Bear claw tattoo designs are popular among both men and women. The claws are so appealing to the male gender because of their unique hunting traits that they often opt to have this design as full sleeve tattoos. Women, on the other hand, tend to use bear claws tattoo to symbolize care towards their young ones.

Whether you’re looking for a 3D body art or a Celtic design, there’s a bear claw tattoo that will look good on you.

Tribal Bear Claw Tattoo

Tribal Bear Claw Tattoo Source

In Polynesian culture, a turtle is a symbol of fertility, health, and family and what better way to show your love for great culture than by getting this tribal bear claw tattoo. The blank ink will look good on all skin tones.

Celtic Bear Claw Tattoo Design

Celtic Bear Claw Tattoo Design Source

Colorful and bold, this Celtic bear claw tattoo design is suitable for men. The Celtic knots in this ink art symbolize eternity, friendship and loyalty while the claws symbolize invulnerability. Opt to add your favorite colors to this tattoo.

3D Bear Claw Tattoo

3D Bear Claw Tattoo Source

Sitting on the back, this 3D bear claw tattoo looks so real that people will be trying to figure out whether you’re bleeding! The red color gives this design a realistic approach which portrays the bleeding aspect of getting clawed.

Bear Claw Tattoo on Chest

Bear Claw Tattoo on Chest Source

Due to the aggressive characteristic of the bear, its claws are a symbol of power, strength, and ferocity. Adorable and unique, this bear claw tattoo will make the chest of any man look good. Add your name on the paws.

Bear Claw Tattoo on Shoulder

Bear Claw Tattoo on Shoulder Source

While some people opt for dragon tattoos to symbolize power, culture, and good luck, others go for a bear tattoo to represent danger and also power. A large bear claw tattoo on the shoulder will look good on both male and female.

Grizzly Bear Claw Tattoo

Grizzly Bear Claw Tattoo Source

This grizzly bear claw tattoo depicts an individual with an aggressive personality. The sharp canines symbolize danger, thus acting as a way to warn people to avoid messing with you. The brown shading helps the tattoo to stand out.

Realistic Bear Claw Tattoo

Realistic Bear Claw Tattoo Source

If you need a realistic bear claw tattoo, then this design is for you. The brown fur color, sharp canines, intense eyes and strong claws provide a clear outline of the bear. The large size makes the tattoo more visible.

Small Bear Claw Tattoo

Small Bear Claw Tattoo Source

Ladies who want to show stability or their caring personality can do that using this bear claw tattoo. The small size is ideal for women getting tattoos for the first time or on a painful body part.

Heart Bear Paw Tattoo

Heart Bear Paw Tattoo Source

For a scary yet beautiful design, go for this heart bear paw tattoo. The strength of the bear is symbolized by how it holds a heart in its paws. The vibrant colors together with the word element make this tattoo bold.

Modern Bear Claw Tattoo

Modern Bear Claw Tattoo Source

Embellished using black ink, this modern bear claw tattoo is perfect for ladies. The intricate pattern makes the design beautiful while the blank ink will look good on pale skin tones. This Viking tattoo is a symbol of courage and confidence.

Glitter Bear Claw Tattoo

Glitter Bear Claw Tattoo Source

To prevent your bear claw tattoo from fading too quickly, first get your tattoo done by a talented artist who will do the art with a high-quality ink. Secondly, always moisturize and thirdly apply sunscreen whenever you intend to expose your tattoo.

Mountain Bear Claw Tattoo

Mountain Bear Claw Tattoo Source

When your tattoo is too aged, you can redo the design again using the same colors and style. The second option is to redesign it by adding a fresh tattoo or incorporating another design.

Traditional Bear Claw Tattoo

Traditional Bear Claw Tattoo Source

There are many interpretations of the bear claw tattoo depending on color and other designs added to the claw. Individuals looking for tattoos with a rich cultural background and deeper meaning can also opt for a Koi fish tattoo. So, go for one of these cute bear claw tattoo designs to express your personality.

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