Icons can be used almost everywhere in a business, especially a food business. Whether it is used for fast food companies, bakery companies, or another kind of food franchise, customers remember certain logos and icons, so finding the right one for your business is important. This list has put together some beautiful icons in a variety of different styles in order to help you find the perfect icon or logo for you and your business.

Flat Pastry icon Set

flat pastry icons set

These pastry icons are 2D cartoon style pictures of cakes and baked goods. This icon set is ideal for a cute bakery design and can be used in advertising, logos, menus, and other embellishments for the business.

Delicious Bakery and Pastry shop Icon

delicious bakery and pastry shop icons

These bakery shop icons are cartoon style pictures and have simple block lettering and other associated items to create the bakery icons. They are ideal as a logo for a variety of bakery shops, wholesale food shops and other food or bakery related businesses.

Sweet Pastry Icon

sweet pastry icons

These cake icons use pink and brown to create cute cartoon designs. These icons can be used for a company logo and letterhead, to embellish banners, to decorate menus or napkins, and many other things to create a home made feel to the business.

Vintage Bakery and Pastry Icon Set

vintage bakery and pastry icons set

This set of bakery icons is a simple 2D outline drawing set, with a hand-drawn look to them. They are ideal for creating a more vintage feel to the company, or alternative style. They can be used to embellish any of the crockery or menus, or as a logo or wall design.

Coffee and Pastry icon

coffee and pastry icons

The Coffee and Pastry Icons set is a simple set of geometrically designed cake and pastry inspired icons. They are ideal for a more modern and fun business as a logo, menu decorations, and many other options.

Cafe and Sweet Pastry Icon

cafe and sweet pastry icons

These icon designs are simple black and white outlines of bakery goods. The icons have a cute and quirky feel to them, but could also be used in a more modern or chic business design for many different purposes.

Colorful Pastry Icon

colorful pastry icons

These pastry icons are a set of 3D cartoon styled vectors of pastries and baked foods. They are ideal as decorations on walls, menus, signs and crockery to add the finishing touch to any home-style bakery.

Fast Food and Pastry Icon

fast food and pastry icons

These icons feature pictures of baked goods and fast foods with the names written all around the top and a banner across the bottom. They are ideal for a number of different business models as they make perfect logos.

Donut and Pastry Icon

donut and pastry icons1

These icons are black and white designs, but the black and white are inverted. These icons create a different feel to the project or business as they are a bit quirkier. They can be used for many different purposes.

Bakery and Pastry Outline Icon

bakery and pastry outline icons

This set of vectors features baked goods and fruits as simple outlines. These icons can be used for a wide range of purposes depending on your requirements and customization, as they are versatile in their design.

Cake and Pastry Desert Icon

cake and pastry desert icons

High Resolution Bakery and Pastry Icon

high resolution bakery and pastry icons

Free Cupcake and Pastries Icon

free cupcake and pastries icons

Collection of Pastry Icon

collection of pastry icons

Thin Line Sweet Pastry Icon

thin line sweet pastry icons

Cookies and Pastry Icon

cookies and pastry icons

Delicious Sweet Pastry Icon

delicious sweet pastry icons

Best Pastry Icon Set

best pastry icon set

Bakery & Pastry Outline Icon

bakery pastry outline icons

Black Bakery and Pastry Icon

black bakery and pastry icons

Pastry and Bread Decorative Icon

pastry and bread decorative icons

In order to make your business stick to the heads of your customers, you need the perfect icon set to advertise your company or franchise. We hope that the above list has given you some helpful ideas and some inspiration in order to find the perfect set of icons for your business.

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