Did you find yourself subtly controlling your giggle during the last scene of Harry met Sally or frowning over the idea of you complete me, if so, then before you completely adjudge yourself as a non-romantic, try and consider prefixing your love as unconventional.Unconventional romantics, always an attractive quality to hear, isn’t it ;)?

Giving your shoulders a break from the disgruntled shrugging after looking at the cloying and cliched love posts, we have today compiled a set of 10 Valentine’s day cards that are NOT straight out of the Hallmark but actually reflect the clever sense of humor perfect for the couples who to be quirky over mushy.

1. Tinder Valentine’s Card

tinder valentines card

If your love started with a swipe, this Tinder-themed card is perfect for the sweetheart who you found literally from the millions.

2. Pet-Friendly Corgi Card

pet friendly corgi card

With this bespectacled corgi on the front, who would feel the need to actually write a message. The bootylicious pet is perfect for the dog lovers and yes, also for the jiggly ‘butt’ lovers.

3. Carin’s Paper Party Emoji Card

carins paper party emoji card

Before you plan anything for your BAE or S.O., don’t forget to make things special for your best gal. As February 13 is Galentine’s Day, what better way to commemorate it, than by beginning the celebration with this emoji accented, simple yet appealing card.

4. Intersection Valentine Card

intersection valentine card

This clever and unique Venn diagram card with interesting intersection will get the message clear to your partner. Be prepared for some sweet loving and some sexy fun for the day and the night.

5. To-Do Card

to do card

This To-Do Valentine’s Day card is a foolproof and distinct way to get your Valentine participate in the activity. With a quirky yet romantic message, the card is definitely a win-win for both the partners.

6. You Auto-Complete Me

you auto complete me

Giving an unconventional and clever turn around to the romantic you complete me the phrase, this you auto-complete is unquestionably one cute option for the digital age lovers.

7. Your Side My Side

your side my side

Graphic and colorful, this quick-witted cupboard themed card is ideal if you relate well with the cabinet space illustration.

8. Nerd Valentine’s Day Card

nerd valentine’s day card

This nerd themed card with a pixelated heart is a classic choice for your Valentine who is constantly glued to the screens (yes we meant plural).

9. You Complete Me

you complete me

This unorthodox you complete me card puts forward the loving message – You complete me in an incomplete way; leaving you with a concrete thought of expressing your individuality.

Blend the LOL with XOXO with these quirky and unconventionally loving Valentine’s Day cards.

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