Videos form a major part of all online content today and millions of videos get shared almost every second in the world! Along with these millions of shared videos, come the play video button icon. Today, this icon has become so popular that it is probably one of the most widely seen icons of recent times! Started with the simple play button that was used on physical devices, the play video button is used digitally everywhere today. It is a growing trend for designers to use different types of play video buttons like minimal, colorful, silhouette and animated!

Animated Video Button

The play video button icon can be off many different types. These may include a simple black and white design, a colorful design, designs with various textures and various shapes. The icon for the button can be modified according to the designer, depending on the designated use.

Colorful Video Play Buttons

High Quality Video Buttons

The button is generally made in a way to get the viewer to click it and begin viewing the video. For this reason, the video play button is generally designed to attract attention to itself and result in a click. Many a times, designers make sure that the play video button is animated to make it more prominent and eye-catching. Animated play video button designs are a very popular and growing trend today.

Retina Video Button

Glossy Video Buttons

Vector Video Buttons

Best Collection of Video Buttons

Simple Collection Of Video Buttons

Red Video Play Button

Cool Video Play Button

Pentagonal Shape Video Button

Amazing Video Play Buttons

Realistic Video Play Buttons

Multicolored Video Play Buttons

Videos have become the standard way to promote, advertise, market or simply just communicate things and so the video play button forms a very important part of the entire ecosystem. Using a different and innovative type of play video button, like an animated version, gives designers a good way to increase web traffic and video views!

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