The modern generation usually calls for modern-themed promotional or informative tools, which makes a lot of sense because people would commonly go for what’s trendy in their generation. There may be times when people would prefer to go for something different and unique, which will most probably be inspired from different generations such as vintage business cards, but there’s always a way to work around that concern. To be able to capture the attention of those people who enjoy the trend and those who are easily captivated by uniqueness, business people would choose to go for a modern theme and incorporate a little touch of vintage or retro into the design. But for those business people looking for all-modern designs, then they have found the right place.

On this website, we have gathered some of the most attractive modern-themed business card mockup designs from the internet, which means you won’t need to go to other websites to be able to download what you need. The business cars below range from flat, minimalistic designs to the more colorful and creative ones, so there are really a lot of designs that you can choose from on this page. If you think you might find the particular business card design that you need for your business on this page, then don’t hesitate to start scrolling down.

White Patterned Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

Here’s a good example of a clean and modern business card design that arranges the contents in an organized manner to make it easy to read. On the back side of the business card is where you can see the logo and the name of the company, which is compressed in the middle area of the design and is surrounded by white space. On the front side is where all the more important details can be found, such as the name of the card holder, their contact numbers, email address, website, and the street or mailing address.

As you can see on the sample above, there is a QR code on the upper-right corner of the card, and this can be used if the card holder wishes to share more information about themselves but doesn’t want to include all of it on the business card to prevent cluttering up the design. If you look closely on the image above, there is also a minor enhancement applied to the design, wherein the white space actually has a faded abstract pattern to make the card look textured and even more attractive.

Vertical Tiled Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

Do you want to have a unique business card that is sure to be different from what most people are using? Then the design shown above may be what you are looking for, you won’t be able to see that kind of design anywhere else, if you ask me. As shown on the sample above, the card is used to contain information about a graphic artist, who takes advantage of the design by including relevant computer-themed icons and images on both sides.

If you wish to use this business card design, but you have a different profession, you may make adjustments to the design by simply changing the icons and images to something that is more appropriate. For example, if you are a healthcare provider, you may include icons, images, or any graphic symbols that are related to the field. Another feature on this card that makes it different from others is that it is in a vertical orientation whereas most business cards are designed horizontally.

Minimalistic Typography Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

If you want to keep your business card simple and direct to the point, then the design above may be the perfect one for you, since it includes only the most relevant details that a prospect needs to know about the business person. Take a look at the sample business card mockup above, the back side maximizes its use of an empty or blank space, and this side simply contains the initials of the card holder on the lower-right corner of the card with a thin black border surrounding the edges.

On the front side of the card, you can find the full name of the card holder, their profession, and their most relevant contact details such as their phone number, email address, and their website if in case the recipient of the card would want to check out a few products or services that are being offered by the business person or the company. When making a business card, you don’t really need to put everything on it, just the most important ones, so if you think this design may be useful for you, then download it now.

Multifunctional Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

For a business card that can double as an identification card, the design above may be able to do just that. On the front side of the card, you can find the card holder’s name, their title or position if they are representing a company, and their contact details on the bottom portion of the card, but what makes this design similar to that on identification cards is the presence of the card holder’s photo on the left side of the card. The other side of the card contains more contact details of the card holder which can be used by the recipient to gather additional information regarding the business person.

These additional contact details may include but are not limited to social media accounts, either personal or the company’s social media page, and alternate phone numbers or email addresses. Since these are all placed on the lower-right corner of the card, the upper half is all white space and contains neither text nor graphic images. You may leave this space as it is or you may also use this to write down something such as the slogan of the company, or a personal inspirational quote. It is entirely up to you on how you want to use these spaces, just make sure not to overdo it to prevent it from becoming messy. If you are planning on making a medical business card, the use of white space on this design makes it perfect for those working in the medical field.

Social Media Inspired Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

Here is a dark-themed modern business card design presented in a vertical orientation. This design is inspired by the layout seen on social media pages, to the extent that the left side of the card looks similar to tabs or buttons. On the back side of the card, you may choose to write either the company name only, or you may also include the logo, you may even write a short catchphrase below it, if you want to. On the front side starting from the top portion, the logo and company name are shown, and then followed by the name of the card holder, the contact numbers, the email address and website, and the street or mailing address on the bottom-most portion.

The entire card is in a dark theme with only a few sections having bright and vibrant colors to give emphasis on those features and also to enhance the appearance of the business card. The dark theme is excellent for those who find the excessive use of bright colors a little to harsh on the eyes, and this creatively unique business card design effectively balances the dark features with the bright ones.

Black Textured Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

Here is another dark-themed business card design that you may find interesting. Though this design may appear simpler and more on the traditional style, the effective use of a textured background is enough to make this business card eye-catching. The contents of the business card are also being organized in a way that the recipient can easily find the information that they need in the least amount of time possible, and the text are also written clearly to make it easy for people to read.

This business card design is very versatile that it can be used for various purposes and by different professions, which makes it the ideal choice for those who are unable to decide right away on what design to go with for their business or company. As mentioned on the previous sample, the dark theme is usually preferred by most people since it is easier on the eyes that bright ones, especially those that use multiple vibrant colors on the design, the only difference on this one is that it is fully achromatic than the previous one that included other shades of colors. The simplicity of this design makes it the ideal choice for making business cards for lawyers.

White Folded Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

Here is a minimalist business card design that maximizes its use of white space and that all text, graphics, and other features are contained in the middle section of the card only. Both sides of the business card have a division in the middle which is done by placing a three-dimensional line that gives the illusion of a folded paper. For the back side of the card, you can find the company’s slogan on the left half, the company name on the right, and the logo right in the middle.

For the front side of the business card, this is where things get more interesting. On the left side is where you can find the name of the card holder, and you can choose whether or not to include the title or position in the company. The middle area contains the different icons that correspond to the features on the right, which is where the most important features of the card are found, and these are the contact details such as the phone number, mailing address, email address, and a website or social media page.

Flat Typography Modern Business Card Design

modern business card

This business card design may be the most creative one among this list, but unlike others that have icons, symbols, or other images included, this one plays around with the typography, which is the main feature of this design. There isn’t much to explain about this design except for the fact that the entirety of the background involves text and terminologies related to graphic artists, and that the relevant information about the card holder can be found on the foreground.

Regardless of your profession, if you are looking for a simple yet creative, and flat yet modern business card, the design above may be the one you’re looking for. To make this business card design appropriate for you, you will simply need to change the terminologies on the background with something that is related to your business. If you want, you may even have this design printed on a clear plastic card and make yourself a fully functional transparent business card.

Creative Modern Business Card Design with Map

modern business card

Lastly, here is a modern business card design that probably the most informative among all the designs on this page. Why is that? This business card not only includes the street address of the card holder, but it also contains a compact map of the card holder’s office. But before we discuss more about the map, let us first mention on other features on this business card design. The front side of this business card design shows us the company’s name and logo on the upper-left corner, the photo of the card holder on the upper-right, the holder’s name and designation in the middle, and their contact details on the bottom area.

On to the back side of this business card design. Again, the logo and company name are displayed here and are positioned on the lower-right corner of the card, a QR code on the upper-left corner which can be used to redirect the recipient of the card to a website that contains further information about the company or the business person. To give emphasis on the contact details, they can also be found on the back side of the business card and are positioned right below the QR code.

Back to the map, beside the QR code, there is a small space where you can choose to include a small map as to where the office of the card holder or company is located. When drawing the map, make it as simple as possible but also make it understandable, you don’t need to make it thorough, what’s important is that you include a few landmarks and the names of the streets for the convenience of the reader.

Business cards are indeed very important for businesses. If a business person uses the card for personal purposes, then the business card will simply bear the their name, designation, contact details, and other relevant information. But for those business cards that are used by companies or corporations, it will not only benefit the business person who owns the card, but it can also help in elevating the company’s reputation.

Business cards can help a business grow because it can help build a positive impression from others, and it can also create a business network through a snowball effect. When business people share their cards, the recipient may choose to share your details or the card itself to others within their network, and this can only be possible if everything goes well between the business person and the prospect. Therefore, it is best to maintain a good impression to the people who you give your business cards to since they too can also help in promoting your business.

The business cards we have shown above can be downloaded easily with just a click of a button, though they may require payment before you can download them. These designs, can be yours for a very reasonable fee, which means you hardly have any reason not to provide yourself with a professional-grade business card. These designs are also fully editable, and as long as you have the appropriate editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, you may be able to edit these business cards easily.

These business cards were designed by creative and talented graphic artists, so rest assured that these are in high quality, and will surely stand out among others in a pile. So what are you waiting for? Get your clicking fingers busy and click on that download/buy now button now to start making your own business card, you may even refer to our collection of innovative business card designs and even our ten commandments of business card designs to help you out.

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