In the world of businesses, every business person should utilize a business card not only to make themselves known or to easily introduce themselves to their prospects or other business people. Business cards are also used to make business people look prepared, stable, and professional. Even people handling small businesses give out a professional image when they hand out business cards to promote themselves and their industry.

The most common business card designs that you can find on the Internet are in vector format, which is the preferred format for graphic designers. These vector-made business cards are very easy to customize, which is the main reason why they are the format of choice. But for you to be able to enjoy that freedom in editing, you may need to have the appropriate software installed on your system.

However, if you don’t have an editing software for vector graphics, you can also go with business card designs in PSD format, which only requires you to install Adobe Photoshop to your system. If this is what you need, then today may be your lucky day since we have an entire collection of PSD business card designs below that you can download. To get you started, check out the various designs below.

Vertical Personal Business Card

Vertical Personal Business Card in PSD

Even when people are working for a particular company, they can still choose to use their own business cards for personal purposes along with the one issued to them by their employers. If this is you and you are in need of a stunning personal business card design, then check out the one above. Additionally, what makes this design stand out from the others is its orientation. While most business cards opt for a horizontally oriented design, this one goes the unconventional route by using a vertical orientation.

Fashion Collage Portrait Business Card


Grunge Typography Business Card Design


Grunge Typography Business Card Design

When creating a business card design whether for company employees or for personal usage, you don’t necessarily have to include an excessive number of elements just to make it look impressive. In reality, the most important features on a business card are the card holder’s details which include their name, their designation in the company, and their contact details. After all, business cards are used to sell yourself to prospects and other business people and provide them with ways on how to communicate with you.

Vertical Disc Jockey Business Card

Vertical Disc Jockey Business Card

Quick Response Minimalist Business Card


This business card design may look like any other regular business card in the market, but there is actually an added feature here that makes it more modernized. If you look closely on the bottom left-hand corner of the card, you can see that there is a small QR code. This code can be used to redirect holders to an online portfolio or a website when they scan it using a QR code scanner. But before we proceed to more modern business card designs, read more about QR codes right below this paragraph.

What Are QR Codes?

QR (Quick Response) codes are square-shaped grids that consist of an abstract pattern and are surrounded by three smaller squares placed on three of the four corners. QR codes actually originated in Japan back in 1994 and was used for tracking vehicles during the manufacturing process. Today, QR codes have been commonly used for advertising purposes, and after being scanned, opens a URL for a website that the user can check to gather more details regarding what is being advertised.

Fancy Tattoo Artist Business Card Design


Simple Framed Business Card Design

Simple Framed Business Card Design

For those who are managing some kind of a bar or lounge, this card design may be what you need, and don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Just because this business card design has a limited number of elements, it doesn’t mean that it cannot serve its purpose effectively. For the design shown above, the front indicates the name of the business, while the back is where the contact details are being written. The background of this design is in solid gray, but it also contains angled borders on all corners that makes this design resemble a document holder as well as improve its appearance.

Minimalist Achromatic Business Card Design


Rockers Incorporated Studios Business Card


Business cards may work with any kind of business, including those involved in the music industry, even if it only means recording or jamming studios. For this business card design, it is intended for those establishments that allow musicians to do recording sessions or it could also be those that simply offer them a chance to practice playing their music. Whatever the purpose is, using business cards to advertise themselves may indeed help them get the recognition they need.

Health Fitness Pill Metallic Business Card


Abstract Art Digital Painter Business Card


Abstract art may look easy to make and very much like scribbled art, but it is actually very different since the former actually has a deep meaning behind it. From the name itself, abstract art may have a meaning that’s entirely different from how it actually appears, or it can even have more than just one interpretation. For this business card design, the background bears a colorful abstract art that is very self-explanatory since this business card is intended to be used by digital artists. A word of advice for those who wish to use this design, though. Make sure that the color used for the text contrasts with the one used for the background to make it easy for holders to read the contents on the business card.

Colorful Rings Textured Business Card


Rustic Graphic Artist Business Card Design


Here is another PSD business card design made for graphic artists, but for this one, the background resembles a concrete surface. For the front side of this business card design, the bottom left corner indicates the name of the graphic artist while their designation is written artistically on the right-hand side. The back side of this business card design is where it gets interesting since aside from just the contact details, there is also a space provided where you can add a sample screenshot image. This way, the holder is not only able to gather information about the person on the business card, they are also able to see a sample of what the graphic artist is capable of.

Blue Map Simple Business Card

Blue Map Simple Business Card

Interior Design College Business Card

Interior Design Collage Business Card

Are you an interior designer looking for a card design template that you can use as basis for your own business cards? Then look no further and check out the design shown above. It is a business card design template created specially for today’s most enthusiastic and hardworking interior designers. The concept of this business card design is making a collage out of the photos from actual projects, which can help in showcasing your skills and capabilities. If you want to promote yourself to your prospects, then this business card design may be of great help.

Freelancer Minimalist Business Card Design

Freelancer Minimalist Business Card Design

Hello Greeting Achromatic Business Card


Business cards mostly serve as a person’s introduction to other people, and what better way to design business cards than to incorporate it into a “Hello“? As you can see from the sample above, this business card design is very simple and makes use of only the black and white colors. The front side of this design is intended for the name of the business, while the back side is where the introduction and other important contents can be found. The name of the cardholder is preceded by a “Hello” greeting, and on its right are the contact details of that cardholder.

Pink Stripes Bakery Shop Business Card


Transparent Stock Business Card Design


It makes perfect sense when photographers or videographers incorporate the interface of their equipment to the design of their business cards, but these are usually printed on card stocks. The question now would be, “How can you take that up a notch?” and the answer would be to have the design printed on a transparent plastic card stock, as in the case of the sample shown above. Not only will your business card design look professionally appropriate, but it will also stand out from the other business cards by a mile. Trust us, if you choose to go with this transparent business card design, you may not want to look for other designs.

Juniper Simple Business Card Design


Minimalist Typography Business Card Design

Minimalist Typography Business Card Design

As we have already said before, business cards don’t need to be fancy to be relevant, and that it as long as it contains the necessary information such as the name and the contact details of the cardholder, it’s already sufficient. For the design shown above, the front side of the card simply indicates the name of the cardholder and their profession, or if they are working for a company, the line under their name would serve to indicate their designation in the company. On the back side of the card are the contact details of the cardholder, which includes their email address, their phone and/or fax number, and their street address. To give you an idea of the simplicity of this design, both sides only contain the text written in white and are placed over a dark background, with no other elements added to the design.

Camera Lens Vertical Business Card


Square Patterned Business Card Design

Square Patterned Business Card Design

There may be people who don’t want to go for a too minimalist design for their business cards but still want it to stand out. They can do this by taking advantage of different shapes and printing their business card designs on card stocks that are not rectangular in shape. If you think that’s impossible, then just take a look at the image above that shows a square-shaped business card. Even with the simplicity of its design, when placed in a pile of other business cards, we guarantee that this one will excel from the others mainly because of its unique shape.

Scenery Web Developer Business Card


Professional Simplistic Business Card Design


Here is another vertically-oriented business card design that you may very likely be interested in. As you can see, this business card design is simple, but also professional-looking, with its effective use of the black and white colors, and its minimal use of shapes and other elements. While the front side simply bears the logo of the business, the back side is where the interesting features can be found, which includes the contact details. Lastly, what makes this business card design superior is the arrangement of its text and other contents, which not only makes it appealing but also easy to read.

Clean Creative Business Card Design


Smart Phone Graphic Designer Business Card


Whoever said that only graphic designers can enjoy unique business card designs just because they have the skills to do it? While it can also be true, it’s very fortunate for many business people that there are downloadable business card design templates available all over the Internet that are made by professional graphic artists. Because of these design templates, we no longer have to stress ourselves in creating visually stunning business cards from scratch since we can simply download designs that are already halfway finished, and all we need to do is make a few changes to it. For the design shown above, the business card resembles a smartphone, and the screen displays a photo of the card holder and below the photo is a list of the card holder’s contact details. If you are a techie kind of person, this design may be perfect for you whether or not you are a graphic designer.

iPhone User Interface Business Card


Colorful Tiles Business Card Design

Colorful Tiles Business Card Design

The Microsoft Windows operating system—specifically Windows 8—popularized the entire “tiled” look for their user interface. What this means is that the app icons are being arranged in tile form on the screen, and these tiles can also be changed in size. If you are familiar with that look, then you may find that the creative business card design above resembles that interface. While the front only shows the name and the designation of the card holder (this side can also be used for the name of the company), the back side contains a photo of the card holder, their name and designation, and their contact details, and all these are being arranged in Windows-inspired “tiled” fashion.

Romantic Wedding Collage Photographer Business Card

business cards psd

After just seeing all the PSD business card designs above, you probably have chosen at least one of those designs that you want to use for making your own business card. But if you are still quite doubtful whether or not these business card designs are worth downloading, maybe it would help if we told you that these designs were created by some of today’s best and most imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. That alone already gives you an idea that these designs were professionally made by experts.

With regards to the editability, though not as fully editable as vectors, PSD files are also very easy to customize as long as you are using Adobe Photoshop for editing them. Aside from just being easy to edit, these designs are also very easy to download, in fact, you can do it simply by clicking on the Buy Now button and paying the required fee. After doing those two steps, you can already start making your own business card by opening the design on your Photoshop. So if you are already familiar with the ten commandments to designing business cards, get yourself busy and start downloading a PSD business card design now.

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