Gardens are one of the most pleasing and sophisticated parts of your asset. A beautiful garden is a gift of nature. If you happen to be passionate about gardens, you probably must fancy the most wonderfully designed gardens that would keep the observer in amazement. Here are ten of the most stunning perennial garden designs that you would like to experiment with. However, you need to consider the surroundings and then go ahead with the gardens.

Perennial Flower Garden Design

perennial flower garden design

Gardens are lovely indeed, and you can boost up the beauty quotient when you have the perfect combination of red, pink and white spring perennial flowers growing all around the borders of the garden. Install a few shades in the outer perimeter of the garden. Pink flowers go well with yellow as well.

Shade Perennial Design

shade perennial design

Designed By: Donna Lynn

You will like the lush green look of the garden, with a rolled turf and flowering plants growing around the borders. Plants with big, dark green leaves and a combination of medium sized pink and white flowers make the beauty speak for itself. Few big trees grow outside the garden perimeter.

Purple Perennial Garden Ideas

purple perennial garden ideas

If you have a colorful mind and an elegant taste, you will probably like the purple shade all around the garden. The garden matches the white-based mansions well. Purple orchids and decorative herbs are ideal for this garden to make it picture-perfect. A small lake will complete the scene.

Perennial Border Garden Design

perennial border garden design

This is one of the most vibrant gardens that you may like. With sunlight streaming in, the patchworks on the grass looks beautiful. Plant some flowering plants, red, purple or brown, and white along the path. A few big trees will make the garden even more wonderful. You just need to combine these elements to perfect ion.

Red Perennial Garden Idea

red perennial garden idea

A perennial rose garden will be your perfect choice if you want a classy ambiance in your garden. Install a garden table with matching chairs, preferably white. The red cover of the garden will really create a magical spell on the visitors. You can enjoy the beauty of the garden sitting among the flowers.

Tall Perennial Flower Idea

tall perennial flower idea

Designed By : Milieu Design

This type of garden is more like a wild beauty enveloping your home. Go for tall trees and herbs of different colors to create the right sort of ambiance.  Yellow and pink go well, and you need some tall grass and herbs in the garden to bring about the wilderness that you have been craving.

Perennial Ground Cover Ideas

perennial ground cover idea

Designed By : Hursthouse Landscape Architects

You can implement the perennial flower bed idea in the garden when you get this setting. Arrange for bright green plants, about one and a half feet in height, bordering the sidewalks of the garden. When perfectly shaped and taken good care of, they will march the surroundings to perfection.

Colorful Perennial Garden

colorful perennial garden

Designed By : Designscapes Colorado Inc.

If you have a taste for vibrancy, you cannot miss out this garden. It brings the idle look of springtime in the garden. The walkways are lined with colorful orchids and flowers, ranging from all shades of blue and purple to red and violet. Tall herbs add to the beauty of the garden.

Small Perennial Flower Garden

small perennial flower garden

Designed By : The Aldrich Company - Landscape Design

If there is a shortage of space in the garden, you can still create a little piece of beauty that is worth watching. Go for the castle-style garden, with rocky surroundings and sidewalks, and a few bright and beautiful flowers peeping from the tall grasses. This is the perfect ambiance for sleek and complete beauty.

White Perennial Flower Garden

white perennial flower garden

Designed By : Lear + Mahoney Landscape

If you are a lover of white, make sure that your white mansion is complemented with bold and large flowers with big petals. There are different sizes of flowers that can be customized according to the looks of the garden. In the end, you will get a white beauty as your asset.

Perennial Victorian Garden Idea      

perennial victorian garden idea

Designed By : Meyer Architects

Green Summer Garden Design     

green summer garden design

Designed By: Aardweg Landscaping

Beautiful Perennial Garden  

beautiful perennial garden

 Designed By : Lear + Mahoney Landscape

Gorgeous Flower Garden Design     

gorgeous flower garden design

Spacious Small Flower Garden     

spacious small flower garden

Farmhouse Flower Perennial Garden      

formhouse flower perennial garden

Designed By : Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

Vegetable Perennial Garden Idea      

vegtable perennial garden idea

Designed By : Linda Grieve

Natural Perennial Gardening Idea      

natural perennial gardening idea

Designed By : Aardweg Landscaping

Gardening Beds Perennial Idea         

gardening beds perennial idea

Designed By : Linda Grieve

Tulip Flower Perennial Garden    

tulip flower perennial garden

Designed By : Linda Grieve

Waterfall Perennial Flower Garden

waterfall perennial flower garden

A marvelous beauty does not come well-packaged, you need to implement all these ideas according to your taste and aptitude. You can come up with ideas of your own and let us know if you have something similar to these ideas.

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