Some people in the world actually celebrate a day for Unidentified Flying Objects, and this day is called World UFO Day. Who would have known that there was such a thing? We don’t know what aliens look like, how they communicate, or if they even exist in the first place. But based on this event, it just shows that there are people who actually believe in life forms we have yet to discover outside our own planet.

Whether you believe in the existence of aliens or other beings from other planets or not, the concept is there and we can make use of it for any purpose. This is why we are offering you some vector images that are UFO-themed.

We have looked around various websites and gathered the best-looking and most captivating UFO vector illustrations here on our website for your convenience, feel free to look at the images below.


Confused Alien UFO Vector Design

Check out this vector illustration of a confused alien who seems unable to find the right direction. You can use this vector if you intend to put humor in your project or if you want to provide a visual representation of trying to find your way from being lost. The background of this image is transparent, which means you won’t have to crop out the UFO when using this, saving you some precious time. If you wish, you can even place this image as a layer over a vector texture.


Greeting Alien and UFO Vector

Provide a greeting in the most creative and unconventional way by using a vector image of an alien waving at the reader. This alien may either be waving hello or goodbye, depending on how you would want to use it or how the reader interprets the image.


Alien Creatures UFO Vector Design

For a cool and unique art style in drawing alien creatures, go with this vector image. Aliens are commonly illustrated to have green skin, big heads, and big eyes, but on this image, they look very different. We have a three-eyed alien, some blue-skinned ones, and we even have an alien that only has arms and no legs.

Download this if you intend on using alien images inspired by hand illustrations, or less terrifying representations of aliens if your target readers are children. You may even incorporate this with splatter vectors for a more creative result.


What is World UFO Day?

World UFO Day is a day that people gather together in one place to keep their eyes on the sky for any presence of unidentified flying objects, or UFO’s. This is celebrated by some people on a different date, which is on the 24th of June based on a report made by Kenneth Arnold, an aviator, who said that most UFO sightings occur around this date. Some people, though, celebrate this on the 2nd of July since this is commemorative of the mysterious and still unconfirmed Roswell UFO Crash.

Though many people would say that celebrating this day is quite irrelevant, the main purpose of this is to spread awareness to the general public that UFO’s and life in other planets actually do exist, and that the government should stop keeping this as a secret and disclose all information they know about aliens.


Comic Inspired Beaming UFO Vector

Cute Alien Inside UFO Vector

Who wouldn’t find this vector image cute? From the way the spaceship is drawn to the sole alien piloting it, this vector illustration is adorable in so many ways. It even looks like it was drawn for a children’s cartoon show. From this vector image, it just proves that an alien can still be cute even though it is represented to have large head with big, round eyes. You may use this image any way you want—as a logo, a vector icon, or simply as an element over a bigger image.


Night UFO Landscape Vector Design

What are Vector Images?

Vector images are graphics made up of polygons and codes to create lines, curves, and other shapes. Unlike other image formats such as JPG or BMP, vectors do not pixelate when zoomed in or enlarged since it doesn’t make use of pixels to compose an image. Instead, it uses lines and paths which have their own start and end point.

When vectors are enlarged, they do not simply stretch out as in raster images, the codes alter to make the lines elongate and the paths extend which helps in retaining its quality, thus preserving a sharp resolution. Because of this feature in vectors, it is the ideal file format used by graphic artists when designing their projects.


UFO Hyperspace Attack Vector Design

Have you seen Star Wars or Star Trek? From those movies, we are shown how they can transport from one location to another in the quickest way possible. This is done by traveling through hyperspace. By definition, hyperspace is the possibility of traveling faster than the speed of light, something unimaginable in today’s generation but may be possible in the distant future.

This vector image has three space ships over a dot vector traveling in hyperspace. This could either be their action before engaging an attack or a defense strategy to escape from trouble. Regardless of the message of this image, you may use it for whatever purpose you want, and it is up to you on how you would interpret this image for others.

UFO Abducting White Cow Vector

We commonly see on television, especially in cartoon shows, that when aliens hover above our land, one of the first things they beam up for abduction are cows, and nobody even knows why. On this vector image, we see a hovering UFO trying to abduct a white cow that is in shock.

If you are trying to promote something related to cows such as cow’s milk, you can use this on the bottle label design and describe the image as “we love cow’s milk that much, that we’re willing to beam up this cow.


UFO Abducting Pink Cow Vector

How to Use Vector Images

  • Designing advertisement vehicles. When making posters, flyers, brochures, or even business cards, it is recommended that vector images be used not only for high resolution prints.This is also for easier editing since vector images consist of codes, which means an image is not flat and every element is separate from others. Because of this, artists can easily edit each element, add and remove pictures or text from an image without altering other elements.
  • Making animations. Vectors have pathways with individual start points and end points. When you animate an object, you would want something or part of that something to move from one point to another. With vectors, you are allowed to move a specific something within points while keeping the entirety of the image as it is.
  • Printing on fabric. Printing companies often use vectors for printing images on fabric materials such as banners and clothes. This is because the machine used for printing use codes from vector images to produce the intended design. This is also applicable to machines that stitch the design on to fabric materials instead of printing since these machines use vector codes as well.

Big Eye Alien UFO Vector

Alien Driving UFO White Background Vector


Check out the vector image above! It shows us an alien with its brain exposed trying to maneuver a space ship. Looking at the lines drawn on this graphic illustration, they are slightly crooked and uneven, which is something that can be achieved when you draw by hand. So if you want a vector image that appears hand-drawn, then download this design.


Advantages when Using Vectors rather than Raster Images

  • Vector images are easy to edit and alter. While it may seem complicated that numerical codes are used to compose an image instead of pixel blocks, the process of making a vector image is just as easy as making a raster one, with the difference being the software used for designing the image. Editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are capable of producing high quality vector images in the easiest way possible. These programs are user-friendly and easy to learn. As long as you have the necessary program, you may easily modify a vector image any way you want.
  • Vector images can be resized without compromising its quality. As mentioned earlier, vector images don’t use pixel blocks that stretch out when the image is enlarged. They use codes and pathways that simply adapt to changes in the size, helping it in retaining its quality.
  • Vector images are actually smaller in file size than other formats. Regardless of the physical size of a vector image, the file size will remain small. This is very ideal for uploading to and downloading from the web, especially on instances when images require sharing to other artists. Another advantage of having a small file size is its fast loading and processing time, which is very helpful for graphic artists. They won’t need to wait for a very long time for an image to appear.

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