Finally the day has arrived! Today America decides their next President. US Election 2016 have been trending all over the internet for a long time. Graphics, memes, GIFs, hashtags basically all kinds of digital trends have been bubbling with Presidential Elections. And not only just digital trends, but lifestyle trends too have adopted similar trends.

During Halloween we covered the ‘Trumpkin Trend’ which was about Pumpkin designs inspired by Donald Trump. It is not Trump alone who has been the source of inspiration. Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, too has been lately influencing merchandising trends.


3 days before the elections, pop singer Katy Perry showed her support for Hillary Clinton by performing in royal blue cape at the Get Out the Vote concert and rally at Philadelphia.

katy perry

From the front, it wasn’t different from any other cape design but at the back of it had a message written which read “ I’m with Madam President”.

madam president

After she removed the cape, we had a better look at her dress which was a sequin minidress with red and white stripes and white stars on blue background with electric blue leggings.


And we cannot forget the Hillary Clinton look that Katy Perry choose to dress for Halloween 2016.

Beyonce was recently seen sporting a I am with Her t-shirt to show her support to Hillary Clinton for the upcoming elections.


Not only Beyonce but her entire crew was seen carrying the same t-shirt.

entire crew

Yes, Clinton is not someone who is known for a great fashion sense but Instagram has another story to tell. If you Instagram Hillary Street Style you will find out how her style is similar to the style of some of our favourite celebrities. 2 months ago Beyonce was sported wearing a sassy yellow suit, little did everyone know that similar suit was worn by the Presidential nominee, decades ago .

Hillary Clinton is a self proclaimed pant suit fan but Instagram proves she’s much more than that. There are some amazing throwback pictures that play evident of the playfully fashionable side of Hillary Clinton. May be people did not observe this side of hers because of her political achievements which were equally incredible.

On one side it is Hillary Clinton at the Grammys during 1997 and on the other side is a runway look from 2014 by design Johanna Jonsson.

hillary clinton pant suit


Amidst two fashion icons from two leading movie industries of the world.

Not just clothes, but Madam President also knows how to pull off accessories.

Recently, cosmetic brand OPI launched a deep red shade and named it Madam President. Women are applying it to show their support to Hillary Clinton.

Since one cannot wear merchandising that shows any kind of support to any candidate during the voting day, we guess this is how the ladies are going to display their support for Clinton.

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