Clocks are an irreplaceable part of our lives and we can’t keep rushing unless we get to see those vector hands ticking and marching forward. Giving the importance of clocks in our lives, clock vector has been a classic graphic art design, used for representing many more things than just the time. Clock vectors and anchor vectors go hand in hand in many cases, especially for travelers and navigators. Here we have shared some cool clock vector graphic art designs, hope you enjoy them!

Vintage Clock Vector Design

vintage clock vector design

This clock design is a classic clock design consisting of roman numbers and stylish clock hands. You can use this clock for various purposes such as in a vintage project or conducting a countdown for a special occasion. This clock is best if you want the viewer to be indulged in a retro feel. It is available in JPG image format and EPS 10.

Roman Clock Vector

roman clock vector

Roman numbers on a clock are always favorable and attractive. This design is a beautiful graphical representation of such vectors. It is available in various color options for the numerical and you can edit the backdrop between white and black as well. This vintage clock design has only the hour hand and the minute hand.

Alarm Clock Vector

alarm clock vector

Alarm clock representations are always fun and cool as they tend to be a bit noisy and disturbing in a good way. This original-like alarm clock is available in vibrant color and as it is available in JPG and PSD format you can customize them as per your wish.

Neon Clock Vector

neon clock vector

A cool clock vector glowing with various neon lights quite attractive and the onlookers are sure to pause a while on this design. This design is apt for representation of signage of time or to display the business hours. It is a layered design that is available in JPG, EPS and all file types.

Digital Clock Vector Illustration

digital clock vector illustration

This digital clock vector uses a black backdrop and the numerical are displayed in glowing blue color, hence making a vibrant and cool digital clock design. This vector is available in EPS 10 illustration and transparent PNG, JPG image format.

Office Clock Vector

office clock vector

If you need a very high-resolution clock vector for official purpose then this design is befitting for you. It is a simplistic representation of clock with no numerical and is available in 600dpi resolution in layered JPG format.

Clock Shapes Vector


This set of designs include six various purpose clock vectors and each of them is so versatile that you can use them for almost any kind of project. These clock icons are designed in a simplistic manner and are drawn in black against the white backdrop.

Realistic Wall Clock Vector

realistic wall clock vector

The various shades of gray are giving a realistic look to this wall clock representation and hence are quite apt for any high definition project. It is simple, stylish and is quite elegant looking. It is available in high resolution and the size is completely customizable according to your requirement.

Clock Face Vector Illustration

clock face vector illustration

A funky touch of red at the center of this wall clock is making it attractive with a simple clock face representation. As it is available in PSD, JPG, and Vector EPS format, you can use it with quite an ease.

Alarm Clock Vector Set

alarm clock vector set

This classic alarm clock icon is made stylish with the single color shade variations which are customizable in any color you want and in any size you may wish. You can even change the color of the clock face. This is quite a versatile option to have. This clock is available in 14 variants.

Mechanical Wall Clock Vector

mechanical wall clock vector

Colorful Clocks Vector Set

colorful clocks vector set

Vintage Clock Vector

vintage clock vector

Watch Vector

watch vector

Golden Alarm Clock Vector

golden alarm clock vector

Set the Clock Back Vector

set the clock back vector

Decorative Clock Vectors

decorative clock vectors

Yoga Time Clock Vector

yoga time clock vector

Pastel Clock Vector Set

pastel clock vector set

Wall Clock Vector

wall clock vector

These stylish and cool representations of clocks can be made even more amazing if you use arrow vector for the clock. Customize them as per your wish and let the viewers enjoy your work. Cheers!

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