Candles have been providing light to the world since time unknown, thus if you are into any business that is related to candles, then getting a candle logo for your company is inevitable. These candle logos can make your brand familiar to the world. Just by having a glimpse at the logo one can understand what business you are into.

The artwork with candles can be varied, where some will simply design a burning candle while others can represent something else. Depending upon the nature of the business you are into, you need to choose and design candle logo for your concern. For your ease, I have made a collection of such logo. All you need to do is just check them out and choose one that is best.

Creative Candle Light Logo

candle light logo

Let’s start with this creative candle logo. In this logo, the candle is incorporated in the word candle. If your client wants it can be incorporated into something else. The main aim of designing this logo is to boost the creativity in a designer like you.

Linda’s Candles Logo

lindas candles logo

When you are looking for logo for some hand poured candles, Linda’s candles is the best item to enrich your collection. There can be some simple changes made in this logo as per the requirement of your client. Like, adding some drips to the candle. This candle logo will brighten your brand just the way it is doing to the logo.

Candle Bell Logo Design

candel bell logo design

This candle bell media logo is best when you want to merge a jingle bell with a candle. Any business related to festive occasions can use this unique logo. And why only such business, even media business too can use this logo to show how they are spreading light in the society just the way the candle does.

Wick It Logo Idea

wick it logo idea

Here is another great candle logo, ‘wick it logo.’  Here the ‘I’ of the word wick is a candle. This logo is also best for companies who make hand poured candles.

Bailiwicks Candles and Gifts Logo

bailiwicks candles and gifts logo

If your client is looking for any logo that is best for their gift item business then choose this logo. It is simple and elegant to showcase the beauty of a candle that is merging beautifully into the name.

Candle Species Logo Design

candle species logo

Candle species is an elegant and different logo that can be used by any business. This logo can help you create your brand image. It shows how the business is lighting the world. The three flames can represent the energy that is running the business successfully. You may also See Rocket Logo Designs

Inspirational Candle Logo Design

inspirational candle logo design

This candle logo designer’s inspiration is a simple yet expressive logo. The candle is burning with its full glory, showing the way the business too is prospering. A perfect logo that is best for any business.

Savenergy Logo

savenergy logo

When you are looking for some logo that is best for energy saving business Savenergy is the best logo. It represents the power of saving energy.

Candle Prayer Logo

candle prayer logo

This logo Candle prayer is best suited for organizations want to make a brand identity of holiness.

Candle Love Logo

candle love logo

If your client is into business of valentine day’s gift,there can’t be a better logo than this. Show the main business with this elegant logo. The colors are vibrant that makes this logo more attractive.

Modern Candle Logo

modern candle logo

Candnight Logo Design

bright candle light logo

City Candle Logo

city candle logo

Candle Logo Design

candle light logo idea

Web Candle Logo Design

web candle logo design

Natural Candle Swirl Flame Logo

natural candle swirl flame logo

Sparked Candle Logo

sparked candle logo

Candle Cakes Logo Design

candle cakes logo design

Cakes and Candles Logo

cakes and candles logo

Candle Aroma Cafe Logo Design

candle aroma cafe logo design

Candle Light Logo For Media

candle light logo for media

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