Looking for inspiration for your living room design? Whether you are in favor of the cozy traditional or the bold modern, the options are always hard to choose from. Living rooms are among the most lived spaces in a house. Consequently, a lot of focus is given to its style, décor, arrangement and theme. People across the globe have always come up with unique ideas for their living room. However, it is your personality and taste that should guide the construction and design scheme. Here are some living room ideas that seem to catch the attention.

Victorian Living Room with Fireplace

victorian living room with fireplace


What could be more royal than a living room that follows a Victorian décor and also has a fireplace! Assembling plush furnishing, a lot of focus has gone into creating unique spaces that aren’t the usual taste. The wall seating for instance looks comfortable and can be highly functional, especially if you don’t have too large a floor space.

Tropical Style Family Room Design

tropical style family room design


In stark contrast to the Victorian scheme, the tropical scheme of a living room design is more colorful and vibrant. Everything from the carpet to the cushion covers gets a colorful makeover. The use of unique lighting fixtures, wall painting, and stylish electronics will complete the space.

Luxury Eclectic Living Room Idea

luxury eclectic living room idea


An eclectic living room schemes derives ideas from a variety of resources, and combines them to create a whole new ambience. While sofas and seating dominate the room space, look how contrasting, comfortable and plush they look compared to the rest of the décor. Vibrant wall paintings, huge windows, white flowy curtains and a luxurious carpet complete the look.

Traditional Family Room with Chandelier

traditional family room with chandelier


Chandelier is one of the most common and exotic ideas for unique living room décor. However, there could be a more modern twist to things. The chandelier we see here is not the usual concept but look amazing with the room theme. Highly functional, this lighting arrangement makes the seating as the focus of the room.

Black and White Living Room

black and white living room


While white becomes the dominating theme for the room décor, contrasting black furnishing creates the required balance to create a cool and cozy space. The hint of fluorescence makes the room look even more vibrant here. This would be a living room that most of us would crave for!

Colorful Luxury Living Room Design Idea

colorful luxury living room design idea


The idea of incorporating a lot of colors into a living room is acceptable when you have a huge space to work with. Different colored cushions, colorful curtains, a vibrant carpet and the use of a lot of glass makes the room look polished and vibrant.

Vintage Living Room Furniture

vintage living room furniture


The vintage has its own appeal but only a few homeowners will be able to rightly play this out. To create a vintage living room décor, you need to be a very choosy buyer and a collector. A lot of small but intricate décor element goes into making the place have a rustic yet comfortable look.

Classic Modern Living Room Interior

classic modern living room interior


Completely streamlined and focusing on the functionality, this ultra modern living room looks luxurious and cozy. With the sofa and the bar stand being the only elements featuring in the room, the message is clear cut and we love it!

Living Room Wall Decorating Idea

living room wall decorating idea


The walls of your living room can do a lot when it comes to the overall décor and appeal of the space. Be it framed paintings or craft hangings, there’s always a message that is passed through.

Luxury Mediterranean Yellow Family Room

luxury mediterranean yellow family room


Featuring a large window, this particular living room has the example of a mesmerizing view. Keeping things warm inside with a yellow scheme of things, the contrast is created by the outdoors.

Modern Living Room Furniture Design

modern living room furniture design

Britto Charette

Contemporary Living Room with High Ceiling

contemporary living room with high ceiling


Transitional Living Room Design Idea

transitional living room design idea


White Living Room with Rich Furniture

white living room with rich furniture

Britto Charette

Orange Accent Wall Living Room

orange accent wall living room

My WindowWorks

Elegant Living Room with Glass Wall

elegant living room with glass wall


Spacious Family Room with Gray Furniture

spacious family room with gray furniture

41 West

Concrete Living Room Design

concrete living room design


Elegant Living Room with Chandelier

elegant living room with chandelier


Lavish Mediterranean Living Room

lavish mediterranean living room

Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc

Unique Living Room with Red Chairs

unique living room with red chairs

Doris Leslie Blau

Hope you have liked our living room design compilation. We would also like to hear out your ideas for the perfect living room. Do share them in feedback and pictures!

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