Designing a shrub garden requires one very important component – the shrubs. Shrubs are also known as bushes and they are woody plants with small to medium heights. They are short to be called trees and they do not provide much shade. Rather they add beauty to the overall design of your garden. Shrubs also bear beautiful flowers – like rose bushes – making essential elements of landscaping projects. One of the many benefits of growing shrubs for your garden is that they improve the air quality.

Small Shrub Garden Design

small shrub garden design

You don’t need a big garden space to enjoy the beauty and benefits of shrubs. This small shrub garden, for instance, is a perfect example. The evergreen shrub with white flowers surrounding a tree is an ideal garden design.

Shrub Rose Garden Idea

shrub rose garden idea

A colorful garden is always going to be a favorite of homeowners. Take a look at this simple, yet truly magnificent arrangement of shrubs – the pretty lavender color of the Russian sage is matched perfectly with the green beauty of lady’s mantle. The alternating position of these two shrub varieties is enhance with the elegance of pink roses dropping from behind the white fence.

Simple Perennial Shrub Garden

simple perennial shrub garden

Design by : Amy Martin Landscape Design

An assortment of pretty bushes is used to design this perennial shrub garden. The tall birdhouse truly stands out in the midst of beautiful bushes that include; Sedum Autumn Joy, Anemone September Charm, Nepeta and Baptesia. You can also see Topiary Garden Designs

Shade Shrub Garden Design

shade shrub garden design

One good way of enjoying your shrub garden is by building a shaded area in your backyard. For this garden, a canvas awning provides shade over the garden set. The garden itself is filled with a variety of bushes – daylilies, daisies, lavender, and blue giant hyssop.

Shrub and Rock Garden Design

shrub and rock garden design

This Japanese inspired rock garden displays a great design combination of evergreens, mulch, wood and rocks. Careful planning achieved the best results as the steps made of wood, mulch and rocks created a nice and elegance landscape.You can also see Shade Garden Designs

Shrub Flower Garden Idea

shrub flower garden idea

This elegant garden gate is a good example of how you can over-plant and still achieve a very beautiful garden landscape. The use of boxwood hedge is a good idea especially as it was matched with yews, impatiens and dogwoods.

Shrub borders Garden Design

shrub borders garden design

This backyard shade shrub garden has some of the classic favorites for garden landscaping – like Ajuga, Hydrangea and Heliotrope. The pergola provides a nice shade garden addition to the mature oak trees as background for the beautiful bushes.

Large Shrub Garden Idea

large shrub garden idea

A big space like this one is of course the perfect setting for a magnificent shrub garden. The lawn is so wide that it provides a nice stage for the surrounding bushes and trees. The walking path assures that the green lawn stays beautiful.

Japanese Shrub Garden Design

japanese shrub garden design

A house by the lake is already perfect enough, build an amazing shrub garden and you just created your own outdoor haven. This garden has pretty pompoms – trimmed Gold Thread Cypress – and mixed with other bush beauties like Thuja Rheingold, Cedar tree of Lebanon, Chamacyparis Psifera, weeping blue spruce,Japanese maple Tamayukama, Mazus Reptans and Miss Molly Butterfly.

Ornamental Shrub Garden Design

ornamental shrub garden design

This backyard shrub garden is designed with bushes, paver and stone paths, garden decorations and a pergola. The main attraction are the Bonica Roses that are truly beautiful.

Urban Shrub Garden

urban shrub garden

Creating a nice garden is basically putting together a nice selection of trees, shrubs and ornaments. If you have these essential elements, the arrangement should come easy.

Fountain Shrub Garden

fountain shrub garden

Traditional Landscape Shrub

traditional landscape shrub

Design by : Remington Construction Services

Modern Shed Shrub Garden

modern shed shrub garden

Design by : Garden Tech Horticultural Services LLC

Pottery Shrub Garden

pottery shrub garden

Pool Shrub Garden

pool shrub garden

Design by : Peter Zimmerman Architects

Hydrangea Shrub Garden

hydrangea shrub garden

Flowering Shrub and Perennial Garden

flowering shrub and perennial garden

Shrub Floral Garden

shrub floral garden

Design by :Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens

Landscape Shrub Garden Idea

landscape shrub garden idea

Shrubs or bushes are great additions to your garden planning project. They add beauty and enhance the air quality. Additionally, they are perfect matches to tall and mature trees.

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