Table designs have style and special features that help you use in your everyday activities. The useful surface can be used for various reasons while adding personality in your space. However folding designs are even more useful. They can help you with as-needed use while they can be stored away or hidden under other furniture taking up very little space. Keep on reading for the collection of folding table designs we have prepared for you.

Folding Dining Tables

folding dining tables

Osborne Architects

A folding dining table will give you more or in many cases double seating space. These designs come with mechanisms that can unfold and fold easily to give you the desired table size. You can find them in various materials.

Small Folding Table Designs

small folding table designs

Madison Modern Home

Small folding tables are convenient to use as coffee or side tables in your living room or in other areas inside and outside of your house. The designs come in many materials, styles and colors to help you choose from.

Laundry Folding Table Designs

laundry folding table designs

Diane Gordon Design LLC

The laundry is usually a small room that offers constricted walking space. That makes it an ideal space to place a folding table. You can install it against a wall that you can unfold every time you need to use.

Round Folding Tables

round folding tables

Danielian Associates Architecture + Planning

Round folding tables have a unique style that makes them ideal for every space. You can find them in a combination of materials like wood and metal or with others like glass and plastic. The styles have a great range.

Folding Coffee Tables

folding coffee tables

Panache Home Decorating

There are many folding table designs for various uses. The coffee table is a great addition for your living room while you can find designs that offer you many uses with different levels of folding like coffee too dining table.

Wood Folding Table Designs

wood folding table designs

Jim Burton Architects

Wood can give you extraordinary designs. The same applies in folding tables. You can find many different folding table designs that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can always store them in your garage to save needed space. You may also See Small Dining Table Designs

Square Folding Tables

square folding tables

Square tables have a certain level of charm allowing you to design your space with elegance and style. A folding design will come in handy when you need extra seating or working space. The materials range depending on the style.

Outdoor Folding Table Designs

outdoor folding table designs

AlphaStudio Design Group

In many areas the weather is not always good. That means, having a folding table design for outdoor use will help you store it easier, allowing you to set it fast every time you need it in your backyard space.

Wall Mounted Folding Tables

wall mounted folding tables

The Tiny Tack House

If your room is really small, a wall mounted folding table will help you do your work easily and fast. The available designs can give you multiple choices as well as styles with decorative features for extra style and elegance.

Kid’s Folding Tables

kids folding tables

Visbeen Architects

Kids like doing many activities. From drawing to doing homework, you can choose a folding table design that can be used at any room inside and outside of the house. A colorful table will look amazing in your kid’s bedroom. You may also See Outdoor Table And Chair Designs

During family or friends gatherings, having extra seating space is important. A folding table design will help you cover your needs whenever you need it, while you can stash it away the rest of the time. From dining to coffee table designs you can find many beautiful and stunning designs.

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