If you want to try out new patterns in your projects, then the funky fish scale pattern is the best choice you got! These PAT patterns open up to the detailed texture and outline of the fish scale aligned in an organised manner. The natural beauty of these patterns will add a realistic and classic look to your artwork that will surely bring your work in the spotlight.

Dark Fish Scale Pattern

dark fish scale pattern


Colorful Patterns of Fish Scale

colorful patterns of fish scale

Seamless Fish Scale Monochrome Pattern

seamless fish scale monochrome pattern


Our elite collection is keen to entertain you with the scalable and amazing fish scale patterns- scroll down!
Here, the Photoshop patterns not only features fish scale in one direction, it display the fish scale in different direction and way such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc. There are plenty of choices in the colours of these patterns, ranging from blue to green, red to yellow and many more, so you’ll never be left empty handed.

8 Colored Seamless Pattern

8 colored seamless pattern


Custom Fish Scale Patterns

custom fish scale patterns

Seamless Vector Scale Pattern Background

seamless vector scale pattern


Colorful Seamless Fish Pattern Image

colorful seamless fish pattern


Neon Patterns of Fish Scale

neon patterns of fish scale

Set of Seamless Patterns

set of seamless patterns


Color Changeable Patterns

color changeable patterns


10 Vector Fish Pattern Textures

10 vector fish patterns

Worn Out Vintage Fish Scale Pattern

worn out vintage fish scale pattern


High Resolution Pattern of Fish Scale

high resolution pattern of fish scale


15 Vector Fish and Serpent Patterns

15 vector fish and serpent patterns

For artistic and creative projects, the designers can use these high-quality patterns to give it an innovative and ingenious touch. From flyers to posters, these attractive patterns can decorate the background of any printable material with its unusual and unique outlook. Using them, you can craft impressive designs that stand out different from the common ones.

Abstract Green Pattern

abstract green pattern


Geometrical Fish Scale Pattern

geometrical fish scale pattern


Blue and Orange shades Pattern

blue and orange shades pattern

Fish Scale Seamless Pattern

fish scale seamless pattern


Amazing Fish Scale Pattern

amazing fish scale pattern

Pink Colored Fish Scale

pink colored fish scale


Blue colored Pattern

blue colored pattern1

Geometric Texture Seamless Pattern

geometric texture seamless pattern


Fish Scale Design Pattern

fish scale design pattern


For the websites based on marine, aquatic animals, or fishes, use fish scale patterns in the backdrop that will support the intention of the web design perfectly. Well, the most exciting part is that all of these appealing fish scale patterns are absolutely free to download. Also, they can be used in commercial and personal projects!

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