For a traditional or conventional Gradient Nail Art, you need a piece of sponge and two different (preferable contrasting) colourful nail polish. Apply one colour and then slowly blend the other colour to your nails with the help of a sponge. As you dab the nail polish halfway of your nails with a sponge it gives a gradient effect which you can touch up with a glossy colourless nail polish.

Purple Gradient Nail Design

purple gradient nail design


Beautiful Gradient Nail Art

beautiful gradient nail ideas


Gradient Floral Nail Art

gradient floral nail art


The Gradient Nail Art is a very up-to-the-minute, unique idea of decorating your nails which makes you stand out of the crowd. How about a fiery touch in your nails to create a zealous effect in everyone’s minds? With yellow, red and orange and with the help of a scotch tape you can create fire flames on your nails. A perfect blend of all the colours will give you the exact pattern as you find in the nails of the divas.

Black Gradient Nail Design

beautiful gradient nail art

There are many interesting patterns you can find among the Gradient Nail Art designs- e.g. the Gold Glitter Gradient Nail Art can be an ideal option for brides on their wedding day. On the other hand if you want to sport your cool persona on a beach party, the Night Sky Gradient Nail design is worth trying for.

Blue Glitter Gradient Nail Art

blue gradient nail design


Blue and Yellow Sparkle Nail Design

sparkle nail design


Floral Gradient Nail Art

floral gradient nail ideas


 Dotted Blue Gradient Nail Design

white dotted blue gradient nail design


Rhinestone Gradient Nail Design

rhinestone gradient nail design


Purple Gradient Flowers Nail Art

purple gradient flowers nail art


Black Glitter Nail Design

black glitter nail design


Gradient Nail Art for Long Nails

gradient nail design for long nails


Nail art has stormed the fashion world since the last few years and has become a hot cake for those who love to sport various styles in their nails. The Gradient Nail Art designs come in a galore of exciting motifs that you can combine with other designs and make your personalized nail art.

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