With the ongoing Pokémon Go fever, we are all filled with  Pokémon shares and newsfeeds on our timelines across various social media platforms. Apart from all these news and updates today, we have rather interesting and helpful additions to make to the Pokémon Go round.

Nick Johnson, who is the first Pokémon Go player to catch all the 142 Pokémon available in the US gives all the followers of the game some interesting and useful tips to implement while playing.

nick johnson first pokemon go player

The original Pokémon Go game has 151 Pokémon, but in the United States, there are only 142, with three exclusively there in the international territories. Johnson says that since the launch of the game he has been playing it every single evening. He used to leave work at 6 pm and then walk approximately 8 miles every evening to achieve this remarkable goal in such a short period of time.

We have included some of the quirky highlights that he learnt along the way in his journey. His first Pokémon targeted was water-type Squirtle as he thought he had no choice. He would have gone with fire-type Charmander in connection to his choice of Team Valor, the game’s red team.

tips and tricks by the guy who caught all the pok%c3%a9mon

Johnson says that he would have acquired the last Pokémon left in his collection, Omastar, a day earlier, as two appeared in his vicinity, but the Verizon cell service lost connection for 15 minutes so the game got delayed.

The second last Pokémon that was needed by Johnson was also quite hard to get as it required a trip to the Jersey city. Johnson after detecting it on the radar ordered an Uber and drove around until he found it.

pok%c3%a9mon go tips tricks

Images Credit : highsnobiety.com

Johnson says the best spot for catching the Pokémon are Battery Park and Grand Army Plaza in Central Park. The Plaza is also the place where recently Justin Bieber was also spotted playing. On any other night, you can see round about 300 people gathered to hunt Pokémon, until the morning.

The best advice that Johnson has to give is to get some good walking shoes. He also says that if you wish to spend money for in-game items then  the egg incubators  would be the best available option.

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