We are almost two months away from Christmas, and there’s no other perfect time to start making your own holiday cards for your friends, family, and loved ones. While you can already send holiday greeting and invitation cards designs the digital and paperless way, there is absolutely nothing better than having to do it the traditional way. And while you may simply go to the store and buy ready made holiday cards there, you may also make one out of templates for a more personalized touch.

Below are 15 of the most meaningful and attractive holiday card designs that we have gathered from the internet. Some of which come in a set of multiple designs, which you will only be paying for the price of one.  You may want to check them out yourself and pick out the best holiday card design that works for you.

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Holiday Thank You Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
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Size: 7×5 inches + Bleed


Christmas Holiday Thank You Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


Colorful Elements Holiday Card Design

Let us start this collection with this design template that is inspired by handmade cards. For this hand-drawn inspired holiday card design, it is packed with various elements of different colors and sizes over a solid-colored background. For the foreground elements, you may notice that many illustrations designs are simply lined arts and without color fills, and though some elements have color fills, the colors used are bright ones. The reason behind these bright colors is to make it contrast with the dark background and having contrasting colors help make the features stand out. You may safely say that this design looks cluttered, but it is cluttered in a good and artistic way.

Retro Set of Christmas Holiday Card Designs

The next holiday card on this collection is a retro-style Christmas card design, which really looks like a genuine Christmas card from the previous decade. For a price as low as $18.00, you will already be getting a total of 7 high-resolution design templates and 66 solo elements that you may add to the designs, and for no additional fee, you will also be getting 3 more patterns and 13 extra textures. If you want a design that has an image of Santa Claus, this set has it, and if you want a design that puts emphasis on a Christmas tree, this set also has it. From these 7 templates that you can choose from, we guarantee that you will be getting a totally different style for each of them, you may no longer need to look for other design templates if you choose to download this wonderful set of retro-inspired holiday cards.

Ornate Christmas Tree Holiday Card Design

Check out this magnificent holiday card design that almost fills the entire card with an image of a Christmas tree. But if you look closely at the illustration, it is actually made up of a pattern of ornate decors that are put together to form a Christmas tree, and you wouldn’t have to worry if you think that one star isn’t enough since the edges of the tree are lined with small stars. Behind this illustration is a red color gradient with a pattern of snowflakes that vary in size and shapes. Lastly, on the upper end of this design is where you can find the Christmas greeting which is written using a serif typeface.

Poinsettia Decors Holiday Card Design

If you are looking for an vintage invitation card with a holiday theme, this design may be a great choice since it looks very presentable and inviting enough for the reader. You may be able to use this design for different occasions, not just Christmas, and all you need to do is to change the text, and if you want, you may also change the color scheme. The right half of the design is where the beautifying elements can be found, which is actually a column of colorful flowers, and the left of the card design is where the details of the event are written. The color gradient used for the text gives the illusion of a glossy effect while contrasting to the color of the background, and this makes the text easily readable regardless of its size.

White Christmas Holiday Card Design

Whoever said you need to add a lot of elements to a design to make it look great? Sometimes, adding too much doesn’t make it look nice and that it could make a design appear chaotic. At most times, less is more; meaning the fewer number of elements can help in making a design look more beautiful and presentable. We have all heard the song “White Christmas”, and we know that it actually refers to the snow, but we can actually use the title for something else, let’s say, as the dominant color for the holiday card, why not? You can never have too much white space.

Christmas Lettering Holiday Card Design

Here is another set of different card designs that you can use to make a Christmas greeting card, but unlike the previous one that focused on decorative elements, this one focuses more on the typography. This set of holiday card designs are actually Christmas lettering cards that were all hand-drawn before being digitally converted to vector format. This set includes 2 EPS files, 2 AI files, 12 black JPG and 12 colored JPG phrases, and 12 PNG files on a transparent background, which makes it a total of 40 files for just $15.00.

Western Retro Holiday Card Design

If you choose to go retro with your holiday card design, we may just have the design template that you need to get you started in making your own retro-inspired holiday greeting card. With this holiday card design, you get to choose between two color pre-made color schemes, though you may still be allowed to make your own color scheme if you wish. The background of this design consists of a solid color with some minor details added to it, while the foreground elements consist of three hexagons with a faded image of a snowflake on each of them, and this is where the holiday greetings are written. All in all, this design is highly attractive, and can definitely catch people’s attention.

Watercolor Border Holiday Card Design


Make your holiday card more personalized with this amazing Christmas card design. This design allows you to add your own photo on to the cover with a short greeting underneath it. What’s great about this design is the watercolor-inspired border surrounding your photo. The sample above shows a blue-greenish textured border with some added winter effects and an abstract pattern of snow flakes thrown all over the design. This template is still editable, as you may be able to change the size of your photo narrowing the border, and you may also be able to change the color scheme of the design to a different hue of your choice.

Glowing Line Art Christmas Holiday Card

Where else can you find a high quality and artistic greeting card design for as low as $2.00? In this page, of course. The holiday card design template that you see directly above can be yours for only $2.00, and you can already see even before purchasing it that you will actually be getting way more than the price that you are paying, which is an absolutely good deal! But not only that, you also get to choose among three different color schemes for no additional charges, though you may still be able to come up with your own color scheme for the design. The concept of this Christmas card is a glowing line art, which somehow resembles light shows of today, and the image formed by the light is a Christmas tree with a greeting above it. This image is also able to illuminate the background, which shows us a textured or color gradient backdrop. If you’re on a tight budget but want a professional-grade holiday card design, download this template now!

Notebook Drawing Inspired Holiday Card

If you are into hand-drawn sketches, or simply those images that were made to resemble handmade drawings even though they are actually done using computers, then this holiday card design is definitely for you. The elements on the drawing appear like they are actually drawn by hand using different colored pens. And one subtle detail on this design that further makes it look hand-drawn is the fact that it looks like it was drawn on a notebook. Hand-drawn illustrations will always be better that computerized ones, which is why we strongly recommend that you download and use this template to make your own holiday card.

Here is another hand-drawn inspired holiday card, but unlike the previous one which used a lot of colors on the illustrations, this one simply uses black, and is made to resemble those drawings done using a black pen. However, if you choose to fill in colors on to the elements, you may be allowed to do so using a graphics editor of your choice. But if you want to embrace the white space used and keep the design clean and simple, the design is already half-finished for you and you will only need to edit the text, and add a few more details to the holiday celebration. Even with the advancement in technology, nothing beats the old handmade card designs.

Mistletoe Holiday Card Design

The mistletoe has always been associate with the Christmas season, wherein if someone is caught standing underneath it, they will get a kiss from their loved ones. While not actually a plant that grows by itself – it attaches itself on trees and other plants and gets their nutrients from there – the mistletoe has become one of the most recognized and sought after plants during the holidays because of the practice done from it. On this holiday card design, it focuses primarily on the mistletoe as evidenced by its illustrations that are surrounding the text in the middle. While you could say how simple this design is, we can also both agree how beautiful and elegant it looks that it totally deserves a kiss to the person giving it.

Calligraphy Font Holiday Card Design

Calligraphy is totally an art in itself, and some would even do it for relieving stress. Calligraphy artists have even gone to comparing this art form to tai chi, since it follows a somehow similar movement, only with a brush in hand, and the fact that the movements actually follow a specific pattern. If you are a fan of calligraphy, you may be interested in this holiday card design template. It is a Christmas greeting card which uses handwritten-inspired calligraphy for the text. As you can see from the greeting card mockup above, you also have a choice between two color schemes for this template, you may choose to go with blue or you may also choose a darker one, but then again, you also have the freedom to change the hue according to your own preference.

Personalized Family Photo Holiday Card

Here is another holiday card design template that allows you to use your own photo to make it more personal and meaningful for the recipient. On this design, the card is unequally divided into two columns, wherein the smaller left half is used for writing the greetings and well wishes, while the bigger right half is where you can put your family’s photo. For the left side, you have the freedom to choose from among eight different background colors, and you can also make the text and graphics look either vintage or clean. And for the right side, you don’t necessarily have to follow the desaturated effect on the photo as seen from the sample above, you may have your photo colored if you so desire.

Set of Flat Illustrations Holiday Card Designs

Lastly, this set of holiday card designs might also be what you need if you intend on giving out multiple copies, you wouldn’t want to give cards of the same design to different people. But having varying designs won’t have to be a problem now, since if you choose to download this, you will be getting a total of 6 totally unique holiday card designs for a price of one. We have a design that shows a Christmas wreath, we also have one that shows a Christmas tree, and we also have a design that shows a bird with a mistletoe in its beak. What more could you ask for?

These holiday card designs were chosen from among hundreds of the best ones all around the internet, and from various reliable sources as well. These designs were contributed to the site by highly talented and imaginative graphic artists who have had a lot of experience in this field. We guarantee that these designs are in high resolution and are also fully and easily editable to save you from being stressed.

Downloading can be done easily as well, and these holiday card designs can be yours for a very reasonable fee. As you have seen above, the prices for the designs are very affordable that you are indeed getting more that what you’re paying, especially with those sets of designs for the price of one. Now what are you waiting for? Don’t wait ’til Christmas, now is the perfect time! Download a design now to get you started in making your own holiday card.

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