Have you ever thought that masculine living rooms can be elegant and charming? Contrary to the common belief, it is not about shabby looking bachelor pads and chaotic disorganization. Masculine room in the truest sense is far different from these stereotypes and evokes a sense of elegance, warmth and unique creativity with décor. Also, a masculine room is easier to create and can suit a range of usage. Let’s look at some of the best examples of masculine room designs to know better.

Modern Masculine Living Room

modern masculine living room


Masculine rooms are ideally about all round comfort. They come with big sofas, big windows and big everything. You will always get plenty of space to move around and the lighting ensures that every corner of the room is illuminated to make the space look bigger. Masculine rooms, as aptly shown in this example provide convenience and easy access to all parts of the space.

Small Masculine Living Room Idea

small masculine living room idea


Again, the smaller space is aptly used to meet the basic functionality out of the room. In the example, it is a plush living space created out of a comfortable looking sofa bed and small décor items that also play a functional role.

Grey Masculine Living Room Design

grey masculine living room design


Grey has always been among the favorite colors of boys. In this case, the darker themed room charmingly uses the hues to create a lively environment. The minimum use of floor space also offer enough room for other activities to go on while spending little time and energy on maintenance.

Masculine Formal Living Room

masculine formal living room


If you are looking for a more sophisticated design for a masculine living room, here’s a perfect example of it. The space is marked by unique furniture and plush arrangement. Part rustic and a part modern, there is a delicate balance in the theme. The fireplace in the middle just adds to the charm. Who wouldn’t want to have a boy’s reunion here!

Masculine Living Room Interior Design

masculine living room interior design

Design by : Atmosphere Interior Design

Another creatively designed masculine space, this room is delicately themed in contrasting black and white theme. The lighter colored ceiling, big glass windows and the rusty floor layout (including the floorboard) make the room look much bigger than it is. If you look closely, light plays an important role here is beefing up the space. You can also see Small Living Room Furniture Designs

Masculine Nautical Living Room

masculine nautical living room


Minimalistic but super cozy, this nautical living room is the easiest way you can define a man’s space. The addition of bright colors to the theme does perfectly well to highlight the contrast. This would also be a perfect way to create a masculine home office design.

Rustic Masculine Living Room

rustic masculine living room


Men like to live carefree but it doesn’t mean they don’t want sophistication. In this case, the rich red wood theme creates a highly glorified living room theme. Red leather chairs, a well supplied bar space and a fireplace to hang out around makes all the hard work count!

Masculine Chic Living Room

masculine chic living room


If you are designing a small space for a bachelor, it would be a good idea to keep the furniture to the minimal. A small sofa, a couple of chairs, a center table is all you need to define the ambience. Add some unique lighting to spark up the space.

Masculine Living Room Furniture

masculine living room furniture

Design by : Ron Nathan Interiors

Depending on the amount of space you have at hand, you can go for a range of furniture layout. In this case, the owner has created an elongated seating space, perfect for a boy’s get-together. The lighter themed room is well contrasted by the rustic sofa set.

Mid Century Masculine Living Room

mid century masculine living room


In this example, the living room offers two well-defined spaces. The first one has been established by the arrangement of the chairs and the rest of the room is additional space for all kinds of indoor activities. You can also see Living Room Designs

White Masculine Living Room

white masculine living room


Brown Masculine Living Room

brown masculine living room

Design by : Celebrity Communities

Small Mid Century Masculine Living Area

small mid century masculine living area


Urban Masculine Living Room

urban masculine living room


Gray Masculine Living Room With Wall Art

gray masculine living room with wall art

Design by : Marcel

Traditional Masculine Living Room

traditional masculine living room


Contemporary Masculine Living Room

contemporary masculine living room


Masculine Living Room with Decorative Wall

masculine living room with decorative wall


We hope you loved our masculine living room ideas. If you have created something unique in your own households, do share it with us in pictures.

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