol and text, the combination type and the emblem type. There is very little difference between the two, and it only involves the placement of the text. The combination type places its text separately from the symbol while the emblem type places it within the symbol. The combination type is very versatile that its elements can even be split apart, making it the ideal type of logo for businesses that wish to market their products and services either by name or by symbol. On the other hand, the emblem type is best used by formal establishments such as government offices, though they are also being used by large private companies, which includes Harley Davidson and Ford.

Negative Space Dog Logo Design


Symbolic Hug Dog Logo Design


Here is a symbolic logo design that makes use of the symbol’s negative space to illustrate literally the name of the business. As you can see from the image above, there is an illustration of a dog within a round-shaped element, and within the dog’s image is an illustration of a person’s arm to symbolize the dog being hugged. This dog logo design is not only symbolic, but it also encourages people to give warm hugs to their dogs.

Cute Petcare Dog Logo Design


Textual Tail Dog Logo Design


Triangular Shield Dog Logo Design


Most Notable Dog Breeds and Their Origins

Since it is the year of the dog, let’s talk about some of the most popular dog breeds, their origins, and some other nice-to-know information about them.

  • The German shepherd needs no explanation with regards to its place of origin, but for its date, it has been reported that this breed traces back to 1899 making them a relatively new breed. German shepherds are commonly seen working as K-9 dogs as well as for herding and protecting cattle.
  • The Labrador retriever is said to have originated in Canada and has since been seen as an ideal family dog because of its well-behaved and even-tempered nature. Labrador retrievers are also perfect for aiding blind and autistic people.
  • Seen as a cousin of the Labrador retriever, Golden retrievers are actually of Scottish descent and have almost similar characteristics as its cousin. This breed is said to be an ideal partner when hunting since they are quick at retrieving ducks that have been hunted down.
  • The beagle is an English breed that has its origins in Great Britain. During the 1860s, beagles have been imported to the United States. Beagles have been known to be a jolly breed but may oftentimes be mischievous and naughty. This breed is the inspiration for the comic book and cartoon character, Snoopy.
  • The shih tzu breed is of Chinese descent and is known to be loyal, affectionate, and alert. The only thing about shih tzus is that if you wish to train them, you must initiate it at an early age for them to obey commands. In the American Kennel Club, they only officially recognized the shih tzu breed in 1969.

Simplistic Bulldog Face Logo Design


Magnifying Glass Dog Logo Design


Hand-Drawn Dog Food Logo Design


Heart Hugs Dog Logo Design


Give love to your dogs, and we don’t know how to emphasize that even more. Dogs are loving creatures that deserve to be loved as well. Whether you are managing a business that is selling dog products, or are leading an organization that promotes love and safety to dogs, then the logo design above would be perfect for your cause. To describe how the colorful logo design above looks, it actually illustrates a happy and contented beagle embracing a heart symbol.

Golden Leash Dog Walker Logo Design


All About the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac

According to an ancient Chinese myth, the dog became the eleventh zodiac animal after the Jade Emperor decided that the arrangement should be based on the order in which the animals arrive at the party. During this time, the Monkey, Rooster, and the Dog were in another country trying to help a god get rid of some evil spirits. After the evil spirits were defeated, the animals proceeded to the Jade Emperor’s party, but arrived at the same time. So the Jade Emperor instead decided that the arrangement be based on the order that the animals met the god in the other country, which placed the Dog eleventh in the order.

Since dogs are known to be loyal toward their owner, people born during Years of the Dog are also said to have a great deal of loyalty toward others that they would never abandon their family and friends. Aside from being loyal, these people are said to be honest and just, and that they are great at providing help and assistance for others. But on the other hand, these people also have some feelings of anxiousness and worry buried deep inside them, though these emotions aren’t enough to stop them from doing something that they want.

Dog-Faced Paper Logo Design


Happy Loving Dog Logo Design


Dogs are never selfish and would always be affectionate toward their owners, which is the main reason why they deserve all the love that we have to give. As seen from the logo design above, the dog is being illustrated as happy, and the heart symbols above its head clearly show how tender and warmhearted they are. This is a good company logo design for those that offer dog products such as food, clothing, and accessories.

Happy Dog Business Logo Design


Elegant Dog Emblem Logo Design


Double Entendre Dog Paw Logo Design


It has been said that one way for a logo design to stand out and be distinguishable is to use a double entendre symbol, and the logo design above effectively illustrates how a double entendre logo should look. For those who aren’t familiar with this effect, it is when a symbol is seen one way but can also be seen through another perspective with or without a new meaning. The symbol on the brand logo design above can be seen as a dog’s paw, but at the same time, a dog’s face is also seen within the illustration.

Interesting Facts about Dogs

Just by simply going through this website, we can already tell how much you love dogs, which is why we will be sharing a few fun facts about dogs before we get to the end part of this article. For one thing, do you know that dogs actually have a sense of time? And this is basically the reason why if you don’t come home in your usual time, they will start to miss you and will behave differently once they see you again, amazing, isn’t it? For more facts, continue reading the list below:

  • We already know how sensitive or enhanced the dog’s sense of hearing and smelling are, but by how much compared to humans? According to studies, the dog’s ears are around four times better at hearing things than human ears, and dogs are also able to detect higher pitched sounds. With regards to the sense of smell, dogs have around 125,000,000 to 300,000,000 scent glands compared to the 5,000,000 in humans, which is obviously a reason why dogs have a way better sense of smell than humans.
  • Ever wondered why people tell you to act calm when confronted by a dog? That’s because dogs have a unique way of detecting a person’s feelings—specifically through their noses. Dogs are able to smell out perspiration when people become anxious or afraid, and dogs can also smell certain types of diseases and even a woman’s pregnancy.
  • Do you know why dogs usually curl up when they sleep? No, it’s not only because it’s their most comfortable position. The real reason behind this is because curling up is their instinctual way of keeping themselves warm as well as protecting their abdomen and other vital organs from predators while they sleep.
  • Humans normally breathe at a rate of 18 to 20 cycles per minute, and when exhausted, would reach an estimated rate of around 35 to 45 per minute, though some endurance athletes are able to reach as much as 70 cycles per minute. For dogs, their normal breathing rate is around 30 to 40 cycles per minute, but when they are exhausted, they are able to cool themselves off by panting. An average dog’s pant can reach a whopping 300 to 400 cycles a minute with minimal effort.

Now that we are done talking about dogs, dog breeds, and other dog facts, let’s move on to talking about the dog logos above and why you should download them. For one thing, these cool logo designs were created by some of today’s most talented and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. We can assure you that every single design on this article has been professionally made.

When it comes to accessibility and ease of download, you may say that these dog logo designs are very easy to download as long as you have a good and stable Internet connection. In addition to that statement, you may be able to download these logo designs at a very reasonable rate, and by reasonable, we are not entirely saying that they are cheap, but we can guarantee you that the quality of these designs will make every single cent of your money’s worth. All of these dog logo designs are impressively created that you could even say that the quality that you will be getting is way more than the price that you are paying for.

But what are design templates if they could not even be customized? Thankfully, these business logo designs are fully editable. But you can only fully make modifications to these designs as long as you are using the editing tool that is appropriate for its format. To give you an idea, the best editing tool for vectors include Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW, while the best tools for PSD files is Adobe Photoshop. Another advantage to this aside from being able to edit the designs freely is the design’s ability to preserve its own quality even after being resized or modified. Now that we have fed you with enough information about our logo designs, download a design right away so you can start working on your new logo.

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