All ladies who like to decorate their nails with different and new design; here is an interesting information and design collection for you. There are so many varieties available under this category. ACRYLIC NAIL DESIGNS are very much trending in the market.

There is a new design available in the fashion market which is BANDANA NAILS. Basically, bandana is a scarf used to tie on head or to tie around neck. Designs on the bandana are designed on the nail to give them a beautiful look. A design depends as per the bandana.

Blue Bandana Nail Art

blue bandana nail art


When it comes to nail art any color can be selected for designing. Like you see in this image blue color can be a perfect choice to do a bandana design on the nail. You can match this blue design with the outfit you want. It will look absolutely beautiful.

Bandana Print Nail Design

bandana print nail design


Bandana design can be printed on your nails for designing them for a perfect look. You can definitely choose the color and the bandana design for yourself. This design can be done for regular purpose also. It gives a casual as well as an ethnic look to the nails.

Red Bandana Nail Design Idea

red bandana nail design idea


The idea of a bandana nail design on red nails is absolutely classic. You can choose the nail color you want, but this red color gives an exclusively elegant look to your nails to add up to your beauty.

Bandana Gradient Nails

bandana gradient nails


Gradient nail is where two colours are merged together by gradient manicure. And bandana designs on these gradient manicured nails looks absolutely fantastic.

GLITTER NAIL DESIGN is the most beautiful idea in the nail designing concept. Like you see in this image bandana design can be done in glitter too. Because of glitters the nail design will look traditional and at the same time casual too.

Bandana Acrylic Nail Design

bandana acrylic nail design


Acrylic nails have become common these days. And on acrylic nails you can do any type of nail design, even a bandana design. LEOPARD NAIL DESIGN can also be done on acrylic nails. It gives a better effect to the nail design.

White and Blue Bandana Nails

white and blue bandana nails


Nail art can be designed in any colour of your choice. Black and white is a very common combination but have you seen a blue and white combination? If no then here is one design for you. This is suitable for parties or traditional occasions. Ladies who like these types of design can get it done by a professional for better look.

Pointy Bandana Nail Art

pointy bandana nail art


Your nails can be shaped in different forms like square or pointed. The pointed shape of the nail looks very beautiful and different from the regular square or other nail structures. A bandana design on this pointed nail looks traditional and awesome.

Skull Bandana Nail Art

skull bandana nail art


A bandana can have any design on it, even a skull. You can see in this image a skull design on the nail. And you can choose it as a design for your nail on any nail colour. It will look pretty cool.

Bandana Nail Tip Design Idea

bandana nail tip design idea


Nail tip designing is very common, almost every girl likes to do it for parties and different occasions. And a bandana design on the tips looks different and beautiful from the other designs. Nail tip designing is common but bandana tip design is not that common. So if you want your nails to look beautiful you can definitely try this design.

Pink and Black Bandana Nails

pink and black bandana nails


Christmas Bandana Nail Design

christamas bandana nail design


Fancy Bandana Nail Design

fancy bandana nail design


Rhinestone Bandana Nail Art

rhinestone bandana nail art


Bandana Toe Nail Art

bandana toe nail art


Bandana Nail Design for Round Nails

bandana nail design for round nails


This nail designing concept is taking charge of the fashion industry. Nail art is not only done on the fingernails, TOE NAIL DESIGNS are also on high demand. So ladies who love to try different designs can go for this bandana nail designs. Bandana designs are ethnic and they look beautiful.

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