A Tweet or a Twitter button is displayed on numerous websites which allows the visitors to share their content on Twitter. Also sharing of the concerned webpage with our followers present on Twitter is possible through this button. It is a small button consisting of a tweet composer and Twitter’s widget. A tweet composer links the original page to Twitter.com.

Set of Various Twitter Buttons

set of various twitter buttons

Twitter Re Tweet Web Buttons

twitter retweet buttons

A JavaScript is used to enhance the link with twitter to make the button easily recognizable. Create a Twitter button on any website, a twitter button generator is used. It is a simple approach which is form-based and used to generate a HTML markup. This can be copy-and-paste into any website’s template.

Simple Twitter Buttons

simple twitter icons

Circle and Square Twitter Bird Buttons

black twitter bird buttons illistration

Cool Platform Twitter Buttons

cool platform twitter buttons

A Tweet composer is used to create this button on an Android or IOS application. The Tweet button is a button with a bird on it. The bird present is Twitter. On clicking a tweet button we are provided with a pre-populated Tweet which contain a link to the website. Customization of the same is possible before sending.

Round Twitter Button

twitter symbol button

Adorable Set of Re Tweet Twitter Bird Buttons

adorable set of retweet twitter bird buttons

Twitter Share Button

twitter share button

Twitter Bird Buttons

twitter bird buttons and icons 1

Round Twitter Bird Buttons

different styles of popular twitter bird buttons

Using the tweet button we can directly visit our home page. It’s been five years since these buttons were introduced. Although, a new tweet and follow button is being designed. It will be a modern, high-contrast design with white text written on a dark blue background.

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